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Why is a hole in the void? - The Earth's sister planet, Mars undiscovered or hidden moon


Why is a hole in the void?

In any dimension without a hint of a very old wall was thin, which from time immemorial, nothing happened. If you are from a single tiny point somewhat smaller plasma point separation could offer on forever, then we get a dimensionless wall.
In no passage of time by older, tensions have arisen in it, making began to expand, as long as the geometric center of a gap formed in a hole, which both end in collapsed, the slump as a result of two pulses of opposite direction launched. The two horizontal momentum started against each other, a number of dimensions over broken walls, rendered in a large horizontal circle, and progress against the collision has occurred as a result of addition of two pulses.

The four-pulse passed each other again, and its total energy was sufficient to impose the circle as well. When many of these circular shear off in a row diagonally and horizontally beneath the walls with dimensions I fell, while the liberated impulses cause the circularity imposed a three-quarter circle went through the proper swing rotate

In the background, it became a three-dimensional, in the fourth quarter remained within the walls of dimensions, one of which falls off at all times, creating three-dimensional film was created one of the conditions.
Why was nothing, which is something not worth thinking about it, because there is absolutely nothing because it is something.

The formation of Saturn's rings

The galaxy after the collision, a lot of planets, asteroids fly off the rocks into space, leaving the usual circulatory future. Pulse, and therefore wander around in space without a goal until a planetary system operating normally arrive. If they are wrong in a place where your energy levels to a greater degree of energy, and trajectories are attracted to. The overall decrease in energy levels remain among the planet's attraction, split and resonate with the total weight after weight loss and weight material without becoming a black hole formed make recyclable.

The orbits of Saturn's rings in the rock, located in an energy level that is just right of the rock, dust and chunks of ice track in terms of survival. Saturn is the exact distance of rocks of all diversity, where the magnetism of the levels are equivalent to the level of Saturn's magnetic.

The laws of gravity that could contain the trajectories do not, because the Saturn at the moment when a close relative to receive a much smaller mass of rock, etc., to immediately slam the Saturn.
In contrast, the arrangement according to energy levels, ie the magnetic gap in the level differences, the only one kind of solution that allows this.

The Earth's sister planet, Mars undiscovered or hidden moon

The Postal System of the Universe, the relationship became public in a series of surprises. The amazing things but have no end, because more and more information, also does not show everyday things.

Mars is one of us so far, unknown moons orbiting the Earth in fifty thousand kilometers away, but just to the north and south pole points will make you look at it. From here vertically upwards in the sky would be visible in clear weather on Earth counterpart, which is not typical here. A small portable telescope for any inclement weather, the evening unfolds before our eyes. From helicopter, or aircraft could be easily detected with a telescope.

The point above the Earth's north pole and south pole of over fifty thousand miles away in the back is inclined elongated ellipse advanced two of his career. Two identical elliptical Irish track down where the two ellipses of Mars during the fifty thousand kilometers, fifty thousand kilometers beyond the re-melted along with the intersection of two ellipses, the curve of an ellipse.

Since then, the orbit of Mars continues, the starting point back to the arguments, re-map the elliptical orbit and the Earth's south pole during the first turn back to Mars and the argument below it again around the planet. The moon of the planet produces an elliptical motion starts again, but turn back to Earth over the north pole, and again to avoid his own planet.

A's rotation period, one day, like the Earth. 365 days until the Earth orbits the Sun, the Moon has no name 36, five days. The orbit of Mars around 24 hours to travel around, then continue to orbit around the Earth. Since the orbits are much faster than the Earth in under an hour catch up, catch up on the earth, just below and above it will be overlaid and re-circulation of around Mars continues. Therefore, if someone wants to watch exactly at noon, put it, the North Pole or the South Pole through midnight playtime, because only then can be observed.

The Earth revolves around the sun in eclipse, the satellites are often recorded as identified in the Earth, space telescopes only in the North Point to be earmarked towards, so there is almost useless and can be seen clearly, yet remain hidden to us.

But here is something that really brought me to my temper. NASA has one and a half years, he knows there is a close neighborhood of Mars's moon, the space probe sent to Pluto from photographs made ​​it clear to them that this is another planet, but is identical to the Earth.

The polar lights are a real reason for the creation of exactly how the sister planet and the moon from the Earth magnetic fibrils. The atmosphere adds friction electron atoms, the electron energy level increases, the surrounding photons through this account will be radiate. The snow and ice crystals breaking up colorful glow, offering beautiful scenery

The moon concealed from us 20% more sea than land, mountains, valleys, plains dot the surface. Rivers, streams abound, plant - and the livestock, the species inhabiting the same nature, as we experience our world

The continents form and structure is the same as us, 20% of the variation in size of the orbit is caused by a higher power level. With fifty thousand kilometers above us around the sun, this is a course means higher energy levels, so the sea was 20% greater size. The water has a higher energy level than the land, these laws at the track by a larger sea, the earth the same size.

Advanced intelligent people live there because of the same type as we do, but hundreds of years before us in development. Many times I have been on Earth, but were unable to establish contact with us, because their thoughts were not able to give us. The Voynich manuscript they have left us a memorial. The quantum and rightly so, the creation of atomic computer so it would be very necessary, that can include this as soon as possible with them.

It has long been in possession of adequate knowledge, know the secrets of the universe, because the Postal System, they have recently discovered, and then went through a rapid development.
The computer as soon as possible to create atoms would be needed to support the provision of hands we can accept. Very good, intelligent form of civilized society, has long been looking to get in touch with us, and put the path of rapid progress in human society.

The brothers can be called an intelligent civilization, there is only one language is used, the common language of communication with the rapid development of a catalyst. Six Billion people live in peace, in almost the same planet as our planet, the intelligence of their minds long ago wiped out all the violence. Good intention of the approach would help, are known and used all the-art environmentally friendly technology. We were very eager to lead the implementation to be involved in manually. NASA has one and a half years of rule by the people from these very well-meaning strangers.

In practice, the planet itself so technique has been applied, would like to attend, and copies of the Earth as soon as possible to participate in implementation. Over the next generations of the future life should be provided to people living today, and since the creation of a planet requires a long time, the human race is an urgent problem to be solved.

The opportunities in disaster risk, which arises from plate tectonics exceeds ten thousand years from now occur on Mars resonance which destroys the entire planet.

Mighty forces will be to get rid of that operation of the entire solar system is covered up. The drift of the planets in their path, and the remaining impulses up to race in space, possibly another solar system magnetic attraction of the sphere into yarn, and impulses are moving tracks up and down and fall into resonance.

In any case, well we are the Earth's twin brother people living in friendship, as they already toured the bumpy roads, which we are now moving, with good intentions would like us can escape from the mighty from potholes, which includes stuck and you are out of it's own merits I do not think that would be easy to do.
Rooting, soon realized that many people dream of a thousand years, and again a huge thanks Postal System of the Universe, that this knowledge is not just to a few privileged people were given, but for all the public starting today.