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The tides - high tide phenomenon in the universe under the guidance of the Management System


The tides - high tide phenomenon in the universe under the guidance of the Management System

Based on the above is easy to see that the Moon and Earth are not established contact with each other to attract, so the sea or weather effects caused by the moon's Earth but the Sun.
Radiated from the sun's rays coming out of sea water and the dissolved salt increases the energy level of the electrons, so they peel off their track, and the water expands, increasing the volume into and out of its bed. The concentration of sodium chloride, an electron is much more capable of taking power, such as fresh water, so the salty seas, leaving the sea sea beds

The photons Radiated off the surface water is largely reflected back, the energy radiated out, however, much of the salt water on the surface due to electrons. On the surface, a lot of conflict between plasma high-strength, I re-take structure, weight gain, and photons generated.

These photons in the radiation energy constantly pushes ever deeper into the sea water and pass it down to the bottom. Down during the advance, because the water is not able to broadcast in parts of the gluon are attracted to the electrons and the electrons are not part of the gluon gluon parts of the photons. In the process, all the way across the sea in a dense network means the straight-four hours. This is repeated every four hours of high tide period, the end begins to run out the radiation of photons from the extra energy, and begins to ebb, a cycle of all the increased energy level drops to the original, and then start all over again. The four-hour periods alternate.

The sea-going day by the magnetic model of governance based on six experiments

Sun set up experiments to demonstrate the operation should be connected with the sea-ordinated by the direction of walking Day demonstration - proof models.

From the artificial sun and fifty feet away, to design a ten feet x ten feet from the ground hollowed out miniature sea, seabeds imitating. The slope of the coast to 45 . 5cm thick sea of sand to be laid on the seabed and the coastline, at least ten meters wide. The salt concentration equivalent to 3.5% of the real sea.

We start modeling the opposite phase, so you can finish the charge exactly, when the tide begins at the sea, the tide will start with experiments. The evaporation of water level due to continuous reduction necessary to make up.

The modeling described above and the previously described prior to performing the experiments, it is advisable to consult thoroughly Postal System of the Universe to be successful without smoothly produce the desired results.

The magnetic field threads, the Universe, Basic conditions of the system organization

The first magnetic fibrils in the Sun were formed when the atoms are formed, and the electrons off the magnetic casual threads, paired with a single photon.

The same kinds of atoms down to the free magnetic filaments with the atoms of the gluon part of establishing communications with protons, and a host of nuclear material in this way has created a cloud. Material from the cloud, the highest energy level with those who have formed, as many contain gluons, the gluon content of many were drawn down, the magnet pulling strings themselves, more and more compacted material formation director created. The core of the highest level of nuclear energy was created from diversity.

In the Sun, the atoms forming process still lasts, so the magnetic energy levels of fibers according to attraction has not stopped, the magnetic photons in those threads are constantly thereby recover.

Like all planets formed in a mass of magnetic yarn must relate to the Sun.

The planet's orbit around the Sun distance depends on how long those magnetic yarn reached the stage where it started compaction. This is how the solar system in a very ingenious system of control, where the sun, a central control function.

Starting from the Sun's magnetic field lines is considered a stable relationship based on attraction the planets, and as suns at the roundabout with the control of their rotations they formed from atoms of planets.

one sun a maximum of eight led by het planet, according to the eight energy levels, similar to the structure of atoms, which are also eight energy levels of electrons can move his career.

As long as the sun operates, manages the planets around it to his circulation, even if the magma has cooled. When you have red giant will be the Sun, does not produce atoms, the magnetic filaments or formed on the Earth as a whole, and above the surface forces, thereby eliminating their own replacements, lost contact with the sun in with magnetic fibrils in with control, it attracted far a higher energy level, working among planetary attraction.

The inside of the Earth's magnetic weaving yarns with your departure, the cohesive force is terminated, it begins to vibrate the earth's great to pieces, and then fall to atoms, the atoms end up going through weight loss and weight and all the material becomes massless.

Once the energy levels according to material stratification in established, the Earth is rotating the iron core and the mantle of the Earth to the surface of the projecting uncommitted magnetic threads of the rotation as a result was admitted to the spherical shape adapted to semi-elliptical bends, which the rotation of each other turned, and the attractive force effects are related to the gluon gluon portions are parts

The entire surface of the Earth's magnetic shield formed spun around, allowing for the appearance of life on Earth.

The Earth's axial rotation of the initial pulse cumulation caused by the mantle and is glowing because the atoms of electrons in the rotation due to conflict, and therefore higher energy levels occur, this energy is strong yarn ones, photons take over, the consequences of a radiation. This process allows the fibers to remain in contact with the magnet and the inside is constantly re-produced with his predecessor. If the rotation has ceased, the relationship between the yarns also breaks down, it would be off radiation, photons, electrons, because it would deny the extra energy. The pursuit of rotational energy into electrons, the photons pass, and photon radiation in the combined process is called the dynamo effect.

The rotation of the arrest occurs, the field lines in operation with other nearby planets contacting power lines. The protective magnetic field attraction to pave the way for the destructive radiation, destroying the possibility of living conditions.

Than the atmospheric formation that have been detailed above, the planets of other magnetic fibrils appear to endlessly prolonged and together attracted with other planets magnetic fibrils, the electrons gluon parts with the photons do not gluon parts and vice versa, to encompass the entire universe.

The truth is that with advances in meshing into the yarns of the magnet systems of the sun did not stop, continue, so there is no need for trip to space power stroke. Slice through the spacecraft with the entire universe in a single statement of energy. If you need to change direction and get off from the power lines and power lines from an area free of traffic, in case you need the energy charge.

If you read through the new knowledge so far, it sure woke up in a frenzy to be brilliant universe we live in, which created the chance himself. Postal System of the Universe had not been born without the aid of the interpretation, this is a huge vast knowledge of the intelligence was needed. The humanity of a much higher level of development of aliens not yet know the full operation of the universe, just trying to put together more and more knowledge. Vast treasure came to light for the human society actors, as Postal System of the Universe, following the instructions will soon realize our wildest dreams the world.

Everyone has the right to happiness and to work, for the good life, that life is not just pose too many people living or with the humiliation of homelessness. All these conditions have on the speed of implementation depends only on us humans.