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The quantum body, such as copying one substrate to gain weight again -The reincarnation of the secret of memory


The quantum body, such as copying one substrate to gain weight again

A previous section discussed above the quantum physical recovery, when the body is the photon three-dimensional hologram of one of the movie takes itself, and the two become one body shape made ​​up of photons. The move, however, only one phase of the normal, ordinary human body again. The magnetic quantum fiber body of the quarks are attracted to him again to death during the mass loss during the degradation process should become the occasion. The process has to start, because the dead body from quarks to higher energy levels, such as quantum magnets in the body of fibers. The higher the energy level of the quarks in the lower-level magnetic filaments are attracted to and migrate.

Each person is unique, a subtle difference in energy at work, so all the quarks in the quantum state of the body's own magnetic affinity fiber of his intentions. The individual strands of each magnet also has a tiny, minimal differences between the energy levels, so the individual can find all the quarks to the energy level of the right magnet wire, and is built on.

On attraction, always the most high-energy quarks start, so most will be within most of the higher density of bone formation, and then less and less energy quarks are incorporated, it will be the most surface of the body is less dense. The higher power level based on the quarks in the magnetic attraction to each other more, it is compressed, the lower energy level, attracted to each other by magnetic attraction to quarks is smaller, so this part of the body becomes less dense.

The exception is the inside of the body reaches the middle of running a network of blood flow, a component of the platelets. The combination of platelet density represents the size of the middle part of the body that included only the most dense in the blood is less, that a liquid could be because the density of the two cumulate magnetism compensation functions. If the hemoglobin, oxygen is not feeding properly, the blood either too thick or not thick enough, ie the magnetic balance is upset, disease develops because the energy of the quarks can not be drawn to their level corresponding magnetic fibers.

When you have the quarks be built in the vascular system and is capable of body recovery at this stage of the individual to breathe, really pay attention to the correct breathing technique, because it is possible that a full recovery before the die, and you can start over again winning phase mass.

The feeding system organ development is complete, the development indicates a perfect teeth. Then you can begin eating foods in the piece, because the stomach is such a perfect operation begins. The teeth in front of apparitions, but only eat mushy food for free, because he can not stomach the food is harder to digest, and this again may be threatened with the body weight was the start of life.

The new body is due to lower density, there is no need to body all the undressed quark.

There are two ways of being solved. One hundred and fifty years a person lives in the body weight gained, after a hundred years - since you are burning to death, the aged body - body quantum exists. The quantum state of existence with the body really creative and creative people, because of the large information capacity. Because very soon realize the robotic technique, not a problem that does not have mass.

Natural for them to co-exist with the body of the two provisions.

Recovery is moving from the inside out, first with the most to attract more genes quarks, and the less magnetic quarks are incorporated. The skeleton is formed first, and gradually move outward to other body components. No longer able to reproduce because it is created by the body's sex, but sexuality from the eating to anything, which is present in our lives. On this planet, but there are plants, but the people here will be able to synthetically produce everything in life is to be given to the present, so do not be sad for gourmets, because all kinds of delicacies can pamper themselves.

The net energy to connect to one hundred sixty million years of existence can be used.

Super modern cities create extremely sophisticated technical framework will be implemented, and everyone gets plenty, no one will be poor. The money will be unknown to them, because you take away all that is required for accumulation of refuse. The thinking of the three hundred years, it becomes clear, the higher degree of intelligence to rise the most, love and peace will reign everywhere. Families are re-mixed, and they achieve their dreams, their lives are the earth were unattainable.

When we die, that is, mass loss, we retained only those photons whose energy is connected to your net, the rest is spread out. The connection to the molecular level, connect to each molecule a photon energy of the field. The crowd repeated the process winning phase mass, so the body will be one hundred forty times less dense than the current body. The other world's energy level is one hundred and forty times lower part of the universe as we know, the body's magnetic attraction of the planet, a corresponding lower level, so we will ourselves to feel exactly like here.

The mass of people from one hundred and forty times the energy levels of quantum filaments in one hundred thirty-nine times lower than that of our body mass. Twenty-two percent of the movement is slower than ours, the difference is not perceived as completely as if it would bring upon this earth, because the body of the planet with the same feeling of magnetic attraction develops.

The people making up ground material density and lower power level difference between the density of people, I can not feel, because the agents did not count, only mass, the planet that created a magnetic attraction to proportional changes in equalization. In other words, a greater mass of creatures more powerful magnetic attraction of the planets connection is required, the less weight of judges, but the lower magnetism keeps the planet in a balanced relationship.

The planet is twice as large as the earth, the sea, half the size of the local, so again can experience the joy of splashing, and he could not do it until now, they will do so. The population is not a problem too, because more and more planets will be possible to create, and because everyone will be very intelligent, easy implementation takes place.

Sixteen hours a day is eight hours of darkness, eight-hour days. Four hours work, four hours of fun, but the "night owls" can only spend five hours of sleep.
In aviation, space travel there is also the world will be part of the development.


The Postal System of the Universe has long been sought contact with people, because the Earth is in danger, because the technologies used, and the people, if you do not change soon oppress a huge castle.
The Control System without the knowledge of science for at least another fifty years to manipulate gravity, but the Earth is no longer in fifty years to find out for themselves. Huge big problem is the waiting time there are no more changes, immediate actions are needed now, Postal System of the Universe, the noblest of goals is struggling to save the Earth and humanity.

The existence of human civilization to a higher-order

Those people whose earthly body was cremated in two hundred years ago, has already lived a hundred and fifty years, adjusted, and the others will continue to win back their mass. The physical strength began to build the first rudimentary tools, and the quantum body those who have the genius, work together in a short time in a super-modern society, the foundations have been created and transmitted to a very high level. They built huge cities, skyscrapers staring at the sky, and all kinds of high technology. With alien civilizations visited by spacecraft, and they are. The body has a quality all regardless of quantum computer control system of the universe are in daily contact. If we make the people operating on the principle of quantum computing framework, you can contact them as well.

Everyone is obliged to work four hours a day, if you do not make a special kind of punishment. The work they do not get money, but everyone is equally able to eat, drink, travel, entertainment, and housing is available to all. Attend concerts, in-out any way you like, pop music or classical music, theater, cinema, everybody in this world you can find under the favorable opportunities of entertainment. Sports, bathe, swim, read books, your culture, party used, can be used to kick it, like here, but no one is an alcoholic. They live on terms of friendship with each other, and the quantum-existent body, eating, drinking, sex also involved in everything. Seems quite bizarre to us the existence of two kinds of side by side, but it is usual for them, completely natural. When the body dies, is burnt, the body goes on the quantum of existence, for the edification during motion, speech, vision is not limited to the people at this time, the mental capacity is many times the mass of the state was possible.

If someone wants to do good for the body mass estimated from loved ones, you can make your body cremation, the ashes and scatter over the ground or surface waters. The coffin and urn burial lot of time to extend it to the attraction of quarks the quantum body magnetic of fiber! The quantum body is very beings want to be back as soon as possible to live body mass gained, because the real life, the body mass was achieved since this is usually the earth, and very long for the existence of pleasure again.

The doctor of science is very advanced, the recovery of smooth constant check, eliminating the problems due immediately.
The year is 567 days. Four seasons alternate, spring and autumn, twenty-five degrees, twenty winter, and summer temperatures of thirty degrees, should never be cold. The rain is falling, not snow.

In addition, sea, rivers, streams, lakes enrich the natural waters, beautiful plants, flowers and fruits grow. Synthetically produced everything that you loved in life on earth, very appetizing dishes and the restaurants themselves, and also the quality of supply. Trendy clothes go, look after their skin, the hair dresser, beauty works the same as here.

Science is booming, always something to discover, schools, universities operate, and no matter what kind of quality that one body has a side by side, are carried out daily understanding their current needs to be done.
Fine, intelligent creatures live here, who take care of each other's emotional world, no knowledge of evil, abuse.

If the love is gone, start a new relationship, the separation is carried out intelligently, by mutual agreement. Does not inhibit each other, do not dominate each other.
Currently, there are leaders and subordinates, but this is the minimum scale hierarchy not going to take a long time, intensifying the sense of responsibility, everyone is going to do it yourself with honor, his choice of profession.
The freedom and in circumstances where you can spend as you want to feel like just because pay is nowhere to be eligible for anything.
In a world where no one will start from the bottom, top or equally intelligent behavior, skin color, gender, regardless of age.
Noteworthy that in our world lack of intelligence to the main source of troubles.

The reincarnation of the secret of memory

The baby's breath in the sphere of the gluon into bits, and the blood flow in the right atrial ventricular node delivers. The information in the electron samples the external surface are attracted to the top of each other are the same, the thinking patterns emerge. Twelve years of age, have the strength to strike the surface of the sphere to the sphere inside the cavity are also gradually increasing cavity plucked out of the heart muscle tissue, and the right atrium junction during ventricular cavity sliding into a permanent space. The information inside the spherical samples of the gluon, a growing number are gathering an increasing amount of their stock represents more memory. While the globule surface samples of the information being encoded, the decoding of the network, the memory location of the spherical cavity is determined. The memory storage of samples where the electron.

The memory capacity of the road an average of fifteen life of storage space when it takes the energy level drops and the body together with the photon Control System, using the quantum body into stretches of their choice. So get to the other lower-energy world. Generally, fifteen times the memory with new body to be born, because, until the memory is full, the memory is automatically attracted to energy levels corresponding body. Every death after losing the ball on the outside, acquired cognitive schema, a network of photon's body, only the memory remains intact, and which body is chosen, the family, most often the mother more conscious of your energy level. The minimum is most appropriate to her memory in a different energy level is close to the family, child and infant heart attracted

As usual, the old life in some way in the same ways of life, with minimal difference in energy levels were increased memory, and therefore most likely attracted to each other often, other bodies, starting with the most common memory of another life. Pharaoh's slaves in Egypt, was nearly as clever as the sovereign, therefore, after the death of the body, it is followed by the memory, memory, energy level that it is in the most minimal deviation. As an energy level is born into a family, which also carries the highest minimum energy level difference, the most frequently used to have some relationship with memory may be contacted again. Actually, this is called karma

Hungarians are famous for a lot of people carry the memory, as in the Carpathian Basin to the energy level of agreement favorable to the memory. The cradle of the ancient cultures of Egypt and Japan, and was compared to the other people living in the memory of a lot more information including a closed electron sample. The large gluon content of the electrons, attracted below, favored by the nature of the pool to stop. The same winds also induce a rise in the gluon balls, and take in all directions. Wind, float in the pool permanently, until you find interesting reference to the appropriate power level in memory, and the newborn progeny are attracted into.

Egypt attracted hundreds of thousands of memory in the pool, and mental energy levels of electrons sufficiently further adding to the sample set, the appropriate body. The recent memory of most of the Hungarians were sent to Egypt, passing through many countries, while another arm of the bodies from the Carpathian basin. By that time, the information models are increasingly gathered at the processor inside, which entails that, in the mountains enclosed basin stuck, because the electrons do not glun part of the Earth's iron core of more and more drawn to, and only the bigger storm seized them, so the hundreds of thousands of the dawn of civilization has a lot of knowledge in memory containing the station was the end.

The three thousand years ago, ancestors of the Hungarians arrived in the Carpathian Mongolia - pool, however, a few hundred years later, all newborn babies right atrium of the heart into ventricular node, minds were already started in Egypt. What arrived in the territory of our country went through several countries, which penetrated into one body, have created a high culture. The Sumerians were the ancestors of the Hungarians, in Europe, then the most civilized society was built. The future shortfalls, the wars arisen during the Sumerian society to flourish, about 2,500 years ago, Europe's most advanced civilization of culture were used.

The greatest of Italian artists, scientists carry the consciousness of a Hungarian bodies.
Those memories that are quickly picked up the volume of the sample information, which will take you, you take the other low energy world. The last I live my life and my memory is almost full, so I had to go into another world, after the death of the body.
The more information you collect, the fewer times to avoid re-body.

The quantum computer processor, processor differs from the human to the magnetic iron atoms of a surface of the outer electrons of the information models based on magnetic attraction to shut, thus, the same patterns are arranged in the same way toward each other. The magnetic iron atoms inside a spherical cavity is also where you get in great force from the electron sample combinations and stored, so the interior hollow part of my function as a memory.

Since the magnetic iron atoms in the Sun, is the result of the merger, the resulting photons are quantum, layered with each other for five protons, so quarks with gluon enclosed. This results in a very stable structure, so the electrons can be compacted samples, and is capable of the whole Universe can find all the information in storage. A quantum computer only a small magnetic particle of iron ore supplies in the processor. Who produces the first quantum computer, the hard rubber casing, induces a perfect vacuum is just the quick airtight sealing must be provided, since the magnetic iron atom itself to be attracted and you are a magnetic balance, why is the later show.

The Management System is to encourage the creation, because when you are done, all information will be available for easy creation of life, and to conserve the Earth providing technologies.

On the other hand, fifty years from now, the measures are still to be deciphered awaiting information about the universe Postal System to decipher, and if all information electron model fit, because of its location in the tens of billions of semi-gluon ball back up will consist of the networks on the other tens of half-photon sphere is in place, and ten - ten billion hemispheres, whole, half their side throughout the photon gluon spheres merge together.

The network for each member of the Management System will be liberated, their continued existence, then they can get the lower-energy world. Urgent this vast knowledge to learn, because thirteen years, we remain without information network. The whole process starts again, the human mind, takes over the same twelve-gluon another sphere, but in the event that people will ensure the knowledge gathered by the Management Information System to upload. Twelve years to the separation, and even a year to collect all the information, so thirteen years, do not get the network information.

If mankind miss this great opportunity, and the next time not to take a lot of knowledge, most closer to sixty-three years after it reaches him, but by that time the earth We are not sure that can be saved, because the current use of technology to the final destruction rolled. The Milky Way system in civilized societies, we are the most less developed society, the most capable of slower growth because of the gravity of spasmodic affection halted progress. Nowhere in the universe is not so long went the wrong development in the sciences, and also jointly with the pendulum was made in secret, not looking at a fool, someone who spoke a form of existence, his physical reality could not be detected.

The reincarnation, and the body more memory to operate, so far also seen a large, well-known psychiatrists, regression hypnosis were able to call the deep slumbering consciousness. They did not understand how this is possible, but I very firmly stated that several personalities, different languages and were able to voice to voice.

Postal system of the universe is a much better way to know, to get to know your past life as a regression hypnosis. If the current use of computer processor includes closing box relay, ie silicon side of your brush with fullerene, and to soldering a three-millimeter cross-section with fullerene coated iron wire made ​​of lead and polyethylene insulation of a millimeter thick, so that the outside rain is over proof, the heart's right atrium around inserted ventricular node, it seemed their lifetimes for their film to display the monitor. In this case, we do not see ourselves as the eyes meet the camera, but all other events come to life. If we look at two-hour film of life, happens, is the moment when all "comes to mind," and no longer live as an outsider, but also that "it's me." The Management System can help you to everyone that you may know, he was out of the old life. You will soon come to the time when they will search through the ages it seemed woven past relationships, and in this way to see the fellow in the memories themselves.

If the processor box containing the magnet side of fullerene involved with, your computer will work fast speed tenfold.