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The photon world, or the existence of minus some wavelengths


The photon world, or the existence of minus some wavelengths

Already mentioned, the photon energy level reached by sorting the matter before the black hole, but missed an arrangement according to energy level. Gradually emerge, the deeper breathtaking ethereal, Universe animated by wonders

Already mentioned, the photon energy level reached by sorting the matter before the black hole, but missed an arrangement according to energy level. Gradually emerge, the deeper breathtaking ethereal, Universe's animated wonders. The mass of the highest energy levels of photons created in the Sun. The different power levels according to photon clusters from which the second player in energy to charge them under the black hole bypassing did not take part in fusion processes, but a powerful one another result of impact, the photons colleges have, which parts to each other molded, homogeneous become, and gluon particles were formed. The photons in broken parts again condensed to a lesser minimize formed. Each photon, magnetically adhering to a gluon and gluon constantly - chain formed a photon.

he spinning planets of the photon - gluon strings the surfaces above two meters away from the body, the magnetic equalization by a wrapped themselves, while the chains are also each other were woven from all sides, the gluons to the photons, the photons to the gluons stuck. The solar system tens of millions of km thick enmeshed. The planets networks come together, but follow the planet's axis of rotation speed of the contact. On our observed wavelength, the dimensions of well-separated photons making up the magnetic field lines, threads, fibers.

The human mind sleeping in the atmosphere is the height of four meters, and then disappear out of sight, imperceptible to us has become less certain wavelength. The minus is the wavelength of each photon - gluon "giant ball", the photon sphere is human existence. The curling magnetic pull of the planets was caused by all sides. The photon - gluon wind roses show that the fibers varied in thickness were top of each other.

The resulting bumps, in the opposite direction from covered yarns, based on their flights during the cavity. At this wavelength the human consciousness is increasing mesh size, because the local high magnetic structure of the village formed a dense net of minus one hundred and seventy-five times the wavelength of extending the will, because the cohesive force of magnetism is five hundred and seventy times less. This translucent, colorful, wonderful photon - gluon planet, clear channels widen, it is progressing steadily in the life-size three-dimensional film, codes of thought that some people in this network size is also shown. The film's progress continues until the fourth dimension, it is not pressed.

It is true that an earthly man around three feet in diameter network circle of ten memory and two photons being in place, but the two-photon man is not the circle stays because it originates from a long power station, so far as to deviate as the mood dictates. The guarded and watched by people all his life, - the photon transport path used by people - it flows at a network channel, and therefore knows everything and sees everything. The road next to the canal or existence photon level people's room, where many activities are carried out, but I always know that the person being observed does.

The photon - gluon planet is colored, because the surfaces are not smooth, the indentations and furrows reflection of light than a rainbow of all colors at once brilliant, beautiful, fairy tales suit, shiny - flashing a giant precious stones is similar to a special negative-energy plants in existence space. The whole system of caves dotted with fabric that human networks dig out the photon gluon tissue, and crossed in every direction, so that everyone can meet each other in the channel. You travel departed loved ones, the larger cavities are fun, meeting held

The temperature was twenty-three degrees celsius, slightly higher than in summer, but this is not the local sun arises, whence it comes later reveals.
The Sun the Earth Sun a reflection of where the two rays of sunlight from the merger of the low-luminosity provides the magnetism of the light, we are accustomed.
The sea is a huge hole on the downward sloping grooves formed rivers.
The host of the original photon, negative pulses in the range of survival due to the photons pass through the left spinning world. High densities and migrate to the advanced side by side, while a large force of two photons colliding shells penetrate one another, and deuterium photon is generated, in a world which is the function of the water. The deuterium in the same sense of contact with triggers such as the water in our lives, for photon-existent body.

The energy of deuterium are higher than the level of very low energy level, attracted to the grooves and accumulates, so the sea is generated, which is one of the planetary ball completely level, occupies a minimum of a huge cave bath, just across the flooded with light.

The evaporation of deuterium from the rain there. The warm atmosphere of deuterium photon evaporation begins, the extent of the lower reaches located in colder zones photon, as a result of the condensation, and becomes liquid. The deuterium magnetic energy of this level is exactly the people there that is suitable for swimming.

The photon body is different from the earthly body of people, but the consciousness is the same as when he was flesh and blood work. I hope the earthly society will soon strip the mysterious and frightening associations in the "ghosts" in connection with, think of just getting everyone one should enter into this phase, and certainly a very bad fall, when the fear of Generation as a means of relying on the stayed conscious of.

The atmosphere consists of photons, that breathe the same feeling, as if to sniff air. The body's energy derives from this, so the net energy is not used for anything. In their own private network to the photon energy reserves set aside, this period does not shorten the amount of energy used to exist. The flow from the lungs to the blood vessels of the photon, the photons from where it flows into the cells of photon energy-dense, and all the energy of photons lost is replaced with a cell constant for all photons with energy-charged photons.

Each organ group of photons that have the organ shape and geometry of the structure was the same as the mass of the body geometry

The external appearance of the face and body are the same, the body mass, because the photons into the gluon crushed body in shape, containing gluons, the photon body weight was formatting sections following the departure in forming a perfect imprint, created a perfect copy. The reflections of the same visual feel as if it were the original.

The magnetic attraction of the body's energy level is exactly the same size that gives the same feeling, as if having body mass we have. The photon weight is really 21 grams, the magnetism is that much smaller part of Septuagesima five hundred people here, it gives the leverage effect of the magnetic usual sense. The weight of the power of magnetism. The twenty-one grams of sixty-kilogram feel the energy level, there is the same for everyone. Than the earthly body for the advancement of photons is always the average amount of sixty pounds will be calculated, this rate constant does not follow the differences in body size. The larger body of people over sixty-kilogram portions photon energy is not related to the net, so these people are over sixty pounds a mass movement only in the diet is maintained.

The energy charge is based on the continuous existence. The energy level of photons lost return flow to the lungs, the exhalation and the outdoors. The atmosphere is dense photon-photon content of the photons collide with each other constantly, and re-gain energy. One hundred and sixty million years, the energy can be replaced until the black holes it has been well received in all of the resonant pulse from an explosion is gone.

The photon body is not suitable for eating flesh, it replaces the energy of photons. The energy investment due to take place in the movements, trunk, limbs, speech creation command language movements, facial expressions, eye movements, heart rate, head and neck rotation performing movements of internal organs, intestinal peristalsis, in and out breathing movements, genital movements.

The photon body tired body and mind as well as the mass of people, so night's sleep and rest is needed. From the axis of rotation is that is twenty-four hours a day, so here is eight hours work, eight hours of fun and eight hours of sleep for the amount of time. Four seasons, spring and autumn are twenty-five degrees in the summer, thirty, twenty degrees in the winter. I never feel cold, but when they advanced clothing, warm clothes from all kinds of fancy dress meets their needs.

Like society, there are, like us, the earthly crimes at this level can be met. Depending on the size of the transgression, and other prison sentences to be served. The killers, a sinner with no release, sent over from here, minus the two-wavelength level of existence. There is no secret to them, does not exist at the level of expression of a crime for which no penalty. There is sin is sin.
When the body after the death of a photon to reach people, once you close the magnetic network, and as long as the maximum operating power level of consciousness has been drifting electron patterns are woven in the magnetic network of the person remains in prison captivity. Most major operating electron energy levels in the samples represent the criminal information. The sincere regret of the information they emptied their journey patterns.

Panni girlfriend, who now fills the existence of photon body, and score the information from him, so he feels good, though a very difficult period of transition. Eating - drinking do not everyone is equally present suffering, but with a down quark to block their minds, ie gluon button on this information, the receiving part.
With cigarette smoking, relieve stress due to their lack of something, so almost everyone smokes here. Water, or deuterium, and sometimes drink wine and champagne, all able to prepare synthetically, it is also more will be documented.


The cold fusion of photons atoms, the atoms of any molecule capable of producing, so synthetic tobacco, paper is produced. The energy is treated as a musician with the instrument, you know what level of energy, what atoms, molecules formed. The healing of the photons of different drugs by raising the energy level, concentrating solve because of the different energies of different atoms and molecules are formed

Photon materials are bikes made for themselves, the network of surface canals circled reach their friends living far sooner.
Very smart, professionals in all, though many smart intelligence below the reality.
Panni crossed my girlfriend painted sky, a sculptor takes, painstakingly cured, and many friends. You're welcome acting company, but the old friends there at the level of some of the best, with the merger will be retained. Feel the warmth of the sun, like to splash in the sea, all kinds of entertainment, but the serious work carried out up to first.

Very happy with the relationship, hoping that soon everyone will understand the cycle of cycles of human existence, and will no longer be the "bogeyman". It is very heartbreaking for them to be there so that loved ones do not know that they did not go away forever. Everybody wants the relatives, friends, and would ignore them, and if the time being, yes and no signs of the pendulum would talk to them.

The following sections will include the technical means of contact.

The curling magnetic pull of the planets was caused by all sides. The photon - gluon wind roses show that the fibers varied in thickness were top of each other. The resulting projections from the opposite direction yarns, covered under the hollow flights based on their own. The wider cavities, caves caused. At this wavelength the human mind to mesh size multiplied because of the large local magnetic structure of the village formed a dense net negative balance of nearly three thousand times extending the will, because the cohesive force of magnetism is three thousand times less.

The warm atmosphere of deuterium photon evaporation begins, the extent of the lower reaches located in colder zones photon, as a result of the condensation, and becomes liquid

The automatic prison magnetic field

The culprit, blamed the knowledge of the higher energy levels in most samples by the electron fixed information. When we get into the minus each wavelength, the electrons are attracted by the magnetic field patterns themselves yarns. The more serious crimes are pushed our personality, the more and more strongly attracted to magnetic fibrils there is pronounced in the trap of arriving people. Only one way to get out, get rid of all the guilty, bad coded electron patterns, which is the only and complete and sincere repentance from a pure heart can be achieved. In this case, these patterns of electron energy levels are reduced so that the gluon is inside the button and they leave, the magnetic attraction is so weak.

All high-energy electron energy-loss pattern due to the electron magnetic thread of consciousness and the relationship is terminated patterns, yarns, you are attracted to the magnet, and the individual becomes free, you download the penalty for sin. The universe is not designed for people mortification, torturing, but only to a certain degree of intelligence from the people to cooperate further and will need to close the last time under photon people into the software development field. The system is, again, the universe itself, the sequential processes sparked to life.

A bounce in front of you should think about whether people are scaring the bad sense of effort and of the press, or at most a half years of solitary isolation, and a fresh start for a better more meaningful, life-long existence, and providing alternate future.

The everyday life of residents at one wavelength of minus

As it turned out, the "angels" do exist, we humans need to fill this role, so similar patterns, activities, emotions, improving knowledge, creativity development characterized by the highest possible level, while intelligence is growing rapidly.

Residence in a five meter by five meter room, furniture, carpet and furnished with everything else, as the ground for. The rooms are fifty meters distance between each other. The working time of eight hours, outside the control of the network, everyone has a manual occupation. The chemistry and pharmaceuticals, art activities, hair, clothes - and shoes, furniture and carpet manufacturing, electrical equipment preparation, production of bicycles, watches - jewelry industry, both in the repertoire include

Twenty - thirty people working together in large groups, workplace agreement. Payment, cash-free society, everyone is given everything, there is great harmony, no furkálódás, hostility. The conscientious work but will be required of everyone, without exception, the opposite case you impose penalties. For example, a careless person can not take part in joint programs, additional task imposed on him, cut him some favorite pastime, until the required task perfectly executed. The work of the land assigned to them, a network of persons associated in observing not hinder them, because of the wide channel, fast-paced film, with this connection in their own narrow-band network channels is to place the film, which is the gluon sphere is received, so check constantly going on.

People heal in four of their occupation are also four hours, flexible working hours basis. In addition, many of their obligation voluntarily, goodwill to go beyond the specified time for healing.

The negative energy of the use from the photons the cold fusion process with the implementation of the atoms are produced. Up to eight protons in the number of atoms capable of producing.

Since the resulting density of atoms, the magnetic properties of minus one wavelength is adjusted, a much smaller magnetic attraction has thus "weight" is much less than the local. The material obtained from the weight of the photon exactly matches the physical characteristics of humans, is made ​​from everyday objects can be worn comfortably and easily movable, can be manipulated by them.

Very fashionably dressed, perfumes are used on earth people dance to the music of our programs we will all know a language, so you can watch any of the country's administration. The common entertainment, in addition to custom programs that can spend their time. The daily washing of deuterium from sea water occurs. The photons there in the old dust filled the role. The cleaning and washing are also a part of their existence, but less current than here.

Celebrations, major assemblies, the local traditions are just as present in their society, but other types of events, feelings they provoke people to consistently bringing together forces.

Back to the rejuvenation already been mentioned, but the beauty is available to everyone yet.
The body can easily retouch photon, the opportunity exists for everyone to learn the technique, and carry yourself. Each body part can be corrected, missing or faulty limbs intact conjure up a perfect figure and face, along shape. The teeth are completely flat rule can be replaced. The hair, eyebrows, thicker and make it grow quickly. Face Formula can also be replaced. Own will not in the transient characteristics while keeping everyone can be beautiful form.

The retouched form fitting body is cut in three-dimensional movie figure, the two photons become one with the body and face after the repaired components will prevail.

Panni girlfriends long red hair grew, but I thought it was quite correct that long if there will be more geared to the long face, so prolonged, round face. Many years ago, wore short hair, the face of so suited to the short hairstyle. How long have you gone, with ten years was younger, and with the extended face, and a turbo in red long hair, stilettos and mini-suits, slim shape, big blue eyes, very lavishly look, I would love to have seen, if at all, yet it know !

When the photon body leaves the body mass lost from the body of energy, not to remain naked. Over the years, the clothes gradually become deposited onto the photon dead body, forming a coating. When someone reaches over, it attracted people there in the body of the photon, and neatly dressed at the cowardice of the atmosphere is 0.5 people, before turning back to photons, it is not naked. Who are old - fashioned things they see in the lower energy level operating media, they remained from the age from which, in clothing typical of that period, but never in a thousand seven hundred years before the times of.

The sciences of the vast ocean launched a large sailboat, pointing to the direction of another small boats, a small undiscovered island towards you, if you orient it in line, you can easily conquer the virgin dry lands and the seemingly endless sea. There are many small and large vessels will be required to crawl up to the unknown world, which is out of recognition of the greatest sights of humanity to derive the true knowledge.

With the cold fusion working Sun on the minus one wavelength it generated a without weight matter and massless sorts

Our positive reflection of the sun energy in operation in the vacuum space has created a viable world. The weak magnetism, ie the different levels of negative energy in the sun, photons trigger a compaction. The photons with compaction up to eight Number of photos done, so that the weight and mass of material without a lot of different origin.

Not gain mass, but they correspond exactly to the local without weight and materials massless version. On the weak magnetism of the same function as our high-energy protons are blessed with the world and gained weight materials.

My girlfriend is a small gold coin of the snow crystal shaped like arm skin is somehow sent to a second or two on my skin was attracted by the gluon parts of the electrons. For them, this little gold coins hand to grasp, to work with, exactly the same way they treat the weight and weight without agents, massive than our world.

In the Sun, the photons generated by compaction with without weight and mass materials without a process of cold fusion. The suction effect of cold fusion, the photons shells pull together so that more and more thin, and therefore does not produce photons in the limit surfaces of mass but will be homogeneous.

Our high energy levels existing in our world of hot fusion, compressive strength of the nucleus in shells rounder, one on top of the photons is pressed, that they are all in layers to increase the mass of the nucleus. The number of protons, actually pressing the top of each other was equal to the number of photons. The more nuclei thickens the shells, the greater the mass gain. The electrons orbiting around them also underwent photons obtain mass.

Of the minus one vacuum space of the nuclei around the single photon orbit, and each without weight and mass a nucleus surrounded by as many photon orbits, as the positive energy of our world atoms characteristic quantity of electrons, a photon field distribution, such as local atomic characteristics of electrons and tracks number.

The vacuum causes the photons will be homogeneous a shell, but also occurs in the thickness difference. The more photons at each other like the cold fusion process, the thicker but homogeneous nuclear envelope should be created, which result in some differences in physical characteristics, and of course the number of photons circulating around the cause of diversity. For these reasons, every atom there is massive and massless version of the weight.

All metals, plastics, synthetic paints, fabrics, furniture material is prepared to meet the ground material weight and massless version, with the exception of the rock types are, because the photons must not transfer because it does not lose all the positive energy levels of their only when the Earth's total amount of energy is depleted, and all resonate in the rocks also photons will fall apart.

When you're part of the mass functions of life cease to exist, the content of all the positive energy is depleted, occurs in the body mass of the photon and the division. The photon energy in the body is connected to net, continues to operate.

The photon body of each part with the mass of body materials of the same weight and appearance and characteristics of mass a material made ​​up version. The internal skeleton, heart, lung, skin and all the earthly body is made ​​up entirely of the same weight and details of massless . The bones of the skin, etc. from the block were created in such a way as there are protons from the mass of 's bones, skin, etc. atoms compacted together as many of these make up the body tissues.

The photon body the mass of body perfect copy of which is either the weight or mass, and a very small negative energy level in operation to that of magnetism, in practice this body is transferred at a person just feels as if the old body would exist on.
The energy-level body working against the benefits that will be damaged, disease will not, and does not age, but younger, back toward the total exchangeable interval. The photon body rejuvenation of the acceleration techniques have been solved, so he wants, in one year can reach eighteen years of physical youth. Although everyone is very fast, do not really use it with moderation in younger