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The minus two wavelengths of planetary formation


The minus two wavelengths of planetary formation

The photon-gluon magnetic threads tens of millions of kilometers in every direction from which the individual wavelengths less wrapped up in the Earth's rotation to the intermediate medium of human existence, which was detailed in the previous section. The minus two minus two wavelengths represents a vacuum atmosphere, and where the minus two minus one convert to vacuum, the greater the negative energy of the photon-gluon split ripping yarns. The minus two divisions of the atmosphere by thread has become free and will take over the momentum due to worm up quickly, irregularly in all directions, many of the bulge and indentation from the opposite sides evenly covered with threads, cavities, tunnels, caves wide halls of the balls are formed here. The size of the planet's atmosphere minus two and spinning twice as large as the Earth.

The planet's formation, however, are not jammed, but also the processes of the planet's frame of significance took place in a spherical magnet yarn texture of. The earth materials by combustion, after disruption of the photons in the vacuum minus two bits, and the underlying gluon - chains photons strike the appropriate parts of it, the thread is not part of the photon gluon gluon parts of the gluon is not part of the gluon and parts .

Attracted to each other with such force, the energy level that electrons, quarks that is generated, that is, the mass gain happens gradually and continuously. The electrons in the energy levels due to differences in specific atoms are formed. The atoms have the same further with each other, just as on Earth was because other atoms within the molecule energy levels defining relations, precisely with the minimal depart as the original, starting out as base of my earthly relations were. The mass loss at the rate of energy levels of photons remaining unchanged, and unique, the negative energy of the quarks is the same way there is a difference between the minimum energy level.

The higher density of atoms are in the middle of the sphere, with the density decrease in proportion to sit out. The top level of the low density soil layer, the innermost of the iron. The larger hole in the oil, the pores, and gas in place here. The mountains are the detritus of the rocks are made up of the planet inside the clay layers are separated from each other, the water barrier below the water table are also collected. The low energy levels due to the density of the material is very minimal, but the balancing effect of weak magnetism, sense of the experience does not give an appreciable difference.

The cavities and passages similar varieties may include materials such as our world, less kind, because that is difficult or not at all able to lose the mass, not transfer to the photon. Such are the rocks, gold, magnetic iron ore, and the gaseous atoms. Since each material constituent quark has a unique energy level, losing the mass in the photon retains this unique difference, and photons are strongly attracted to, which is only a minimal level there is a difference in altitude. The minus two photons at specific wavelengths so the energy levels of atoms, and the re-creation of materials function as a code.

The Earth of photons from vacuum through the planetary materials sniffing constantly increasing, which is where users are constantly back and not run out. The Earth's inexhaustible material of the sun provides. The soil is also built as part of the earth's surface the sun will burn continuously, so the mass loss in this layer is also circular loop.

After the two planets minus material covered in the copy substrate, plant evolution began. Now, like the world is covered in a variety of plants, the low energy world. Animals and humans are not evolved to decrease because of my assortment. The terrestrial plants, as well as people and animals to live again and again, much more so than in the animals and people. The last of their lives after the body of the photon energy level is so low, that the vacuum at minus two bits.

The Earth has been transferred into plants photon collides with a photon earthly is another plant, so plants of quarks are created quantum plants state. The magnetic threads of the quantum plants earthly plants of quarks alone will attract the quarks, so to attract in animals and humans will start the process of mass gain. In this way, re-built plants of quarks will displace, there's evolution at there plants, because the two levels, higher energy loaded up.

A total of three hundred gluon - photon ball come up in each round at a lower pressure atmosphere generated. The three hundredth, minus the last three hundred and three hundred times faster than rotating atmosphere of the earth, and three hundred times as much. A negative atmosphere, a bit faster rotation around the axis, and the mean size in duplicate.

The photon-bodied people, I will be right at the wavelength of minus two, because the mental energies of the energy level increases, the vacuum minus two is not enough to sniff at.
Existence of the intermediate medium needs to remain as long as the energy level is reduced, and is capable of vacuuming over.

The minus one wavelengths of the mind turns to the Control System network, exactly because some of the negative energy level than the network level. Required to provide twenty years of management systems to it by recording and transmitting information, and earthly control functions. The memory that at light speed the flow of information, while the schemes of sound mind at the speed they can communicate with each other, talking. The idea of reading and talking at the same time get along well with each other.

Twenty years have passed after the memory to allow all of the information, thus the required energy levels go down, which then allows you to hundreds of km / h to rush to the hundreds of miles away Located in reduced energy operating long to house low-magnetic world. The navel is magnetically adhering to a network connection, you lift that will absorb the power channel, channel power level until the network is reduced so that it moves away from the navel.

The separation after an hour all the information is exhausted, then the vacuum is immediately captivated by the photon man, and two minus the amount. The whole process of the quantum body starts to win After all yourself. The previous section has plenty of it was explained.

After twenty years, who does not pass, the dissidents matter, be sure to punishment, even if you lived a sinless life.
The one wavelength of 2.71 minus K, minus two K 3.71 degree When they reached 3.71 degree degrees K starts automatically the information outflow patterns, followed by a three-quarter-photon-gluon state into spheres together. The solar system will end float in the atmosphere, and if all information is exerted by a photon-gluon whole ball settles very quickly. The solar system mass destruction of any loss caused by the photon-gluon ball photons can fall apart.

A new solar system formation, the information of photons, photon-gluon re-information sphere will form to be absorbed, because it carries the energy levels as a code to load additional functionality. After development of the Solar System, after the appearance of a man, once again the whole photon-gluon spheres will be up and joins the network. The photon then people, ie members of the Management System will be available soon, it will find all the information in the universe, so incredibly fast pace of civilization will take place.

The minus one wavelengths of existence, for them like a fantastic dream, when they become aware of them, that its existence will continue, in a magical fairy, the fairy crystal cave, the drama lovers of the network in a trap, but it is a earthly of people in a incredible, soaring beyond all imagination, and yet the reality is more real than the universe created by a more real "angel castle."

The human memory is also the same information from the samples will come together, all of which were fitted together in being downloaded, it is always the same events again will rise again, and since there were also registered by the pattern and energy levels are back to life inspiring. The memory will be set into patterns of information flow, so reverse will happen, not in the information models created in the memory but the memory patterns that will be attracted to the electrons, and the winning model will be encoded by the memory. The Management System will also carry all the information, so we will all remember. End of the Universe, ten billion years, there are the same solar system is re-creation, where we present our ever-existent, and we cross over and come back to life. This is called quantum concentration, but rather many small memory of the universe, which the band plays the role of collective memory.

The universe is very kind and generous, because it permits changes in the fates are not inherently ordered. Since we know that we follow, it can be discussed, can be averted adverse conditions. Experience is a good way to reverse the outcome of things, but if you have not learned from the mistakes of old, in the wrong direction can vary. The information encoded into memory by the attraction, can be voluntarily changed, for example. because I do not, but this, multiple repetitions of the program itself into memory. This must occur before one the adverse events to be repeated. The events may be much better, so the previous life of bad deeds educative impact on everyone without exception.

If someone has slipped away so much of the previous life, it would be better not to remember that the parent will know, the memory in infancy and sent to with a single quark down block. The memory is referred to as the "Fabula Rasa"

With the fullerene coated with a mm cross-section made ​​of iron and with PVC insulated iron wire near your heart by placing, and the processor outcomes part with fullerene coated portion connected to the computer screen the entire memory contents as the video runs off and made knowing the future, it what can be designed to be very careful. The processor is part of the input needed to be involved with fullerene.

Ten thousand light-years, the most distant galaxy, so that people live longer because they look exactly like us, only the solar system differs from ours. The current flows at their lives in parallel with current events of the old life, and always a little ahead of past life actions. Will act as a warning to someone you do or do not do things. Very good impression, as protests mean for the individual, helping to better the possible events and developments. Intelligence is an excellent tool for obtaining rapid means.

The Universe of the ten thousand billion years of existence during the seven billion year, approx. thousand five hundred times come back, so as to preserve all the memories, and we will remember.

The human memory, ie the gluon inside a sphere, tens of thousands of samples to store information , of which, if they discharge a photon-gluon ball is made up of the interior.
The sample variation is infinite, so the capacity is sufficient to end the universe, the same samples, always different layout, fit to take. A lot of these people being required to fully puts the memory inside the photon - gluon sphere

The universe works as long as the universe created by all living and inanimate components in any complex, energy levels and fit in with not deposited, some in working form did not kill, because if this happens, the Universe, energy level drops to zero, the mass loss of photons, quarks and photons Shedding after sinking all the plasma state. A fall in plasma dimensions shrink, and all begin from the beginning.
The Universe all-new actors enter the stage, we will no longer exist.

The Sun of minus two-wavelength generation, the lifeblood.

With the up convolution spherical shape recorder photon-gluon fiber groupings in the space between the photon-gluon fabric is not interrupted because the parts that are broken due to the opposite direction flourished again in the spheres were drawn, and like a giant evenly woven web , filling the vacuum space between the planets. This fabric of the same thread of tasks, such as our world's magnetic field. Appended with the planets, and if you want to drift away, draws them back.

From our high-energy operating in the energy field was lowered through the photons that are attracted into the net constantly. When there is a layer of photons to saturate the network, the next photon transport in this layer is a strong negative magnetic energy, it strikes. A strong collisions are taking place to fuse the photons and quanta are formed. The fusion takes place in the same way as the positive energy running our Sun every second pair of photons involved in the process of winning the crowd, standing next to them a strong negative energy photon and radiate.

The radiation to allow for more mergers quanta involved, most of the lower level of negative energy quantum is a merger of two hydrogen atoms, the process has been more negative energy levels of the helium atom results. The crowd is actually the process of winning the formation of protons, which are nothing more than the gluons. If many photons coming through the many conflicts as a result of the process so much to excite to the fusions until the eight mass number to get, only the atoms can not be formed, which the photon must not transfer, so that these energy levels as a code is missing expansion of the repertoire of protons, and therefore less atomic diversity is created.

The previous section detailed above, things can see why. The vacuum in the low-level calibrated balancing the magnetic effect of the differences had positive and negative energy, but the temperature comfort is not enough.

The above-listed - 2.71 K and - 3.71 K degree warm as a positive amount of space all the heat energy radiated into the vacuum spaces and continue to provide the local existence of to +23 C degree. . Both are equally constant in space is the temperature, the realms of eternal spring to get the mass loss after. The positive background of the constantly warm temperature of the plasma flow to ensure consistency. The background plasma by heating only the positive spaces in penetrating vacuum force fields, and down to the deeper recesses of the sea the most contact - four atmospheric pressure is heated in vacuum spaces to fifteen. In space, the situation is quite different, of course, positive energy, that is, the radiant heat energy of the plasma can not reach, so there - 2.71 negative in the amount of energy.

The zero atmospheric pressure of forty feet wide magnetic balancing bar in a hot plasma is continuously slow currents as to allow the whole plasma path to the original -2.71 -degree back cooling is the most high negative energy required positive spaces takes the final station on the Earth's iron core where the plasma heats up again, and radiated out.

The vacuum spaces prevailing weak magnetism of the positive space, the 23-degree temperatures were 0.4 degrees, as the local magnetism of the people here about the fiftieth.
The plasma is able to penetrate anything. The network is the vacuum thread spaces continues, the plasma is sucked into the vacuum, a magnet attracts a network of threads. The network of energy decrease in the level of plasma followed by a drop in energy level, so it goes inside to keep a lower energy level network location.
The energy level ordering under constant, slow flows of plasma.
The network is the vacuum threads fifty times the offer, hence the fifty times weaker magnetism.