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The memory of the photon body energy level of Stabilizer - The superiority of silicon atoms in the metal relay against


The memory of the photon body energy level of Stabilizer - The superiority of silicon atoms in the metal relay against

The memory of pressure the photon body with the same minus an empty atmosphere.

The electron samples the amount of information increases, the memory energy levels rise. Ten to fifteen new body attraction is necessary, depending on how much information is loaded into memory during a lifetime. When the memory reaches the energy level of minus 0.3 atmospheres pressure, the photon body's internal suction even when it is also very stable. Thus generating a positive atmosphere in the minus 0.3 electron of the photon body sample quantity has not distributed all over the photon body with the memory minus some wavelengths continues to existence. In memory of the wavelength of the energy level must be at least one atmosphere pressure.

Gradually a half years in the universal electronic information networks in the samples "with teleportation" to the memory of one atmosphere pressure force. The teleportation was not the original thought patterns stored in memory, but a completely different the same as in the memory already contains a good basis for conceptual models of the electron to attract others. Each sample's energy level and form, with the magnetic core yarns can pull with the exact fit. The joint operation continues until the memory is an atmosphere of energy levels will be.

The means to achieve an atmosphere that all information has been unloaded by far the Universe is decoded Postal System.

If world, people have to want to avoid minus the two-wavelength, releases all of the information from memory, again minus one atmosphere pressure decreases the energy level of memory, and then minus the atmosphere consists of two bits.

The memory is completely empty, but that does not mean that you will not remember anything. The memory of thinking patterns will remain on the surface of a sphere, so broadly the essential things are preserved, but you must start learning. With the quantum will not be difficult, almost the same speed in the flow of information, such as body, memory and energy levels of two atmospheres.

Minus some wavelengths of each life comes again been noted, all crisp and lively again will you remember the full empathy, we'll know it happened to us, and we will be interested in, all the happenings of the bygone eras and players. In the old days again embrace their loved ones, no connection will be cold, so the body can not lose with the death of anyone, you might as well say that we started the long journey to where the return period for bridges. The entire contents of memory to the memory refers to body reproducible, content is achieved by re-living their own story through the initial stage of humanity within the time travel.

The circular movement of air masses start controls and maintenance forces formation -reason for the continuity of the circular flow

After recovery of the Earth atmosphere formation at the right density, atoms in the atmosphere, relaxed static state of the magnetic force those threads.

Sun-burning power, often ignited the forests, grassy deserts, and the Earth's crust is burned. A hundred years after meeting in green space of a positive amount of energy liberated as the electrons of the burning materials increased energy levels was given for the photons that are radiated, the process resulted in a growing number of free electrons was also the atmosphere.

Since the electrons of magnetic fibrils also adopted by the increased energy levels, photons are also aired on a growing number of free electrons into the atmosphere. A surplus of positive energy and increased energy electrons carried into the Earth started embracing a large atmospheric circulation. The magnetic balance between maintaining the state of the atmosphere is also valid, and therefore an increased energy level of electrons will flow toward the lower-energy electrons, while the same energy level are not. But because of the positive energy is generated constantly added, so the cycle continued and constant.

The smaller one of the most atmospheric formations larger than the cyclone. The Earth has a larger area, host, increased energy levels of free electrons will be launching a vertical flow. The most high-energy electrons in the surface area occupied space, and right spins faster pace with rising gradually upwards.

The higher energy level spinning greater magnetic attraction due to enchants and attracts a lower energy level spinning electrons, and gradually, more and more rapidly turning, the environment, all the electrons thus with collecting, at the same time she left the magnetic balance, aimed at the lower energy level locations. The migration continues until the original energy level drops, so differences between the normal level of air masses.

Of the tornadoes follow a similar principle, but a much higher level than the quantity of electrons and fewer rising up. The high energy levels due to spins much faster, with less volume due to smaller area of the movement, the use of high-energy electrons quickly fall back to its original energy levels.

The Earth has been moved inside the dead animal carcasses and fern pines age absorption and rot as a result of coal, oil and natural gas have increased the mass of Earth. These materials are magnetic atoms during the formation of the sun towards the developed yarns, together with pipe clamps entering the Sun. After incineration, the residual gas atoms, these threads will remain attracted to. These gases cause the greenhouse effect, not just carbon dioxide. Eliminate the greenhouse effect, only one way possible, if all has to be mined and produced from low cost for bonamid accumulate. The bonamid very weakly magnetic material, the magnet link filamentous separates from the Sun, so the magnets are attracted to other threads in your solar system planets and fade into the yarns have been created there, the gas atoms are evaporated.

The high and low atmospheric currents of positive energy are added by the start of simulation prove

The atmosphere and water formation show the blog, as previously described experiment is completed, the little earth in glass chamber, two twenty-cm diameter circular hole cut, so that the cut-out circuit boards exceptions, not to get into the outer atmosphere there, so the cut glass circular plate to go ahead when it is tightly fitted to the experiment our tool. This is nothing more than forty-two inches long and one mm cross made ​​out of PVC mitts.

The PVC is melted onto the glass to air-stable and lie on the surface and has a layer of melted down with PVC coat. When ready to pull our hand while allowing the glass, then a motion to go ahead in the glass cage. The gloves give a small surface of the earth throughout the deciduous dwarf shrub seeds compared to, which develops in a month. Then the glass chamber to put some soil into the open, and wait for a month. The sun will cause bush fires, the bark will also burn, then it starts to accumulate positive energy in excess of the high-level atmospheric flow. The transport of dust and you can see when you start. Where a lot of burning bush, he formed a mini-cyclones and tornadoes, storms and rain, accompanied by electrical discharges, or lightning midst.

The TV operation information by the electronic control sample, the silicon atoms to achieve your catch

The TV camera is turned on an information model electron starts, most always the first sign you want to watch TV channels, for example. TV2. Right from the get channel converter, which is made ​​of steel and is very loosely rotatable gear. The three large gear 360 degree divided into two parts, small, medium, and wide bandwidth, according to the on coming waves. The small band width of the gear teeth are small and densely sit next to each other, the medium is slightly larger and less sharpened, the wide bars, the teeth are large and less frequently in most facets.

Using remote control for the TV channel launched by the sign of great strength it attracted the right gear, but always with the same tooth, it pushes and opens the TV channel broadcast by all the other signals, which will be drawn to the same tooth.
The pinion is a small plastic box into his spins, whose opposite side is a small gap, here you get the signal. When you change channels you another tax information electron model it attracted the gear to another tooth, and since the first signs more powerful magnetic attraction, and a higher energy level has the gap before pulling the gear corresponding to energy levels of the same tooth, so the gear teeth of the other station was going to appear to flow, and these signs come to life thanks to the TV relay system.

The TV screen is in fact involved with magnetite, as a result of magnetic attracts the miniature form of mediated images that come here through an optical system, and the magnified image of the plasma is generated points. Plasma is the most magnetic material to initiate, so easily attracts magnetite.

The TV medium waves, ie the infrared range of the ion sphere, but fairly close proximity to the TV set goes off. The transmitter crystal silicon camera started thinking of information signals, to gluon spheres in the atmosphere come as they are a bit more attractive character. When the first TV in place, immediately started the networking of TV signals, signals that the spread of to gluon to gluon , which, coupled with photons and electrons combined network. The to gluon spheres, photons and electrons are not connected to gluon parts of themselves, each other and are part of the photons is not connected with the to gluon to gluon parts of electrons and vice versa. The number of TV channels, each has one of these threads together with a host with a magnetic to gluon played through your information network from which electrons are patterns of information into the TV.

The negative wavelengths residents can easily be made ​​if you can, if the channel switch a silicon atom into his box of plastic injection. It is very easy to implement the link. The vacuum pump packakging, or the previously described oral intake by the method of absolute zero degrees, ie a perfect vacuum insulation.
When this is reached, immediately absorbed has a silicon atom, as a consequence, is set to the magnetic equilibrium. Then the two-component silicone adhesive to seal the packakging margin, fully air must be free.
The adhesive is drying, as we will discover that the TV picture quality of the resolving capability decreases giant has improved, and the negative range can also be protected in the transmission, the gear back also will move, visualized by making it to the person with whom the minus one and minus two to have has a wavelength.
Directly to the person sitting in front of the TV screen displays the communication partner, is changed, the picture varies and is crossed by another man comes to life.

The superiority of silicon atoms in the metal relay against

The silicon atom higher energy level, ie, magnetic attractive character, such as iron atoms, so the silicon atom is attracting upper hand against the metal relays. When attracted to the vacuum chamber, it attracted to the metal surface of the relay, while the balance is set to the magnetic relay box. Since the metal was attracted to the silicon atom shielding one side sphere is, therefore, provides two-dimensional image when floating, three-dimensional image can convey.
The image has become more uniform, because the silicon atom is smaller than the iron atoms, so it the image forming plasma density is much higher, the expanded image is more closely alongside each other in the plasma points, so the on-screen images will be armed, the image quality is better.

The science, called absolute zero minus one atmosphere pressure is actually because of the positive compartment with vacuum displays. The absolute zero pressure minus atmospheric pressure equivalent to has a. The actual atmospheric pressure is zero only after the onset of the magnetic balance can be measured. This can only be achieved when the measured value to a negative pressure in the same positive value offsets the material particles.
In this case, the negative pressure in the box into his value to zero to one silicon atom, silicon atom as a single value representing the size of positive pressure, causing the atmospheric pressure is zero inside the box is created, that is set to the magnetic equilibrium

A silicon atom is a centimeter times has a centimeter vacuum space to settle, it is sufficient to increase the box size of two inches times two inch line, you have two of them will be needed as well as himself both attracted to, and this proportion can go ever upward, so it is very important to the box size. Two or more silicon atoms to attract, slows the flow signal, as more atoms to pass through.
The negative pressure increases in proportion, are also attracted to the increase in the number of silicon atoms.