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The medium is about - The secret voodoo


The medium is about

Media, persons who selected a control system of the universe for this noble task. In 1970 - the year from there, each family inherited the "ability".
Reliable, regular people have transferred, this is no ordinary task.
The real media can report exact details of the crime.
The media can not see into the future, only been able to report incidents. The TV programs is that psychic Allison DuBois woman living example of what a real criminal reliable medium.

A member of the Steering System in contact with the medium. The media will provide information about visual ideas, so that it recorded crime patterns in the process of visual information in the broadcast medium of thought, that the information patterns are coupled with light-quark particles, thus the medium is in the process of the imagination to see the events screen.

The media can not be mixed together, the photon field from creatures, because they operate on a lower level than they owe in excess of their sight.
Well separated from the disappointed, because they not only feel but also clearly see, the only weight and weight without any material made ​​up of human figures.

The secret voodoo

The information sent to the network with the high emotional charge with electron images of samples removed from the network of individuals engaged in voodoo. The evil purpose, voodoo person who increases his emotions so intense that the electron energy levels of samples are multiplied.

Directs all attention to the target, and the unfortunate man seduce you with the picture associated with this information, thus avoiding the network quickly found there also. If the voodoo dolls heightened emotional state nefarious purpose, various symbolic thrusts, cuts are carried out, they also eventually end up as a model for electronic information, in this case, a huge increase in energy levels of the samples.

The higher-energy electrons strike the target's body with such force that abnormal tissue proliferations, tumors, diseases caused by system failure, collapse, because the cerebral blood vessels may also be caused by obstruction, and finally death. Another consequence of the energy levels of concentrated in one place to other parts of the body's energy levels drop in a powerless, deficient self-confidence, to fail all those who just want to liquidate with voodoo.

Postal system of the universe I know that in Hungary and around the world, many deaths were caused by these treacherous people. Currently, many manipulate them for some reason, remove undesirable persons. Criminal offenses should be raised with immediate effect, because the inhibitions do not shy away from the destruction of another man, especially so if it does not involve any punishment for it, because there is no conscience.

The human body needs energy to operate to ensure the formation of particle physics basics

The phosphate binding of ATP to rupture of 30 kJ of energy released from the molecular weight quantities, and the locomotive of which cover the energy needs.

Most of the ATP in the human body operates at a higher power level, that is the most attractive in magnetic fields greater capability. If you look at what happens in the subatomic level, it is easy to discover the overall energy dissipation and acceptance regularities that are taking place everywhere in the natural environment, where the particle interactions are initiated into the energy cycle and process.

The ATP is the high level of energy, nutrients to attract electrons to high energy strike here, this is their excess energy to the photons take over, will be broadcast. Continually attracted to the electrons, so a continuous supply of energy. Each cell is present in the ATP and thereby ensuring the cell is necessary for energy metabolism. The musculoskeletal system is activated all the cells at the same time, the energy radiated from the cumulation provided even in the largest energy investment is needed amount of energy.

When a voluntary movement starts, the network of a conceptual model of consciousness starts to happen that, for example. Now I'm going to run. The thought pattern corresponding electron motion in the frontal lobes are responsible for the center, where you can bump an electron, and this is the moment triggers the proper operation of motorization. Each opening moves in this way, the right brain's center of an electron and a conceptual model of the interconnection means.

From the brain to slam an electron into the ATP, resulting in higher energy levels, such an increase in energy photons in the body takes over, which radiates out immediately. The process is very fast chain reaction like the movement sweeps through every cell in body, so the motion takes place immediately, the energy level of cells, one moment at a time over a period of rises, so the continuous movement occurs, we experience.

The amino acids make up proteins in living organisms came into being because of the living body of the other most magnetic building blocks of carbon atoms. The carbon atoms in a high energy level is able to attract a lower level than the other kinds of atoms encountered. Where a lot of carbon atoms in the molecule, cyclic structure therein, because of strong magnetism towards each other to bend the carbon chain until it does not close together, and not a ring shape.
Pl.phenilanalin, tryptophan, tyrozin.

The four carbon atoms can communicate with one uncommitted magnet wire, and connect with other atoms. When you develop a chain of carbon atoms in a slightly higher initial energy level will be attracted to it because it conflicts with the atomic electrons of carbon atoms diversity, and thus a higher energy level into which a carbon atom to attract even make it possible. This carbon is strongly magnetic the other atom, therefore it is to attract another atom, and strong in affinity result, this electron can conflict with the carbon atom, with the result that the carbon atoms to higher energy level is a new carbon involvement allows. Until then continue to the carbon atoms in magnetic contact with each other as long as electrons are available, due to the strong attraction carbon atoms condense on it, increasing their energy levels. Long carbon chains can be formed and the carbon atoms as a result of a strong magnetic field is able to attract a wide variety of atoms.

During glycolysis, glucose is oxidized into pyruvate. The sugar dissolves in water, mixed with the water molecules, the electrons are far away from the slopes. Lower energy level of the water reduces the energy levels of glucose, so glucose molecule splits in the middle of the carbon chain, the amount of energy passed between carbon atoms in a magnetic connection is terminated, the two carbon atoms the same energy level drops, no attractive effect on each other.

The citric acid cycle, the breakdown of carbohydrates (sugar breakdown), the third step. During glycolysis, glucose (6 C atoms) rpiruvát (3 C atoms) decomposes. In eukaryotes, pyruvate, and here comes the mitochondria is converted to acetyl Co A in the pyruvate decarboxylation and then enters the citric acid cycle. The acetyl Co A strong attractive due to the nutrients from electrons with great force, struck, strike the magnetic fibers, while the original connection rupture, arriving with electrons and the magnetic bond facility.

The collisions of electrons with increased energy levels, which are transferred to the surrounding photons and then radiate out. This also contributes to the energy radiated by the body's energy needs. The bonds between carbon atoms are also breaking the electron impact caused by the thick bars of magnetic potential energy increased levels of nutrients from great power to attract electrons in the magnetic bond formed between them to break up.

In this case, the impacts of increased energy level of electrons, to the extent that the increased energy from photons of energy surrounding the receipt to radiate. The radiation energy from your body performs the operation and, of course, the ATP level of the electrons in the high energy photons from the transfer of radiation along with, in accordance with the resolve to cover the body's energy needs.

Heat - pain - time detection level of consciousness

The skin of the heat sensing receptors in the cold causes the electrons in the energy levels are reduced, and to the gluon ball with reduced energy from lower energy electrons strike, and the typical forms, patterns. The cold sensation in the lower energy level is formed by, and each grade has its characteristic pattern of electrons, the gluon is a sphere above the other sensations that occupy an appropriate place in the heat.

The heat causes the electrons to the thermal power level sufficient to precipitate the gluon spheres, and the higher temperature heat is applied to the receptors, the greater the strength of the gluon ball strike the appropriate place, creating a characteristic pattern.

The feeling of pain is generated, that the body has physical effects on the electron energy levels increase. Each organization imposed on the characteristic energy levels when exposed to the pain receptors of the electrons in the energy levels will increase proportionally. The more we raise it, the greater the energy of the electrons hit the surface of the gluon balls, all the pain and the characteristic electron into pattern. The more powerful the impact, the more pain we feel. The mind thus protects the body from the harmful effects outside world.

In animals, where only internal network is also different energy levels of electrons hitting create the perception of stimuli from the environment.
The waking coma does not perceive anything in the world, the pain, temperature or because the consciousness of the network nodes located in the heart better ventricular gluon ball from far away, the electron strikes have stopped. The healing of a previous section has already been explained.

The detection time was due to the motion. The eye movement of the gaze on a different physical space point we can control the weather in different locations to get to the actions one after the other disciplines are taking place in space at the same time a lot of kind of movement takes place, all of these series of separation of time sense of creation was made possible. If we were static beings, not moving anything, time would flow together and perpetuate, but it still would take the same way everywhere.

The sense of time determining the amount of magnetism. Higher power level, the faster time perception, lower energy levels, slow motion and time-being there is also slowing down.
Regardless of how organisms perceive the moving time, moving forward in the same way the whole universe. There is no time paradox, time dilation is false routes leading to the theory of relativity, only "two legs," a reality, there is still hard. Anyone who does not believe, and before the outraged unvarnished truth, balance, ask for guidance through the Postal system of the universe.