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The interactions of particles - The magnetic field threads and the planets - Mars


The weak interaction of the Universe to Management System under the guidance of

In particle physics, the interaction of four recently separated from wrong, and too complicated interactions in the formation of phenomena, such particles were at life, which does not exist. Consider the knowledge which now establish. The particles are in trouble, and it has become necessary to identify them.

"The weak interactions of particle physics is one of the four fundamental interactions. This is caused by the radioactive decay of the beta-decay: the decay of free neutrons, and some atoms decay of the proton and neutron. All six leptons and quarks. This is the only interaction in which the neutrino involved (apart from the particle gravity is negligible). Intermediary in W and Z particles - bosons. "

The decay of free neutrons do not have, since the neutron is actually a separate larger particles of protons between neutral surfaces. In fact, the protons in a magnetic photonic band gluons fixed. The fissile materials, the same energy level of photons gluons are attracted to, so the proton, ie the gluon magnetic repulsion between the stratification occurs, and the gaps formed between the gluons. These holes act as a neutral medium, so as a neutral particle separates science.

The W and Z - bosons, the amount of energy invested in the cause detonation, the surrounding photons are created in a merger, which is actually deuterium, one of these - radiates a photon, the resulting energy released will cause a fuse and protons are formed. The high-energy protons collide into each other with such force of the explosion that changed direction of rotation, spinning to the left, or become positrons. The leptons are also generated after the explosion, loss of quarks gluons pattern of photons, ie photons from the quark torn pieces of a pattern. The neutrinos are nothing but the fusion of protons torn pieces of quarks, electrons, ie.

We can split the atom, because the protons in the gaps between the atoms give an unstable structure, easier to fall apart, as the atoms are attracted to each other closely in the case.

Strong interaction

The most recent science in the light, strong interaction has all the atoms of fissile materials except as here in each other attracted by protons and gluons are always the order one energy level is low it will be facing each other, so between neutral gap is not formed, tightly one on top of knit, stable magnetic connection is established between them.

The magnetism mediation, and carriers of the gluons, which are all different - different energy level was established, and the energy level to inherent differences over and over again neatly, always one degree lower levels of attraction aspirations find the corresponding one place, as long as the initial pulses do not lose it permanently.

If the black holes lose their energy gained additional re-start the phase out will be transmitted into, or turn into photons, and then again in contact, the same energy level can begin avoiding the energy levels are encoded by the universal creative processes. The energy levels of the large differences obtained by resonant blast.

The modern science also supports the electromagnetic and gravitational interactions can count, but as it turned out the above-mentioned two types of interaction can explain everything. The electromagnetic interaction involves the strong interaction, there is no point in a separate category

Increased energy levels of electrons gluons in the leading material in contact with the first electron is not part of the gluon to attract, and increasing indentation. The next row are interconnected so that the electrons are not part of gluon to the other electron of the gluon part, and in the process creating an electron chain.

The increased energy of the electrons in the chain to push more and deeper. The indentation and pushing the pace with the level of energy takes place, leading to increased cross-section of a higher energy level, multi-chain electron moves very rapidly, attract and connect with each other, are attracted to it from all sides of the gluon part gluon part-free parts of the parts and vice versa. The consumers, as desired, the delivered energy photons due to the radiation, or for lighting, heating, or to convert it into mechanical energy is used. In the previous sections, we have plenty of new detail, methods of winning the unlimited power of all walks of life needs to be introduced, namely urgency.
The gravitational interaction is fiction, it's time to move beyond it, confusing, hard to understand why you still cling to the discovery of gluons occasion, I should have been released.

The Van der Waals forces between the molecules weaker establishing contact force, which is none other than the thread in molecular magnets from connecting to each other. The density of molecules, molecules make up the energy for the quarks. The higher power level of quarks, the thread in a stronger magnetic pull the molecules together, so many of their solid thicken the stage, for example. magnetic iron ore, low-power level of quarks result in a looser relationship, for example dust and sand. The magnetic fibrils in the sun for a step after the photons and gluons attract each other are formed from the material according to cloud density separation would be impossible without it.

We created the magnetic fibrils, because the merger occasion, the protons are not only electrons are torn off, but the protons edges, irregular flat shapes can you become, and since all of the same power level generated from each other, not attracted, were lit, as long as their energy levels corresponding to an attractive surface has been found. When the quantum black hole is very much coming into the sun, many of them do not fuse, but disintegrates into photons. Accurately represent an energy level to establish relations with the surrounding photons. In this way, a photon with a gluon and the gluon with the photon creates a chain. The generation of photons is constant, because of reduced function and increased solar activity varies constantly, and each photon is in safe mode also created.

In the Sun formed atoms of the protons as they are gluons, the magnetic yarn has photons surface from all directions it stick, and the magnetic yarn has, photons and gluons is another contact, the photons with the gluons, the gluons with photons huge magnet thread network forming.

First, the magnetic yarns most of the higher power level generated atoms of the protons attracted most of them representing a greater density of atoms, the core atoms, and a smaller power level generated by atoms deposited on protons. The highest densities were established in the lower surface of the earth sit, such as dust, sand, soil.

This should still be classified as previously been detailed, from the ground up starter magnet yarns, which are atmospheric formation initiated, and held, and the mantle and core rotation by photons from radiation with driven dynamo can, based on magnetic lines of force. In this case, the friction of electrons they break down their path, and those with the photons come into contact with magnetic attraction, which does not radiate.

The photons are not a part of gluon, with the electrons the part of gluon and photons the part of gluon with the electrons are not part of gluon establish relations based on magnetic attraction, forming chains, and their relationship in all directions to create the magnetic lines of force. The rotation due to the inclined elliptical shape, slam each other due to magnetically stick together as well, with the parts of the gluons do not, and vice versa.

The magnetic field lines and the other networks are due to magnetic attraction it adheres to the photons are not part of gluon the electrons for part of gluon end gluons in the parts of the electrons is not liaise with the attraction, and the planets, suns rotation follows the right way.

Since the entire universe right direction of rotation is done all the planets, the magnetic network is a better way with the whole universe revolves. The network weaves around all the globe, and their tender spare ribs. Encompass the entire space of the universe in the magnetic texture tissue of space science thinks. The magnet picks up the network form of celestial bodies, follow the curves, they erroneously describe curved space time. If a new solar system is born, is in networked webs the atoms can stick to it when they die, straighten curves, the magnetic network behaves as if it had a very flexible rubber fibers
The solar systems, destroyed during shock wave in the entire universe of all elements of construction impacts, planets sweeps out from the usual track, this time stretching out the magnetic network. The elongation phase of a ten million years, and the original phase of contraction, are also tens of millions of years to complete. To identify the period of expansion of the universe is expanding.

The shrinkage that occurs when most previously generated, the most extreme locations of galaxies occupying, he hits the ball against the wall cavity boundary dimension. These outcomes are in the solar system, catastrophic processes taking place in the elongation phase. The collision triggered by the original length magnet network in the process of shrinkage. The collision involved the destruction of entire galaxies can take place. Our galaxy in the middle, so we're not even in the danger zone. The advanced civilizations who have been such a threat, Postal System to the Universe, has recently created the danger zones copies of their own planets.

The magnetic field lines and yarns are held together solar system, solar systems and switched to another. The galaxies of the solar systems together, the galaxies with each galaxy together, large systems with each other with magnetic threads, and with field lines form a magnet network, all the universe forming organized formation of a large magnet Network holds together, so that with each with each magnetic attraction connected, the magnet network is maintained by the magnetic equilibrium. If there is a change in one part, each of the six-component, and the balance is reserved pork to the power lines and yarns or go to, or shorter. If you are a member drifts in the magnetic network goes out, the balance will be restored when power returns to its original length of the yarns and lines, it pulls back until it reaches its original size.

If you destroy a solar system, the magnetic network of the most closest solar system, planets are attracted to and strengthen the already functioning network of magnet webs. This again is in equilibrium with the magnetic component of all the Universe.

The occasion of galaxy collisions, the resonance of the planets are falling photons, which are the incorporation of black holes, galaxies, other planets with magnet networks interact. The drifting away, and even other planets in solar systems with pulse energy levels corresponding trajectories are themselves magnetic attracting their networks. The suns will lose their relationship with their own planets, because fusion stops, no atoms are produced in red giant and white dwarf stars, supernovae are, with gamma radiation and photon flow. Magnet Networks is once again get a magnetic balance.

The atoms with each other unallocated fibers contacting as many unallocated fiber has a atom, you can connect it therefore the same amount of unallocated magnetic fibers will be attracted atom and molecule to form.

The birth of solar systems as part of the process, with a new networks are formed, which gradually develop and adhere to the universal network, maintaining the balance.

Quarks proton's own energy levels is determined that the protons threads which one electron goes off track.

The highest level of lower energy proton threads of the first electron orbit is reached, a unallocated fibers reach this far, which is the same power level with one magnetic fiber atom can establish connections, this represents a weak molecular attraction, which can be easily unravel.

As you increase own energy levels quarks of the proton, the magnetic filaments stretch farther. The first is a path and the second six, the third one twelve, eighteen fourth, the fifth twenty-four, their thirty-sixth, seventh, their thirty-six, forty-two eighth. The track is the most stable eight electrons as forty two forty two connected to magnetic fiber strand. Because each atom, its energy level is a tiny difference, so each can only access the most closest, most minimum is more to repeat can connect, it also could say that the molecules in the formation of atoms, their energy levels are encoded as strictly with the establish a connection to an atom, which for him, a minimum energy level deviate from it.

The chemical reactions taking place in terms of going to the attraction to disrupt relations. These, they occur to get around. Two months after the weaker power level operating nuclear, even a tiny energy level down is so that the connection is terminated, the search starts all over again, until once again it does not discover the energy level of the most minimal even more nearer rain that another attraction in contact start. The atoms are attracted by long-continued search for finding a pair of rotating until all the variations do not go through, and all the black hole was exhausted impulses.

The impulse to resonate after the loss, lose weight, photons are falling, which is only in the black hole, or lightning, or an artificial result of investments in energy, pulse come back and fuse.
The formation of a different kind of forces do not work with multiple counts hassle of power - a key cause of disorder.

The magnetic field threads and the planets - Mars

Starting from the Sun's magnetic field increases the length of the fibers, reducing the weight and density of the planets. The farther a planet is located from the sun has a density with less, so the weight will be lower. The strength of the yarn length determined by planetary circulation path around the axis of rotation speed. Same length of yarn strength levels in the same energy, so if the same distance of the other - in other solar systems orbiting planet, the same energy at work, so all the physical and chemical traits they conform to represent heaven.

Therefore, there is if we create would another planet, in a distant solar system, and with the quark models with gluon ball exactly to the energy level to track put to, which the Earth is exactly the same to another planet we would be taken up as the original. The oblique axis is the same as well, because this track to the Earth defined angle. The moon has no effect on the oblique axis held, so each planet's path carries the circulatory plane and the tilt angle.

In the neighboring planet of Mars, the eighth of the surface, has a quarter of the land mass. The orbit of Mars is much lower-energy field, the magnetic attraction between the molecules is weak, so the surface is dusty, sandy, porous.

Mars' iron core of the iron atoms are loosely connected with each other, so the structure of the dust, and an indefinite shape, a quarter of the earth. The magnetic strength is weak due to the occasion of the formation of planets, the iron atoms in the right spin combination was carried out at very low energy, and based on this material, it is layering the smaller density occurred. As a consequence, was not created by photon radiation to produce friction, which, would have to break down, and would have to spend energy to the electrons.

So there is no electron energy levels never rise to the radiation of photons off could have resulted, so never had a magma, so that the magnetic lines of force was not able to induce the creation of. The absence of a magnetic shield prevented any possibility of development of life. These energy levels are missing from the iron is denser items, but less dense from the present.

Since the density of surface texture is loose, so in the thermosphere, the effect of ultraviolet rays generated oxygen and hydrogen, united in arriving to the surface water, and because of the cold, immediately freezes and falls under the surface layer.

It’s dried up river beds putative channels, the surface shapes folds of the ice by the fall of zones. As the ice formed, it is immediately below, gradually squeezed each other, are increasing inside spherical block of ice extent and size of the planet Mars.

The ice is more and more pressed together dusty interior parts of larger cavities are plucked out, it is the part where it passes through the ice, it becomes more and more hollow. The caves are constantly above the surface close to breaking into the outer part first becomes dimpled. Where the process is very advanced, the area is steadily deeper, they also had name of science seas. If we move from the outside inward portion of the Mars surface, then two hundred million miles dusty Mars crust part is bounded around fifty million kilometers in diameter ice ball, the size of which is growing steadily.

The large extinct volcanoes, such as. Olympus Mons, Mars is actually large multi-directional winds up carried out by huge pile of dust from the surface, which froze on top of another one. The Arc, which held works of civilized beings, are also stacked by the winds and instantly frozen mixtures of powders. The eyes, snose, the mouth is also the stronger winds hollowed out from ridge. The Mars never had a thick atmosphere, as from the dusty surface of the sun radiated off photons, ie, the plasma, electrons could not this be sufficient to break down, loaded up with energy. The energy charge - transfer process with a low intensity occurs only stretched parts are formed very small atoms such as carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen and oxygen minimum.

However, they instantly freeze, so the corners are covered with sparkling snow. Thermosphere in resultant hydrogen and oxygen or photons from radiation generated by the sun but also from the ultraviolet radiation coming from. Therefore, the Mars atmosphere is unstable due to the lack atmosphere during the formation of filamentous assembly of magnets and magnetic line strengthening. Starting from the sun, the planet with forces that cause clots yarn other than the magnetic force does not have a cohesive, it is totally unsuitable for settlements around.

The next task of the destruction of Mars, which is easily solved by then become, because the earth prolong the life of another ten million years. The ice has gone after the destruction dust into space and will not cause further problems.