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The information obtained from the final finale of human existence


Formation of Life

The threads of the solar magnetic photon radiations result in very varied forms began to wring, twist it, and all possible an orderly form, billions of magnetic yarn woven in the body shape of living creatures which were in special shapes.
First, only one small cell consisting of magnetic yarn vase was created, which itself attracted by the magnetic energy at the level of quarks yarn, which by definition were matching each other in a row. Lots of variation was possible, so the cells with each other relations to each other in an appropriate energy level, and integration in accordance with the identity and diversity was defined.

The DNA strand is actually a very long solenoid fibers, whose length is determined by body size. The magnetic energy levels of the fiber, which itself attracts quarks, so the code can not be other than the magnetic energy levels of fiber. We humans are all a magnet yarn we exist, but which section of twisted up, meaning the individual is unique, because each phase of energy levels are different, and although the same quarks build up everyone, so the material to our quality is the same, but all of the magnetic fiber stage of energy levels of quarks in the same attraction, so every man is a little different, no two people will never be the same.

The embryonic development of the fetus during the first frame of magnetic thread is formed, and then attracts the enrgia levels in the order of constituent quarks. What little growth, development, the first step of a new magnetic phase wrapped up in yarn form of the following organisms. The body follows the contour of the newly coiled magnetic quarks are attracted to another thread and fabric once enrich your weight. The postnatal development is also based on this principle.
The net energy gradually, following the recovery relates to the molecular level, the protons, is also one of those nets which are involved directly in the energy of photons, because the fusion of protons, photons are created.

The net energy of life have become switched on, the others extinct, has proven to survive.
The Variac resulted in billions in the human body shaping, and proved to be perfect was fighting to stay alive. Desloratadine is a constituent of the human body with the energy locked network, there is no more places, no more possibility of forming organisms.
The smaller planets from Earth, so there is no sensible intelligent existence, because it had no net energy to vary the location of the human body. Such planets can only live animals.
The Earth is much larger planets of the power network is very wide, it only turned out a dinosaur-sized creatures.

The second life

It is now clear to me the next life, unfortunately, somewhat mixes me a lot of mystical and religious word of mouth, but it is clear that the negative balance of existence and earthly existence are exactly the same, only difference being that the less certain the body is much greater prudence to. The dense body is not that they feel the same as here, the information does not inhibit access consciousness, so if someone reads something, it also notes, so their knowledge is vast.

Just eat, work, fun, feel like us, just the difference is that they are over the death of the body, we have lived through the worst experience of mass loss. Because they are human, so their memories preserved as a very bad dream. Because of the way back from there to elude thousands of years, even if you have an enjoyable life in one of them to the mother Earth from endless nostalgia will be the constant companion of life to all. Unfortunately this is not the earthly sense, do not take care not to earth, not to themselves and others. The negative balance and then learn what it meant for them to exist, providing the primary medium.

The whole truth is that the photon body mass after obtaining repeated, they can not have each other to exchange thoughts telepathically. This prevents the body mass, photon-bodied people, but three days before mass gain, this is the only way some people understand the negative thoughts in speech addressed to them.
The photon with the body of people, the land on the open solenoid avoiding prison.
The local people put template, words, and ask himself what kind of object to what you want to change your body, your face, the beauty of. Accordingly, equally set the template, and the photon body picks up the template forms, and accordingly will gain weight.
If someone ugly, formless considered himself 'the gain may seem ideal for the look. After re-built and ready for a perfect copy, and the others dressed up and start a new life in a fresh new start.

The truth is the fact that more distant places with each other, communicate with atomic computer, not the channels of thought. The ground of the media in their consciousness and their own sphere gluon four-megapixel camera, video frames are sent, rather than directly on their mind. Since work the same way as we do in the way of life are very similar.
When you switch to a smart friend to himself he left a man has passed through a network channel, you can not just heal through it, but you see the ground of co-produced three-dimensional movie. The magnetic channel filamentous contact with the protected person and the negative balance of our friends live in the far distance made ​​us ever see the footage.

The film is moving towards the wall dimension and condenses it into. About as far from looking at that person seems to be half the size.

Not everyone is connected to the channel itself, because many people nervous, so do not even know what's going on because they do not care.
The local society in which people's willingness to help the vast majority of the controls, and highly important to protect them in existence. Therefore the most visited links, as two or three years time, if such harsh earthly technologies are used, minus some of the space vacuum to evaporate, and seventeen years later, the Earth will be destroyed.
The minus two wavelength has no influence on earthly destructive activities, so minus one emergency may come into the evening. Very worried, however, may be interrupted because of the continuity of existence, and all their strength throughout the human race a good trip reimbursed.

The commuting was designed to see if can be handed over to the people of the vast knowledge, and if safe they feel is the existence and terrestrial process re-balancing will be, and the highest level of information handed to us by our skill level, we have used His life can become calm and secure.
Not wanting to check, help, not to get the barbaric fate of civilizations, who did not have enough knowledge to survive.
The pendulum movement indicator, pointing their fingers pulled fullerene-coated frame triggers.
Atoms of the material of the pendulum magnet fibers extending from the continuing negative balance, the fullerene attracts them, and friends circling your fingers, or horizontal movement of the magnet wrapped with yarns, or swinging. The positive focus is moved to the motion, but a turn right, and has become the opposite direction. Well, that simple explanation, I do not think.

The minus some wavelengths Planet

I have already written about this subject, but only partial truths, as I learned later.
It is true that the magnetic balls twisted yarns, forming caves, projections, and a "castle worthy of angels" was created. So far, it is true, but that is the initial stage of planet formation.
When large amounts of land of the positive background formed magnets arrived sites yarn density of atoms, and in the meantime, until you have formed and their density has not yet been characterized.
The magnetic component yarns Desloratadine is a positive-energy photons and electrons running out is formed after the initial pulse with a range of negative electrons and photons.

All the negative-energy photons and electrons is working just as long and as a convolution recorded magnetic yarns created as the underlying pozitv the atoms inside the Earth came from. So an equally negative in the range of magnetic yarns of the second, a world to copy three-dimensional magnetic attraction based on the copy substrate is formed, where the necessary quarks only the positive energy from versions positive energy loss after may be in place, which is also the same arrangement for as original.

The negative-energy magnetic thread running version of the same caves and resulted in elevations, such as the Earth's interior and the terrain, but in opposite directions. Therefore, the two spaces are exactly the same, and stabilize each other, balancing the magnetic stripe between them ensures that the positive and negative values ​​enrgia coexistence of constant.
The danger is precisely that of the earthly is a large positive value has been created to track the settlement can not stand to keep equilibrium. If the values ​​differ, the balance is upset, longer stability, and break loose on both spatial detail, the vacuum space sooner, and will follow the positive space.
Do not want to scare, the threat is very big, but would be happy to come in early warning, because soon all hell can break loose, two or three years an irreversible process to occur, because the vacuum space will be destroyed!

Did not mind we want to give, these are facts, if not write it down, things might still exist in the human existence in our earthly life is only a tiny insignificant part, but you will soon be without replacing harmful technologies, it really does not remain of us is nothing, and no repentis will be one last time anyone even thought of.
The first and most urgent restoration of the polar ice sheets, this technique is described in a previous section, will not come cheap, but the unity of the world can be easily solved.
This step is a good time is shifting the risk.

The magnetic balls, angels castle turning back, it is now naked nen the magnetic fibrils, but the negative-energy atoms are attracted to them, the same arrangement as on Earth. The negative space of the Earth's interior and exterior complete relief of the same image is shown as a positive component in the Earth's space. So, for example. the Budapest area looks the same slice of the earth as a negative, but because the rocks are not transferred to the atoms of the rock massifs are missing.
The atoms are not attracted to the appropriate quantities sufficient to pose ed to provide a stable world, so he must be very careful that you do not here's a resonance. Therefore, only cycling, do not play music, no noisy factories, no yelling, all kinds of harmful sound effects are observed.

The common dance evenings enjoying music through headphones as well.
The plants and animals have gradually been transferred and are similarly built up as people. The initial mass quickly attract to themselves, then the soil, and further enrich the diet.
Lightweight plastic, from caprolactam build three-storey buildings, because the surface has not any more.
Four hours work per day, four hours community work, medicine, shelter, embellishment, weeding crops, and many other activities, but they always exchange.
Safety, welfare spend their days in the same way they will take their share of work and equally partake of it.

Who in this world, great wealth, he lives over others feel that high, certainly in this world is very bad. Exceptions are not held anyone, so you think everyone is your usual time itself. The earthly existence to an end very soon, and are no longer allowed anywhere people use, the intelligence will be the main guiding force. Sooner or later everyone revalua this page, just very difficult to peg a big fall. You may now curse me great ones, but if you do not stick to the world, even as we have previously mentioned, whether these things still exist!