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The human mass of body and the final stop of the photon body self operation start conditions


The human mass of body and the final stop of the photon body self operation start conditions

The completion of the vital functions of existence persists. Life, got into nutrition materials released during the decomposition of positive energy is maintained, and also provides the body with an atmosphere of internal pressure, which is equal to atmospheric pressure, so it lives in a magnetic balance to the body part of the environment.

The organisms at the molecular level, forming the electron-photon components involved, owing to the energy grid. Energy electrons in the molecule toward the net in the most external photon connected.

The energy network an atmospheric pressure value in operation and joined in the human body photons, hence taken off the negative energy.

From the energy network drawing strength photon body well separated from the body mass, because the atmosphere of a photon body minus magnetic atmosphere plus a massive body equilibrium state, so that it operates in sync.

The grid of molecules involved in all external photons absorbed by the shape of the molecules followed both inside and out.

At death no longer get any more positive energy, so the body temperature drops, the environment is the same energy level. The internal pressure of atmosphere in this case the value is zero, so the atmospheric pressure in an atmosphere penetrates into the tissue cells, then one of the atoms.

The body is an atmosphere of internal pressure in healthy people, the permanent value of 36.5 C temperature, that is, maintaining a positive energy. The body temperature of 0.1 degrees C rise in pressure of 0.1 atm followed by the increase in value. The higher the fever, the internal pressure is the higher level rise, consequences as the normal pressure of the magnetic fibers at a sufficient distance to each other resolved quarks, moving closer to each other, and 42 degrees above the top of each other congested, so disordered clusters to form.

The molecules at the molecular level, and those between the atoms, broken bonds based on affection, with clots formed in the whole body protein precipitation. Because the longer the cells are not able to perform their functions, the death occurs.
Cooling, if all 0.1 C internal temperature loss of 0.1 atm pressure loss experiments. The body temperature of 35.5 degrees C at cooling the internal pressure was zero atmosphere. The atmosphere allows for a neutral atmosphere atmospheric advance body. The colder the external environment, the more your body cools down, as long as the atmospheric temperature is the same energy level. The negative energy is cool man, I freeze, because the pressure between the atoms of the cold air arrives.

When the lifeless of the pressure reaches zero atmosphere, the atmosphere with an atmospheric pressure by squeezing with an atmospheric pressure minus the operating photon body. In this case the vacuum energy is positive direction, thus pushing it to the photons, which leave the bulk of non-functioning . The positive energy pushes up the pressure with the atmospheric pressure minus one photon body in , the two minus 0.1 meters above the atmosphere atmospheric bar, offering a set bits. An atmospheric pressure minus the pressure in the photon body minus 0.9 bar atmosphere decreases, and as advances in the vacuum space of the space pressure minus 0.8, minus 0.7 up to zero atmospheric pressure, as the atmosphere of a thrust from the atmosphere minus one atmosphere to zero decreases, that is leveling off.

The photon body pressure is higher than zero energy levels compared to the negative atmosphere in a vacuum space, and distances himself from so well in the vacuum space, the atmosphere is minus one is not able to penetrate into the body. On the other hand, the atmospheric pressure recorded at zero magnetic is in equilibrium and the atmosphere is a plus or minus one atmosphere space as well.

Since the neutral atmosphere in the sense of weight minus one atmosphere causes an increase, that is associated with higher magnetic attraction significance to the local surface magnetic clues with the photon body came from one weight loss do not feel.

The conversion into a wonderful experience, but step out of the body before an hour's content, to those who do not know what awaits him is hell. An hour cool down the body length needed to reach the internal atmosphere is zero pressure value. The mass of people have lost everything when you hear this, thinking the trapped in the prison of darkness. A long dreadful hours, for those who do not suspect that it's just a waiting phase.

The zero-pressure limit has been reached to bring salvation, in which case they feel as if going through a tunnel. On loss of the blind darkness of the high-gloss into getting into an unknown, but the more beautiful world unfolding before their eyes, where as many people can see everyone, but suddenly the magnet network will close, and he holds as long as the information electron models of the energy levels you reach the desired objective.
The samples represent the most sinful energy levels.

The photon body can not return back to the more massive body, so his experience is passed through the tunnel, the dark was returned from the captivity of their own world of sunshine. The resuscitation of the heart starts up again, a vacuum effect on the mind re-mains and attracts. When the heart is floating freely over the network, the combination of thought patterns will continue, because the thinking is not resolved, and the ten-inch gap bridged over the samples enter the system. Therefore, the increase seen in the images and feelings of medical transportation after the later of the senses perceive. Not everyone can experience this very interesting experience, because when the heart stops during sleep, interrupted the flow of thought patterns.
Who is on fire, lost by fire, do not suffer much, seventy percent burns of the skin occurs, zero is set to the atmospheric pressure in the body, the body quickly in the environment of the same energy level, and temperature is. The photon body will immediately exit the, and to live independently.

If the freezing death the photon body very quickly cleared from as quickly reaches in the cold part of the mass of the atmosphere is zero value.
If alive, locked in a tight container and earth piled around the graveyard, very slow cooling of the body becomes so full three hours of terror can think of who does so accidentally.
The one-hour filled with fear waiting for ten minutes with cooling of the body can be reduced, but in this case with EEG, with the knowledge and network analysis to determine the exact death in stood. The death occurred at night, has no brain waves can not be registered, the mind and the heart over the network around. ten centimeters float. The lifeless rigidity is occurs because the atmosphere of an atmospheric pressure environment to the zero-pressure atmosphere molecules in , so far as can be pressed.

The network is disconnected from the photon body does not follow the vacuum chamber. All information is saved into the memory, and networking will begin there, because even during the existence of switching over our consciousness than we are. Go immediately to the local network, so that connections across the sector, as in the Internet. Everyone is connected to everyone in the whole Universe, regardless of the operating body with positive energy which substances build up in the same mental operation. All of the sewerage network to everyone I come into being because of individual photons in the energy level of functioning as a code applies accomplished.

The minimum energy photons Difference in the level of magnetic attraction to each other almost endless possibilities created, and who built the network system is very diverse.

All information comes to light speed memories, the people here just know everything, when you need to take anything, because the does not prevent the photon body flow of information.
Technically I also thought they should just think about it at someone, and you begin to exchange information back and forth. Face to face with the usual speech to communicate. World seems very strange to us, but have not came through the have not at all, because consciousness is very easy to get used to, so the change is very pleasant experience for him.
The network, in order to remain here because they value minus one atmosphere pressure is generated, and the atmosphere is an atmosphere of the magnetic equilibrium to ensure it is in stable condition. Therefore, it can not move the air, forever hovering in one place reserved for consistency. Since no material weight and mass, that is, photons have been created and the original photon energy level of each characteristic minus atmospheric pressure shall be kept until the initial momentum is being discharged.
From our world have a high-energy people had left behind networks, minus some of our fellow human beings themselves connected to the existing wavelengths. These channels can heal, and talk. The aim is to connect people to the left network, and themselves and also connected. Unfortunately, many people in the near absence of free network, it can not heal, and the pendulum is not possible to communicate through.

Communication is the case, they are normally understood our messages, but only a shuttle back to be able to send a message with an indication where the pendulum technique ordered to magnetic signals. The low operating power level information patterns electrons are unable to throw, our energy level, electrons flowing our sample. Exceptions are the people who live in low-power level, but they can be quiet, blurred, fragments in the other world's people understand messages.

If someone could not be contacted, but would like to communicate through a pendulum, Send a message is an individual who has made ​​contact with the higher intelligence. The second wavelength in a month residents are able to develop a new network, and it signals the emergence of the pendulum-driven conversations, and disease of the evening is "healing angel" does not prevent anything.
Gas-heated homes of the patients cure is not possible because the body fabric of the surrounding magnet attracts molecules of methane gas cloud is formed, which can cause suffocation, and easy to fire. Meetings, if they are very necessary because it can not be medically perfect cure of the disease, in the content, time until the treatment takes place in a safe firing technique should stay home.