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The human fertilization - photocells - magnetism everywhere


The human fertilization

The general principles described above in from we, people can also keep magnetic fibrils, which extend beyond the body around. Since we are on the move, the dynamo is also valid for us, is excited by a weak magnetic field around us. Many of you were too light, aura is considered wrong.
During the insemination of the pregnancy, is crucial to achieve this in the magnetic field energy levels.

If the mating ardor powerful moments occur, the surface area of the magnetic fibrils stretch and will have a stutter. The woman cut off from the uterus through the navel, and the egg with the nucleus, ie with gluon creates a relationship based on affection. In this case, the egg gluons energy level increases, so will be greater the magnetic pull of his side to attract the sperm and gluons. When arranged side by side, both on the surface of gluon quarks are the most attracted to the magnet-magnetic thread, the weaker magnetic do not participate in the process, remain in their original locations.

Therefore, the dominant traits are inherited genes. Sometimes, however, at every third insemination, by chance, to turn the tiny sperm gluons and quarks in a weaker magnetic containing gene is copied. In this case, the recessive inherited traits.

The DNS is nothing more than the quarks to the magnetic threads, patterns and energy levels by pulling it The order, that is, the location of base triplets to their magnetic and energy levels are determined. Since all living creatures represent the energy levels of the genes are always built on the same thread of the magnet, small quark exchanges may occur, therefore any other man, but the species-specific, constant energy level of genes, so each species can be characterized by universal properties.

The possession of this knowledge, I do not recommend that anyone try cloning, since it is strictly prohibited by the Postal System, regarded as a major sin, and since everything and sees everything, can not hide from responsibility to no one.

The motion sensor device, or photocells - whether the photocell?

If a motion sensor, the doors are approaching the door automatically opens.
In this case, the motion sensor capability, magnetic attracts the approaching person, extending from the surface of magnetic strings.
The vacuum sealed and filled with noble gas "photocell" electron tubes magnetism based on the principle. The vacuum causes the surface of the people freely projecting fibers magnet absorbs the cesium, so that the energy of the electrons of cesium increases, the increased energy of electrons are attracted onto the silicon. Hence bypassing the switch leads to increased energy levels. The noble gas tubes efficiency is improved because the cesium atoms, electrons, the magnetic fibrils caused by the energy increase due to leave the electron path their increased energy levels transmitted to the noble gas atoms, electrons in the high energy due to the magnetic yarns of photons radiate out. The radiation increases the energy level of electrons, leading to the higher photon radiation.

The process continues until the noble gas is available. The arrival of electrons photo-anode - a material with magnetic properties of silicon, selenium, germanium - increased energy levels. The increased energy of the electrons that operates the opening mechanism. When a person has passed the entrance of the magnetic fibrils to lie down to cesium, so the door will automatically lock. The photo-cathode and the anode would be more appropriate to call only magnetic material properties.

If the cathode and anode batteries with a fullerene-coated steel sheet is changed, and the cathode toward the rear surface of the glass tube can be spread with four fullerene opening - closing speed can produce. The fullerene magnets contains high levels of uncommitted yarns.
The person immediately after the passage is closed, and only step in when the door opens, it saves on heating bills.

The perception of color

The black-colored materials contain a lot of uncommitted magnetic string. When light strikes the black, magnetic fibers unallocated slam in the plasma, which loses its excess energy upon impact. The material for those parts where there are no magnetic fibrils, reflecting, because the plasma can not be attracted him to these places. When you encounter a black object in the reference material is only a small surface of the light reflection, or you can also say that the increased plasma levels of energy due to radiation energy will continue to be attracted to plasma will lose energy.

The brighter the color of a magnetic material for the less-committed string contains fewer plasma attracts, and the greater reflecting surface is received.
The white light to derive some uncommitted magnetic materials include thread, so the plasma can attract low-level, high-surface reflected back, so we see white on white.
The translucent material, for example. diamond, glass fibers do not have uncommitted magnet, attract no plasma, whole surface reflect light, so the plasma can not be attracted.

It shows that the organisms in the primitive point of view, from the human eye, color vision is everywhere. The eye as an optical device, should give way to the plasma from can escape the scope of the gluon globule attraction. The pupil is a tiny gap in the middle of the plasma provides access to the vitreous body, aqueous humor, pins and rods occupy management functions. The magnified image of the retina is formed.

The magnetic materials uncommitted threads, depending on the re-radiated gluon plasma enters the sphere, and when you lose the impact of increased energy, miniature color images are formed. Since the amounts of specific substances in the plasma arrives, the arrival of little black ball gluon plasma, when the largest amount is deposited in place of the image a tiny, translucent white and color sense.

Playing the midst of the laser, I noticed that the surface of convex objects, following the contour of the object, inclined to reflection. I know this is again a physical problem, and therefore attributed to the light weight, and of course, also because it does not penetrate through the objects. The latest knowledge together, I know that Planet Earth is inclined along the beam, because the Earth's magnetic threads and attract the plasma and the beam only zones farther from the Earth can continue more lively in a straight line.

If the two sides into each other in control of two laser beams, each made ​​of effects in turn increases the strength, double strength illuminate. The same happens with the sun's rays even when the two meet in the border of the solar system, merge, their intensity is doubled.

The God particle, the Higgs boson, which is the chief scientist of society, almost obsessively well, none other than the plasma, ie the emitted photon, the original energy level, which is the dimensionless wall crash, and the Universe, the diameter of the same great circle swing generated after, then this structure been created and added to the weight of the framework for the process of winning.
Only the plasma is emitted in large quantities can be detected with as little as one by one blue, to the maximum magnification of electron microscopes can not closer.
The dimensions of each wall collapse in a small plasma points generated.

How can I prove the basis of organization of living things magnetic?

1, the electron tunneling of a man or animal isolated piece of skin is placed. The Earth element is any atom, the microscope is vacuum sealed space injected. It is advisable to try several atoms. Then, it is found that the atoms are attracted onto the surface of the skin.

2, If a bean plant-leaf stems, at least forty times or more times powerful strokes holds out, and this with a fullerene-coated plates near done, soon the magnetic surface of the yarn will become attracted to the plate coated with fullerene.

he plate is then placed in close proximity to a bean, after some time attracted to a magnet on the end of the fiber beans in the central part of gluons. The attraction to begin immediately after the bean genetic stock of quarks, transfer, or attraction to the magnet as reflected in our thread. A copy is made in half an hour, but rather to secure the success of the waiting time is one hour. The attraction at the end of the experimental fullarene coated plates placed in our power solution that contains all the nutrients needed by the bean.

We are waiting for a week, and we find a bean plant has started to develop.

3, If with fullerén coated plate is placed to our head, our hair will stand in the sky.
4, the man on two legs to walk, but the stable movement of the animal magnetism allows. Human and animal movement due to the surface of the magnet dangling threads interact with Earth's magnetic yarns. The magnetic fibrils gluon parts connected with the rest of the photons do not gluon.
Elongation of yarns followed by movement of the body, on the other hand, held firmly on the ground.

The large surface magnetic threads and our feet are closely related to the earth's surface extending across the sites magnetically yarn, so we can safely travel on two legs. The greater surface contact with a living body with the earth, the more stable the relationship, because of the large surface, the amount of magnetic fibrils is more powerful attraction relationship, the greater the stability. So it is with the objects in the evening.
The magnetism of the colonization of organisms is a necessary but not sufficient condition, the atmospheric pressure value can be favorable for life. The magnetic attraction and the atmospheric pressure effect on the value of life together to be coordinated to match.

5, still classify as evidence of the human body surface to grip objects. Cutlery, cup washers, I've tried many times, and quite firmly anchored to my forehead, my chest. The man known as magnetically television in doubt, dense, massive muscles has a magnetic threads and also may be many times the average man.

The possibility of developing life in the universe were created there, where atoms in the atmosphere, did not have a magnetic effect on wildlife. The Earth's flora and fauna, and the atmosphere does not come with magnetic elements constituting interact with each other. Flow freely into the body, and out to the outside, breathing, suction - squeezed to ensure operation of the flow. The plants of the osmotic serves the same purpose.

On the planets were created in non-life, which created an atmosphere that is the emergence of life was not neutral, so that each component had a magnetic effect on the organisms, and therefore no possibility of recovery respectively.

Atmosphere of the atoms with each other and also with the Earth are related to magnetic attraction, it is not escapes, while the Earth's iron core and mantle of rotation, magnetic field is generated.
The atmosphere atoms attract electrons in part based gluon link between electrons of other atoms are not parts of the gluon. In addition, two hundred meters of the magnetic field lines can occur in contact with attraction. Photons in the power lines are not part of the gluon gluon parts of electrons and photons in the power lines are part of the gluon gluon parts of the electrons can not create a connection.
In this way, the lines of force from all sides bound themselves to the creative atmosphere, all the atoms in contact with them, confirming the stability of the atmosphere.