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The formation of negative energy


The formation of negative energy

The mass loss lowered energy photons pass through, but the big explosion of resonant pulses obtained during maintained. . The original impulses only at the end of the universe, when put together. The mass loss of photons, decrease in energy levels go through, but the great explosion of resonant pulses obtained during maintained. Toward the black hole of the particles, the initial impulses of constantly spinning from left to right, where you lose mass sometimes recovered. The mass loss of photons undergoing thinner, the newly formed photons relative to the mass loss of as much like a rubber ball like a balloon.

When these stunted, even the right spinning photons in the young, handsome photons strikes, something occurs, like when the ball is spotted on a large bubble of their strike the same power. The balloon in the opposite direction the ball bounces off, with as much evasive action, the stronger requirements than the mass of his ball. When a lot of old photons, the photons of the young were left to collide the direction of rotation, after a while, the left spins with each other more and more have crashed, crashes through the negative energy level rose higher and higher, many of their more spacious vacuum created in the spaces between fields based on the positive energy.

Black holes are left spinning the opposite side of the particle collisions based on the production of energy will be negative.

The minus some wavelengths while living in a mass loss of people, until all the old exchanged photons. After replacing all the photons will be from minus one atmosphere pressure, the film body figure chosen from minus one atmosphere of pressure is a bit more, so the young body exactly the figure of the photon will be pressed into.

Then exactly one atmosphere minus the quantum of the body minus two bits immediately to atmosphere. The body the merger of two photons in exactly the same energy loss in the body from minus one atmosphere of pressure will be.

Minus some of the long wavelength photons present in the people until all of the exchanged photons, that is eighteen years younger back line. Each year, he spent a year more youthful appearance. If someone lived a very long time, obviously take several years, the photon exchange, as a younger departed at

Those who do not want to go and have a complete set of photon-photon body replaced, and will remain eternal youth. The body size remains the same, the old photons are constantly in rotation.

The two-wavelength minus the mass recovery for the fifteenth, has been weakened so much negative energy level of the quarks to the newly arrived higher levels of negative energy quarks in the old, weak, spinning to the left, again devoted to the right.

The collision left spinning in the right side with the production of energy turns positive again in the process of gradually increasing positive momentum for the production of energy from the mass chance.

When the human body is a positive energy, that is made ​​up of quarks spinning to the right, the pressure will have an atmosphere. The vacuum space is immediately pushes itself to the pressure of the body. The mass loss after the vacuum space of the human body absorbs, after recovery over the mass pushed out of the vacuum space under positive pressure in the chamber.

In one compartment to another compartment of access, automatic, self generated mechanisms, but the biological body to enter the back pressure of space, have protective equipment, requires a minimum of a spacesuit worn. Hundreds of kilometers to be done in an hour, at the absolute zero, without air, freezing cold.

The negative energy of different levels of formation, the stability of the vacuum conditions of space

Then Minus one atmosphere of negative energy growth has not stopped because of the amount of negative energy photons are winning more and more powerful collisions produced.

The atmosphere minus two field followed by the formation of a sharp distancing the minus four, minus five, etc. and increase the value of the value of three hundred atmospheres have been lost.

The demarcation is sharp, because the negative energy can only be obtained in some of the the minus one atmosphere is difficult to go, the higher levels, however, the process becomes so powerful that all the values ​​at a jump.

The individual levels are stable in vacuum, because the larger vacuum can not breathe in the vacuum of less value as works in reverse, as the positive space, where a growing appreciation of the vacuum suction is created.

The levels of total value of a jump, you might have, because the same energy levels between the repulsive force enters it, and when the magnetic repulsion is such that photons moving away from each other more than doubled, the minus the atmosphere will double in value as well.

Thus, the magnetic repulsion between the photons is increased, the vacuum phase, but the same proportion of moderate growth, more and higher level of negative atmosphere.

The negative energy photons always come with their level of a field farther and farther, then the rate of decline in energy levels move in the opposite direction, and again rising to minus one atmosphere, where the lower-energy photons with a negative impact as a result of re-turning from left to right positive energy cycle beginning to win, so we will enrich our world with the touch of a set of photons.

The atmosphere of the sea the minus three hundred and eleven thousand feet deep most depth of three hundred and measurable positive value compensates for atmospheric pressure, since magnetic repulsion occurs between them, no smoking, no pressure can not be created.

The two field concourse of this effect operates as a room divider, but a fully absorbed, but completely flat material along a mm. The vacuum space the minus two square values ​​of operating parts, fully integrated into the same sea, but opposite in sign to the pressure values ​​is one part of space.

Why is it that a four hundred meter atmosphere increases the pressure in the deeper parts towards the sea, most of the lower atmospheric pressure of three hundred and three hundred feet wide layer.

The same pressure and vacuum values ​​operating in space slices of coexistence of complete stability for well distance ourselves from each other, we could say it is that the spatial stability of the insurer magnetic field balancing interaction was created by accident, self excitation process is. The seas and oceans, from the level of two meters up in the atmosphere-foot band of 0.5 atmospheres pressure signals, four hundred meters below the sea, even two atmospheres.

The minus of each wavelength of the entrance, two meters from the ground up in the atmosphere begins and a half meter wide zone, all indicate a 0.5 meter atmospheric pressure.

The who left in this band crossing, from the photon of body that pressure value can attract and forth, then the vacuum sucks. Those who are frightened of offending their lives, stopped the voluntary energy to turn back, scare, horrifies, hurt by the massive body. The pendulum, or silico-equipped TV channel transmission through, ask for help at this time, minus some wavelengths from existing.

The negative and positive energy fields operated by the parallels - simplistic explanations

We have already mentioned, the positive energy that prevents the formation of negative energy. The positive-energy particles generated by the pressure produced by the bloc. As time passed by, however, the atomic mass loss as a result of loose weathered photons acquired pressure, the curved space, conforming to the spherical shape, the opposite direction, I hereby, migrated from right to left, so that three hundred and sixty degrees have been described. The progress of the particles in the opposite direction of rotation to return to its original position when switched to opposite line, so it was spinning to the left when viewed in the right hand side.

The ongoing mass loss, so the photons are constantly circulating. The left set of spinning photons suction effect on the right-spinning particles and recovering the resultant shapes. The particles are always described by an imaginary circle, and always come back to the original position, the positive-energy particles recorded against operating structure. As the most densely occurring photons set of the most compact layout added atoms are attracted magnetically to the lower density, however, the corresponding lower magnetic attraction of positive energy working parts are attracted there, so the original arrangement with come back, just opposite spin.

Our right to our website this perceived power vacuum, but exists in that space photon pressure-bodied people perceive as their constituent photons from right to left spin. Our body making all the electron spins in turn from left to right, and we also feel under pressure. If we approach the other leftist world, minus one and two atmospheres of the massive body is not going to snort it at least ten atmospheres pressure would be required, the higher-energy operating in a vacuum space from us away from the sea depth in parallel are located, or the high density representing inner core are held magnetic equilibrium.

The easiest way to imagine if you were able to detect both space where with the left spin and with the right spin formations created by spinning particles would be equally visible to us, then we could see a three times larger than the Earth is currently perceived. The two different wavelengths operating space areas close to each other to bind, I would see that the sea's depths, and the Earth's core in addition, closely linked deuterium oceans sit, the less dense land with magnetic thread convolutions would provide the connection to the oceans. Since, we are unable to particles formed by the left-hand rotation to perceive the world, their sight is skipped, and only the right-hand rotation of particles built up by the detail of the possible universe we see it.

It can be concluded that the Universe is spherical cavity in at least three hundred times more space that we felt square. Black holes are on the other side also, there are left-solar systems, which are twice the planets formed right worlds belong, therefore, and the large negative energies working spaces that are up to three hundred atmospheres negative energy exist, so only the three-hundredth part you can see the entire universe.

From the left photon world may pass us easily with the photon body of people, because the movie made ​​about them, the body cut out figures, which are themselves used spacesuit arm.

Into hiding, right 52/minute speed spin themselves up in two seconds, and during this they form photons in the direction of rotation is the right way has become such when their sight is removed from the usual minus some wavelengths of the world, only the right particles formed by spatial detail sense, that is the employer, we also customize the maps.
People also may pass through a similar technique, from positrons produced the spacesuit, the left direction scrolls every two seconds up to 52 rev / min. Preparation of from positrons the spacesuit is very possible! Postal System of the Universe, however, this does not allow a very long time.

The left side of the Universe, black holes, from advanced civilizations of positrons forming atoms are produced in advanced space instruments. Seamlessly cross the universe right, positrons created in spacesuit clad invisibility go - come among us, merely out of curiosity, are highly intelligent and benign, there is no fear from them.

The space pressure measuring device

Space is very sensitive to measure the pressure measuring instrument is required is a weak measurement of negative energy and its change should be demonstrated.
Central area should be placed in a touch of a thin membrane, which was destroyed in a larger breed of dog in the eye cornea. But because the cornea can not be attached to nothing, to respond adequately to changes in pressure and temperature, so the dog in the whole eye balls to be used for this purpose. Unfortunately, no other option is to perform accurate measurements. At room temperature, that is twenty degrees Celsius dented the cornea, and in this state, the geometric center of the concave part of a five-inch goose feathers from a small horn deprived segments with two-component silicone glue sticks there.

The end of segments from small pen made ​​of polyurethane on it exactly fits small tube is drawn, which is ten inches and is filled with ink.
Then, the rear side of the eyeball, with a two-component silicone adhesive mm - and cross-bonded glass.

A fifty foot ten inch wide paper roll spindle turns sixteen hours must be placed on the paper roll and the other end of the opposite, also sixteen hours a turning spindle to be pulled into a direction opposite to the first turn, it will automatically pull the coil itself.
The polyurethane tube end hole to 0.1mm in order to be able to leave a trace of ink on paper. The end of the pen to the paper exactly fit.

The eyeball just before use should fit into the structure, functioning as only fresh, frozen and preserved prohibited!

When placed in a vacuum chamber, minus two hundred and seventy-one degrees Kelvin, or absolute zero degrees, this time minus one atmosphere of pressure in the chamber, the cornea is fully stretched, and this will indicate the ink. The ink to prevent freezing of the liquid nitrogen must be evenly divided. The calibration is thus finished.

The operation to perform is necessary that the space in order to assess changes caused by a planet in the avoidance of sun rays. How much of the increased pressure and temperature, how much positive energy to the planet caused by the release of recycling?

The vacuum chamber used for calibration of the eyeball to another must be replaced as a result of the negative energy of the cornea has lost its elasticity.

For more information, contact Postal System of the Universe.

The vacuum of space and positive space with each other to demonstrate continuous circulation of equipment

First, a vacuum cleaner to be made ​​suitable for the negative energy generated by guarding against frost. The cover, both inside and outside of two mm thick PVC and Teflon coating to cover the spread at the end with fullerene also two mm thick.

We will need a twenty-two inches in diameter four feet long drive cross-cm rubber tube with smooth surface. The one end of the suction pipe section and the other end of the air-pressure area to fit exactly. The Cable is perfect for air relief pipe after the most minimal gap to avoid, it is pourable liquid PVC, Teflon and one layer of the conduct we can reach it.

The blow and suction portion of a shut-off devices must be designed so that the tube should be opened and closed without moving, is now called the photoelectric cell of the device is more suitable for most purposes. The rubber tube with a mm thick insulation of PVC, with fullerene will involve. The vacuum tube is generated map to counteract the pressure from components of two-meter section, with non-stick is involved.

In each layer with twenty pieces of pipe pressure sensor is bonded, two-component silicone adhesive. The pressure sensors must be calibrated so that all the atmospheric pressure plus or minus ten ten atmosphere alert. The manometers with PVC, with fullerene, and the rain-stick layer vacuum space is protected. The numbers cover sheet may be heat-resistant glass only. The vacuum in the tube during operation of the twenty-inch sections as a jump in the atmosphere pressure, so there are twenty-inch pipe detail of a pressure gauge to be bonded.

The current changes in the tube pumped into a five-mm cross-cm-long iron is illustrated guides. All twenty-one-inch section - in one cost aspect. The exact location to a selected piece of iron gall magnet is placed, and as a leader prepared to five cm thick wire, which is two-component silicone glue smeared, we allow the path space of the tube. The slick on the outside magnet attracts exactly under him, the silicone adhesive is set to the place from the inside. Every single guide this process is repeated.

The flow of electrons will add friction to the drivers the friction due to the energy levels of electrons increases, which take over the surrounding photons, it will radiate, or electrical discharges occur. The higher the pressure the higher the radiation, so an increase in pressure in the atmosphere is also a current which will increase with ampere. A one-amp current atmosphere within the atmosphere of two two, and so on

If you push the negative energy range, the vacuum energy is negative and no photons in the discharge caused by compaction but also positrons together, because the electrons are already in rotation in the left direction.

The current measured in this case you can from twenty minus ten plus ten ampere ampere meter must be calibrated and glued to the tube every twenty-centimeter section of record. The measuring instruments for pressure measurement with the same insulation and fire resistant glass to be coated, the ammeter indicator magnet produced.

The experiment can begin the suction inlet or discharge line by blocking both the input part. If we closed suction tube, the positive-energy space to start with the negative energy is obtained after the demonstration of working space. The pressure pipe closed at the state, as a starting position, prevents the formation of the negative energy of the positive.

In both cases, we can go out of ten atmosphere, both positive and negative territory.
If all edited together with the pressure and amp meter is a unit of both negative and positive changes indicate the direction of the gradual formation of two compartments, and the transition to the continuity of each other.

The two opposite field causing the vacuum chamber

One meter by one meter, with Teflon-coated vacuum chamber lower part of the middle part we maintain a vacuum cleaner nozzle plugged twenty inches in diameter, with two cross-cm automotive rubber hose. The atmospheric pressure with a gradual increase up to ten atmospheres You will find that the vacuum chamber will be separated into three areas. The left part of twenty times twenty-inch vacuum space as a function of increasing negative pressures are placed on the meter can measure the pressure and heat, outside the chamber so that the displays are used. The middle part of half a meter between the two types of energy separation in place, so this space will remain set to zero the measuring devices. The rightmost map details the positive energy vacuum isolation chamber details will be attached to the measuring instruments will be indicated by the positive pressure values​​.

The ten atmospheric pressure is reached, the vacuum must be switched off, the spaces are on the exchange will change, as long as the atmosphere is a step by step not breathe the air. The meter is on, we see that the two opposite space varies, so sometimes positive, sometimes negative in the range of values ​​shown. It sucks without the process indefinitely.

The spaces opposite necessity, the seas, atmosphere, land surface porous layer in maintaining stability

The negative space and positive energy of the same field of opposite sign, and the same area over.
If you can not keep balance each other in space, the Earth's rotation on water resources, the atmosphere, the most dusty surface parts toward the sun, magnetic yarns attracted to the atoms in the direction of rotation is constantly dragged themselves. As a result, the riverbeds of water at the same time, few could keep it as ever-larger circles for the Earth's surface would be. The atmosphere would be in constant motion because with the magnet threads would worm constantly, steady atmospheric storms, would characterize of the Earth's atmosphere.

The most porous surface layers of dust storms would stirring, stuck to in the magnet threads of atoms the Earth's axis of rotation would together twist. All these conditions would make it impossible for the emergence of life.

The two opposite sign space each other for suspension, preventing he magnet threads continuous rotation around the axis together to drags out, and so peaceful, safe and balanced of stability is created.

The storms of Jupiter because of the above causes. Mars and Pluto humble atmosphere does not create a great atmospheric storms, but the dust storms are common. They have been seen in rivers and oceans, because the resulting water, immediately plunged the planet's rotation. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune planets even started production by the positive energy, so there is no negative energy excitation created space, air - and dust storms are continuous.