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The brain - Smoking is harmful to neutralize


The brain

The images from outside world in terms of gluon mediated spherical surface of the heart, attracted a small delay with picture of mental symbols, or electron patterns.
The electrons strike the cerebral first and then the marrow into the stock attractive and great power conflict with the gluon spherical image of the corresponding side. The image associated with detecting mental reflex.
The brain structure of the particles at the level of study. The brain is a very large gluon content, and most of the cerebral cortex. In the cortical part quarks, electrons, ie the gluon turning out parts arranged so great an attraction to the stimulus may not be functioning as the electron parts of the gluon. On arriving in the cortex gluon content of electrons increases the magnetism, and the crust's magnetic field creates a big attraction, the attraction of the electrons in five sets of electron μ diameter spheres are created.

The electrons are attracted close to each other, the electrons are bent inward parts gluon is not attracted to their own parts to gluon, as long as it establishes the electron sphere. The medulla is the pulp stock through a spherical form, are attracted to, and strike with great force, gluon proper sphere of thought patterns in place, next to image of thought, who breaks the code corresponding to the idea, that is, electron sample.

The water content of cortical population is less than the pulp stock, as in the cortex of the water molecules, electrons farther stocks fall away slopes their electrons. The cell water content and the electron orbits is determined by distance.

The convolutions of the brain, the electrons hit the scenes, you can easily slip into the recesses. The more intricate the brain, the more electrons reach impact, that is, the more you use someone's brain, the more intricate is because the electrons deepen the grooves, so the wisdom measure of degree of convolutions.

The larger brain volume larger brain capacity, but only in the event will be smarter, if a high degree of convolutions. Receptor in the brain is working, and right atrium of the heart chambers knots underneath consciousness server. The frontal lobe has higher-order thinking skills, but they manage the centers consciousness come into play.

If you want to talk, or to learn out loud consciousness start a journey electron model, activate the speech center of lips and tongue moving frontal lobe is responsible for the speech center, and you can start the communication range of movement. Ourselves to memorize the evening, there is no role of any of the frontal lobe.

The same is true of emotions. If emotions trigger electron flow of samples begins with the first sample will activate most of the mimetic muscles, eye movements, more channels in the frontal lobe. The brain is the only body responsible for co-ordinated the operation, but is not able to think independently, to the initiation of voluntary movements, the mind can only be set in motion the process is geared to maintain. The end of the sense of action determined by the flow of electrons in samples of hostilities.

Hearing aid center in the temporal lobe is not as an amplifying device of the ear, hearing and feeling the mental part of the heart is formed. The ear drum with an electron impacts the gain first phase, the second into the auditory ossicle-bracket - hammers, impact, and the third in the inner ear of your sensor tag and into the liquid slam, and finally in the snail is in the curves of accumulation induced high strength to each other through collisions with the spectrum and into the consciousness with the arrival of a large number of vibrations, the powerful electron-induced formation of a good sense of hearing.

If any part of the amplifier system is damaged, poor hearing or deafness occurs. They are already genetically damaged cells as previously described in planting method, a progressive hearing loss with optic magnetic therapy methods can be restored.

The genesis of atherosclerosis in the sense of hearing plays no role, so the hearing can not be rectified with a vessel dilation. The auditory ossicle removal of calcification is suitable for MRI, magnetic resonance tomography. Four hours a day for two weeks to be attached to the ear pinna, the calcareous sediments deposited on the resonance effect becomes detached from the ossicle. The tinnitus is actually coming from the brain, and nothing to do with the ears, the feeling associated with the ear, but an indication of the mind. The buzzing is caused by calcification of blood vessels in the brain. The MRI - in two years, a daily hour in the middle of forehead to be accompanied by the resonance from here spread to the brain of all this. Two years resonate in the lime content, decomposes quarks, then builds again, as part of a new cell.

The eardrum is damaged optic magnetic therapy can re-create. The body surface per minute with a magnet in attracting magnet wire, three minutes shall be transmitted to the inner ear. Two months later the new eardrum will provide normal hearing.

If the ear canal is too narrow, it is also from the body surface attracted with magnetically fibers again to form . On the magnet in wire to the ear in place and hold it for two minutes. Attracted to two minutes. Honey, milk, fat, ointment is prepared. The milk powder is mixed with milk, so enrich the protein of the quark file. With Peel ears thick coat the ear canal, then through a thin cloths hair dryer heat to half a minute.

The heating in the ointment, increase your energy level of the quarks. Then take off the cloth, and twenty-five minutes to go to bed, the treated ear always be facing. Twenty-five minutes build the quarks and the corresponding cross section of services is created. Every day for one month to repeat. The ointment was washed off thoroughly after each treatment. A month later expands to normal in the ear canal.

To the sensor hair magnetically fibers of access time of five minutes, the blood nutrients are then re-trained, and a month after the sensor from hearing loss due to the fault location is.

The loss of inner ear fluid of the magnet fiber in a five-minute access time, and a month later, the normal amount of fluid is available, the hearing will be restored.
Healing of broken ear spiral, the magnet fiber in of access time six minutes, and two months to regenerate, then the hearing will be perfectly good.

The autonomic function is responsible for the spinal cord, in a sense are beyond the control of involuntary movements, the fakirs and yogis, and others are impostors.
The brain and body size ratios follow each other, a small body in proportion to smaller brain size characteristic

The brain of the ring-worms on the development of the nervous ganglia was created so that each developmental stage with a quark is also increased by mutations known to science series came to life and linked to the power grid. The brain volume can not be increased, the mean peak of development, with major gaps in the most energy-bedroom closed off, no larger than the other planets living in civilized societies is similar to the typical size.

The cortex - and the stock medulla structure of the brain the level of particles

The brain is made up from a globulin proteins. The structure is loose pulp stock, because the globulin nuclei surrounded by oxygen nuclei. The oxygen atoms and the hydrogen nuclei embrace. The globulin is one step higher power level, such as oxygen, hydrogen is represented with a higher energy level, such as oxygen. Atoms of the water molecule in a strong magnetic affinity to globulins nuclei, with the result in hydrate shells around their closure, it is very loose marrow stock is formed.
The water atoms electrons globulins atoms of electrons, the process progresses, more and pushed, and finally the crust file to form an electron tracks, so will the crust stock denser, because the electron motorways will be squeezed in and out of shifted electrons here and there, and accumulate. The skull bones do not reach through a dense stand of as the energy levels do not allow this. So, the beginning of embryonic development, has a stock into two distinct kinds of brain, cortex - and pulp stock will

Smoking is harmful to neutralize

The amino peptidase enzyme called three times a day, two grams of the recovery of the nicotine disarm. The enzyme is a small amount of ethyl alcohol to and nicotine amine as disconnected. Nicotine which the organization's stock of enriched amino acid protein, which will be built the cells, the ethanol is excreted in the urine. Smoking does not cause cancer because it does not have a powerful impact to produce electrons.

Alcoholism is a powerful healing

Enriched in the blood ethanol component parts can be easily broken, So that at least two weeks, three times a day oral dose of 2g dehydrogenase enzyme, and oxygen masks are used daily for four hours.

From the ethyl alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme hydrogens releases, and with the injected oxygen water molecules are formed. With the method ethyl alcohol of carbon atoms of due to their strong magnetically carbon chains merge, the water was not related with oxygen, and with hydrogen glucose unit. The water dilutes the blood slightly, so the sooner it is consumed in the glucose and ethyl alcohol molecules are more and more subject to demolition and transformation. By the end of the treatment of alcohol dependence will no longer feel the patient, but the decline can occur if you do not change the habits.