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The "dark matter" is evidence of


Proper lighting conditions, where a translucent formations can be seen in the air, everyone can experience the reality exists as yet unexplored. The universe is a miracle, which has not yet dealt with the science. Our understanding of the kind of information for entry in and out of supplies, stores and organizes and transmits the information to another frequency, which then disappeared from sight. Wealth of information to convey, so I think that it is likely that three-dimensional film flows at over there. Nice, sunny day, not on the network, but their circulating photons bright flashing, constant blinking constantly amazed hunt

The wave nature of information, that comprises all photons, including the ongoing relationship.
It is likely, the thinking, creativity, imagination is crucial in the creation of significance, are the unknown material made ​​up of magical wonders.

The photon is the part that does not participate in the training of information, you are way excitation, network develops itself from the mass without weight and material, which is the science "of dark matter as a" mention.

Information encoding, decoding, thinking of the establishment

The moment of birth until death we learn continuously. A baby learns to perceive the reality, you're thinking about, gather information, and sorts. Any influx of electrons detected at the appropriate receptors. The right of the relay node VENTRICULAR particle in a sphere provides a gluon, which does not have weight and mass, the "dark matter in a different type of magnetic properties through the signs are attracted to you. The gluon, a spherical surface, electrons, according to a pattern on top of another stick. The samples of the basic units of information.

The information collection, consolidation and mechanical engraving process is equal, is not in a logical way of thinking, just the basics of thinking patterns. The more tiny size of the sample is deposited one above the other, the greater will be this "information stamp" for the copper. The spherical surface in all directions constantly imprinted on the orderly flow of particles. This process is called encoding.

When you start thinking, electrons flow from consciousness, that is, the self excitation by gluons created through nano-sized 'equipment coding. "The shock wave-like electrons, for the first time the brain waves of excitation to the right and left hemispheres, separately, into a gluon encoder.

When an electron arrives, high energy, he hits the gluons to the part where the corresponding information model is, at this moment, who cleaves the particles to the sample, which is information content corresponds, in fact, the electron is the part shape therefore carries the information. This process is called decoding.

The remaining electrons are part of the burst as a result, more collisions are going through, and you are completely massless excitation in weight and materials created, which is developing the information network. In this network the flow of electrons torn patterns, which makes their's can ensure the smooth flow of information, since there can be no confusion.

For ease of clarity, it should be imagined as a ball-shaped "hole punch machine," which is located on the surface billions of samples, not only in the machine works, but keep hitting electrons in all directions to ensure the "punch".

The gluon button, the information is transported in two directions. The other frequencies must be some kind of relay has magnet. The air can be seen that the tubules, small spheres are united, they can be in the distribution centers. Hence the information in the three-dimensional movies may create, on the other hand, the place where the land is managed Universe.

The second frequency information contained in customer gluon spherical surface flow of information carrier electrons, the same arrangement as providing the information gluons were pattern corresponds to the tax gluon pattern of human knowledge and experience increase, more and more filled the sphere surface, higher and higher level becomes the electronic information of samples.

The body is the death of all of the information, that the human mind, will be the customer gluons.
The network can take place, the thought processes, creativity, imagination of actions, because here it is possible to sample many different variations of the interconnection, and the more information is available to anyone to become more connected, held to gain a sense of fit. The imaginative images displayed, the network opens up channels of the three-dimensional film direction, and the thought of the corresponding three-dimensional frame is coupled.

Gloomy weather, when it falls, it is clear that surrounds our heads in the network, and when you turn it somewhere, you move with us in the tubules. (Considered to be a bit up.) The thinner the neck down, and somewhere in the middle of the body disappears. Here in the heart leads to somewhere.

The two-dimensional computer system, all in the same way. Since the silicon, graphite, quartz, dense materials contain many gluons, as a result of magnetic gluons attract the low-density containing smaller particles. The processor makes the material is magnetized to attract the signals.

The difference between the two is that the lattice gluons connected to each other, thus occupying the space dimension one, so two-dimensional computer system can be established.
Networking is also similar to the two spatial direction can take place.

we accept the fact that the computer is thinking up the command, based on the above we can draw the conclusion, it becomes unnecessary to use digital signals. Upon reflection, be it man or machine, the chemicals released by the characteristic pattern left on the surface of the gluons, which are already operating as a code.
This ingenious self excitation coding technique is impossible to surpass.

The very beginning

Once upon a spherical magnetic gluon, which attracted top existence of photons, even as many magnetic resonance to bring about in the Big Bang was not a big bang!

he resonance due to quarks, photons has been, but since magnetic properties were acquired for adhering to them, is also split by the gluons, photons were soon back together. Each photon number in a different vibration up into different energy levels.

The same energy level of photons row resolved, the first line of soon lost energy loss is therefore a level below was in the middle pushing the line ahead, and then chain reaction like this shot walked down the first thing that the increased energy surplus picked up, so jumped on the a higher energy level.

The first row then lost energy of the last, the moment when the lower energy level, in the middle of pushing ahead, and then again swept through the chain reaction analysis, increasing the energy level of the first row, again jumped up higher energy level. This process is repeated throughout the line, as long as the original impulse to not close. The process applies to all power lines as a series of 2-2 is required to maintain the cycle. To illustrate, I show in a spiral motion.

But why I wrote this down? The answer is simple: it could be the operating principle of black holes.
Left turn up the photons, the left circular twist, and when it reaches the appropriate speed, suction effect on the rest of photons to an inflow into the black hole.

he black hole acts like a particle accelerator. Includes a large amount of photons due to constant conflict.

The two-photon collisions due to a huge power slam each other to fuse. Thus, weight gain, quanta are formed. But the other side of the photon can precipitate another photon, which is no longer able to unite with, encapsulate each other only when pushing sticks together. The whole process is called fusion

The grip from the moment we can talk about the dual properties of particles: particles and waves as well as well. Such properties of particles when passed through a double split, the obstacle of a split.

The photon pairs of particles with their mass was not able to get through the black hole, do not have enough momentum, collisions due to pile up, then turn right back and spun the spinning black hole. Each particle was connected to a third photon mass.

The way of further particles

Once the particles have left the black hole, filled with high-energy, high density located next to, collide into each other again, the crowd was photons, that is, quanta, quantum, hot nuclear fusion occurs, creating a proton. The photons, the quanta which adhered to radiate. The proton-proton fusion results in the formation of helium nucleus, two helium nuclei is the proton mass.

This process is like chain reaction takes place.
For more collisions due to increased energy levels due to the proton fusion can reach up to eight mass number.
The different energy levels, the photon pairs are formed of members of various radiations.

The larger mass number to reach higher power levels must be representative of the protons, heat fusion event, the first low-energy processes are carried out, the process heat required for fusion processes provide greater energy, greater energy needs.

In the Sun, all the atoms formed, including oxygen, the magnetic lines of force formed from gluons and ensure that the arrangement of densities.
The water could be developed on Earth, each component was given for the Sun occurring processes allow the atoms to the emergence of the gluons is, a relationship made ​​possible the water molecule within the atoms between which the living to the formation indispensable.

For me, proved not to comets and asteroids delivered water to Earth.
The emitted photons can be included into the black hole, you can get it, because there is no mass, energy level is sufficient to obtain another frequency.

this self-generating computer system, the most important program in terms of particles of different energy levels.

The corresponding energy levels of particles interact, creating different systems, the systems will interact with each other.
The second most important moments in your relationship based on induced magnetism-based interaction systems, whether alive or dead in that system.

The other side of a black hole

The photons in the black hole, and half will turn back into quantum and spin out swinging to the right to organize atoms in the Sun.
The photons in the other half, however, easily passes into the black hole to right - left direction of rotation is added, and spinning to the left, filled with great energy arriving on the other side.
The high photon density, spin left, another black hole to kick in, because it means a large gluon density, during the great magnetic attraction is generated. I could say that you are excited to create itself. As the black hole grows, the more photons in the heart.

In the black hole collisions to occur, where the photons, only one other outer shells penetrate into contiguous photon pairs are formed. Filled with great energy coming out and a new thickening occurs, counterclockwise rotation of conflicts, as a consequence of the photon pair merges with another member of photon pairs with a member, so there has not generated proton but deuterium, which is basically boson.

In the following, the deuterium collide, and when it occurs in the proton, the deuterium-photon pairs on either side, the merger due to radiate. The protons of this process as a result, there is a piece of frayed, which has a left spin direction, they are called positrons, which emitted the photon pair followed.

The atoms are further increased weight as well as on our side, the energy level is increased gain, which is increasingly taking place in fusion processes provide.

Life on this earth were formed, the same people, like us, only more slowly the process of becoming human, so there is now the center of development of human civilization corresponds to the age. Unfortunately, the spin of particles left insurmountable obstacles in the way of personal contact before. Up to quantum computers come into contact with them, approx. two hundred years later, when they reach the age of quantum computing. The society develops faster there than here, more quickly achieve new scientific results

As the sun in the case of deuterium to deliver the fusion processes, starting from which we can draw the conclusion that the nuclear reactor, with deuterium more easily you can start nuclear fusion, the maintenance of solution can be easily, if the reactor interior with fullerene involve. The fullerene magnetic and thermal properties of magnetic sticks to them because of plenty of photons, gluons have more photons bound themselves by providing the "raw material" is simple, but a great permanent recharge.

The artificial black hole

If a five-meter-diameter electromagnet 700 TeV is placed under tension, and about half a meter inlet hole to make it, then it flows into the weight and material of the massless photon. Such voltages can access the speed of light boxes, such as black holes, and photons, photons penetrating shells to each other win. It is important to rotate to the left until you reach the speed of light box. These pairs of photons to transfer reactor to drive, and fusion of deuterium, ie bosons occurs only under these conditions ensure that in practice realize Einstein's famous equation E = m x c2

The natural black holes of the square of the speed of light particles corresponding impulse boil and shape of the solar operation photons radiated from the speed of light speed, the other devoted to the pulse of the merger.

The reactor, as the sun continued use of the energy from an artificial black hole, so we can obtain not only deuterium but also huge opportunities for energy efficiency.

The internal wall of reactor and magnetic insulation shall be coated with fullerene.
The deuterium spilled at sea for oil decontamination, as heavier than water, pour in the oil patch when it seeks to sink left, while the right destroy oil patch, as the two cancel each other in the direction of rotation.

How to defend the Earth against the threat of asteroid impacts?

he Universe as encompass the tracks of the magnetic field lines. The asteroids and other heavenly bodies that operate, otherwise they could not because weight substances not only mass , so they would float in the surrounding space. The gravity there is no evidence and never will, but the well-known fact that the quark - gluon plasma was the initial material. I do not understand why our science is still insisting, Newton's findings age, because, since then a number of contradictory evidence accurately present our scientists revealed to the world
The gluon properties, all subjects Universe "fans" know, and did not attach more importance to him. Postal System of the Universe without gravity, believing I'd be happy, but now I understand the logic of the universe clean, so I truely represent the most important science "altar" of the Postal System.

The power lines, high speed of small planets can be recovered. A-60t digs asteroid impact, it is possible to prevent 20 tons iron ore, lodestone is not suitable, but correspond to different types When the asteroid a thousand miles away from us, in front of the spray path, this quantity is about. 2 km long, a space plane. Derail the planet, from swing to the right, while rotating, until the impulse loses, then stops and will float in a vacuum. asteroid the size is increased, the quantity of iron and throw you into the distance.

Threat is constantly present, so it would not hurt to think about the universe created the currently accepted theory. If for no other reason than to avoid disasters.