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Stem cells use


Stem cells use

The only genetic disorders due to other reasons, healthy stem cells from individual therapy may be charged. All genetic disorder, this method can be restored. All progressive-minded doctor that his conscience, through the pendulum, contact the Managing System, for specific cases require specific instructions! I am writing in knowledge dissemination purposes, the deeper, more detailed look for knowledge of management systems, all outlined in order to develop disease cures accurate!

In broad outline, what does it mean for people to cast me a wonderful feeling, knowing you do not have to, hereinafter referred to as no one suffers a random genetic error of "suffering from birth."

It is difficult to distinguish which one is causing the most grief, only to tell his life bitter.

The Siamese twins: The adhesions to the place that still has to be achieved under the skin stem cells in the dermis should be planted. The cell formation, necrosis causes the cells involved in growing up, while the new cells, the energy levels are gradually reduced. Slowly around. a year, is separated in the fused part of the body, head, legs, arms, back, etc.. If one of their members from the rudimentary, with additional stem cell transplantation can completely recover, as described below under.

Vestigial limbs: the hand or foot layer of the dermis into the geometric center of the stem cells, flawless limbs developed. The legs are broken energy is lower than the normal limb, the formation of stem cells, the normal level. In one year, half the length of limbs blessed to normal changes.

Distorted faces: the tip of the dermis layer of the geometric means of implanted stem cells, two years, a perfect face and form. The human face of a normal, healthy energy levels characteristic of the distorted faces a lower energy level of cells. The cells are formed long before this is reached, that is a regular face is created.

Deformed skulls: the geometric center of the forehead bone implanted stem cells, in two years resulting in normal skull shape. The hole should be drilled into the bone spur, which is 1 cm deep and 0.5 cm in diameter.

The fingers, toes normal number of place-making: the excess new geometric center of the dermis layer placed on stem cells divide stimulate necrosis induce extra fingers, while the newly formed cells gradually die off, because eventually energy levels lose. The process for one year.

Born without ears: Where in the ear canal should be placed in the center of the stem cells under the skin. The ears develop so because the healthy cells, only the energy levels tab features all of the development achieved by healthy ears.

Dwarf stature: results from genetic reasons, not the growth hormone causes decreased production!
A foot in each of the two - a stem cell is less than five years, the body's normal energy levels, that is characteristic of the individual body size.

Gigantism: from gene mutations also comes from a broken piece of quarks, it attracted a normal quark piece. In the case of dwarf stature broke off a tiny part. Feet planted geometric center of the dermis layers of the stem cells. For example, the two and a half meters of body size in two years to reach normal levels. The body is a higher power level than the normal size, reproductive led cells, energy levels, a gradual loss of delivery of the somatic cells of higher energy level and then over time the excess energy to cast and will take over the somatic cells of all the energy of until the normal, healthy energy levels are reached.

During the process, all the old cells replaced, and the newly formed cells take over the functions of their predecessors. The large size of power cells in the normal cell size of 75% can reach. The normal energy levels, defined typical cell size.

Due to genetic causes of intellectual disability: the geometric center of the frontal lobe, the surface divided into stem cells fully corrected the problem. The frontal bone, a hole must be cut through these grants may be made.
Other regional genetic brain injuries, the brain abnormalities underlying geometric center of the surface area is placed on stem cell help.

The stem cells and fibers of the magnetic terms of use

The missing back legs buried, and all flesh shall rectify the irregularities on the surface, which does not damage the genetic results of the magnetic fibers pumped into the process and start to accelerate.

The regeneration of missing body parts or materials required to be provided once a day. The outer surface of the socket should be spread a layer of fat, then a layer of milk occurs, and finally a layer of honey. The three types of organic matter found in all the quark model, which builds up the human body.

After smeared, loosely cover it with a soft thin cloth, the cloth is very suitable, and a half minutes to heat hair dryer. The part of the body by heat and raise the energy level of the nutrient, so that the magnetic attraction to be stronger and the magnetic threads, it attracted one of the gluons in the duplication of the cell opened.

Twenty-five minutes to lie down, without any covering of the hair dryer with hot air is needed to protect against the coverage, then you do not need. The half-minute heating time limit should not be exceeded because of the nutrients their electrons to the electron path is too far to leave because of the higher energy levels, and therefore increases the attraction in time. The twenty-five minutes all the high-energy electron occupies a place in the magnetic fibers, attracted by their ability to order, just the same as the original cell had. The cell multiplication lasts until the missing parts of the body energy level drops, so once the treatment is given until the full extent of reaching parts of the body. As a rule, only once a day, then washed and re-start the next day.

In order to prevent infection, wound talcum powder to be sprayed, each time after.
Necrosis of bone formation occurred again and stop the progress of the method is also suitable.
For example, necrosis of the hip, the pain of external radiation from affecting the place of blankets, ten inches in diameter circle bounded part, carry out the above issues, to be described.

Due to genetic reasons, the external body surface defects initiate the regeneration of healthy stem cells from individuals entering required. Stem cell definition tradition rather reflects the fact that you want to make up for healthy legs, or ears, eyes, throat, etc.. aseptically excised in a single cell will activate the cells multiplying.
The extremities of the bone cells implanted into one of the remaining part of the geometric center of the end.

The ears, the ear pinna of a cell in the eye of the eye cavity inner surface of a cell in the silence of the elimination of a single cell in one of the cartilage over the planted genetically damaged individuals to the same place from which the donor has been removed. The stem cells after transplantation of healthy cell replication will start. The increase in energy levels, nutrient supplementation, the fibers of the magnet at the end of treatment the same way as described below.

The internal organs, teeth and the magnetic filaments in the cell therapy and the blood carries the nutrients to the target location, but the donor cells derived from the same cell as that we want to change. The magnetic fibers in the skin's surface before the benefits, the part is heated for two minutes, which is located opposite to repairing the internal organs. The teeth in the mouth with a cloth covered with hairdryer heat, but only a half minutes. Since the magnetic filaments then immediately be sent, only two can be carried out successfully. The magnetic surface skin fibers to the recovery, and on time allowance, has previously been discussed. For example, the teeth, the magnetic attraction fibers in time for ten minutes, then immediately begin heating.

Vacuuming orthopedic diseases

And now again follows a startling cure, here to hold on before you start!
Flat feet, hip dislocation, scoliosis, humpback, and any inconvenience resulting from the move of your bones soon become something of the past. The bones are abnormally connected to the vacuum, that is, the less energy to maintain, and again in the original energy level of benefits for the disorder from their original, healthy energy level results in the attraction.

Hip dislocation case, tire, using cross-3cm, short pants make airtight. The air relief cut to ensure you lock sticky rubber to be manufactured. An hour-1atm vacuum is reached, the hips should be perfectly in the vacuum. Another hour later, you have to stand the atmospheric pressure. Hiding out from the rubber suit, we see that it was gone, the hip dislocation. We need very slowly for an hour to get in-1atm pressure, because this time the air-separated parts of the body is diminished energy levels, and reduced operating mode will be further work.

The blood flow in the vessels is gradually slowing down, life will take place features a lower power level. The medical transportation back to normal energy levels, are also slow to be solved in under an hour. The patient would feel much pain without anesthesia, only the anesthesia used for surgery to be insufficient to avoid the pain.

In the case of flat feet 3cm cross-car rubber boots will be manufactured to provide free air, it also provides special self adhesive tire. The first method is the same, one hour vacuuming, an hour of returning to atmospheric pressure.

The humpback and Treatment of scoliosis requires a tight rubber vest, the method is the same as those described above.
The orthopedic medical specialists dealing with the precise details of the acquisition of knowledge in order to locate Postal System of the Universe!

Hormone disorders

Stress, physical activity increases blood pressure, increased blood pressure, more blood is carried in the blood more and more hormones, hormones that cause hypertrophy. Proper way of life can be restored. The low pressure results in less blood flow, hormone deficiency. Physical education, moderate physical strain to be eliminated.

Not to be confused with the narrowing of blood vessels caused by high blood pressure disease, and vascular dilatations induced low blood pressure, which is the proper amount of oxygen is not triggered.

Most abortion is less dangerous

The large gluon content of spider silk, has a higher energy level than the human body, so the body is very strong attraction. If a 1 cm diameter, smooth, lacquered finish by the end of wooden sticks placed in a 15 cm diameter piece of spider silk, and the embryo placed in her curls, and cutting off the oxygen, and then one day after a spontaneous abortion to terminate pregnancies. The embryo of four weeks of age used the method.

The spider silk from royal jelly, a microwave oven for 35 C - n occurs in 15 minutes.
The temperature used in the causes of protein loss, and the prescribed period after the carbon content is clearly visible.
The procedure is carried out by specialists, Postal System of the Universe, help needed for accurate design.