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Solar energy - plasma - diseases - information network


The Earth's solar energy solution to the problems of

If Earth's orbit, a satellite pairs are passed to the west and east, precisely located opposite each other, and the mirrors are placed on it in such a way that one mirror vertically is from above, it is placed onto another mirror to the vertical with 110 - t close, you can access that arrive on Earth at an angle of light

On Earth, described with respect to light, a concave mirror to collect light rays so that the emitted photons slam into the mirror as a result lose their energy levels, town turn into plasma. The concave mirror, you can collect electrons flow to the already described above, 52 right turns spinning, insulated, coated with fullerene, grog into bed with steel roller. The initial lines 600 m - long section with fullerene to be involved, that all the electrons attracted to you.
A 5m x 5m - and mirrors around. 5000 volts can be obtained, which is also a city of forty thousand people a day's needs.
The resulting current depends on the dimensions of the mirrors, but a large mirror in Budapest is a city the size of current needs can be provided.

Some lines from the plasma

When the photons radiate out, light is produced. When light is generated, the emission of a photon loses its structure, town converted back to plasma. The light actually increased levels of plasma energy. Cast their eyes when the energy of Re undetectable plasma develops.
I sincerely hope that the blog readers realize that gravity traditional presence in science for what developmental impasse caused by the currently used technologies slowly uninhabitable make the Earth for life to become unable, if they continue or change current views on their insiders.

Now we will not be lost, because we are not alone now, the universe can help the Postal System, the fate of mankind, a very nice advanced slowly become super-intelligent civilization.
I can only hope that it will soon consider the science of what will be a huge help available if you construct the idea of quantum computer controlled and precise, accurate information about the universe Postal System can help further the development of mankind.

Treatment of diseases of the mind based on the latest scientific knowledge

The blood circulation is allocated on a thermal quark mode I have mentioned previously.
In this case, the quark gluon adhere to a non-spherical part of the gluon, a gluon is part of the channel network pull the end itself, thereby blocking access to information on the second gluon sphere, becomes inactive. The less information content of the quark gluon ball runs out, that in all cases in the second round attracted a gluon, since in general much information as we have electron mass and weight has broken no matter what your preference for staying just one person's heart. One can always be schizophrenic when he was living in a photon being.

The quark is a block after eight minutes a day is necessary laser beams to initiate the electron flow. Two weeks minimum, but in many cases, continue to apply until the patient is unable to think clearly again, and interest in the environmental ones.
The other type of schizophrenia a person has a very strong emotional triggers.

In this case, the electron samples of great strength of the gluon strike the surface of a sphere, beating out other electrons from the sample. In this case, they become the dominant patterns, most often in childhood is a strong negative emotional effects interact strongly adhering patterns, worsening the symptoms of schizophrenia.
Of childhood schizophrenia, or even hebefrénia not cause serious symptoms, because if you come regularly to the additional electrons, weakening the strength of the symptoms, but adults had severe emotional impact as a result of an aggravating circumstance.

It is therefore recommended in suspected cases are in children treated with laser method, can be eliminated sooner than in the adult disease.
All mental illness can be applied to laser irradiation, a minimum of two weeks, eight minutes a day, but depending on the severity of the disease, it can take up to a month, the recovery of clear thinking.

The compulsive disorder, autism, serial murder, psychopath, and knowing all about the disease in childhood suffered adverse powerful emotional impact as a result, the electrons caused by hitting with great force. To the outside world because of the exclusion, low strength and weak electron models can come in and since the individual's thoughts always go around the central schemes, continually confirms recent similar electron patterns.
The laser beam of electrons is strongly entrenched patterns knocking, so slowly added to the network, the plasma covers the impact of information and content.
Care should be taken, however, to the circumstances that caused the disease was to avoid a repetition.

The Treatment of Homosexuality

The earlier you detect an abnormal child is a parent of sex, the sooner the correct path can be recovered.
Homosexuality is due to a gluon ball was in the hearts of individuals, which was once in operation, but the owner could not be because of the sins of the photon world.
Because of the rapidly increasing population, the gluon spheres do not have time patterns were completely lose. The sky is not the strongest electron model adheres to the surface of the gluon, but because of the high birth rate, attracted prematurely, then the problem is, if women do not burn significant pattern of gluon electron attracted to a man's heart ball and vice versa.

Hypnosis can be reprogrammed to not own. Every day should be used in adults for a period of two years could be stretched. The person performing hypnosis in this case several times repeated, he conveys the consciousness of the original sex, then, repeat the treatment every day. It is important that the patient knows what kind of birth you feel bad! It is also important to try gay sex to want to own. Be sure to be refunded back to your body is not defined by, but the guidance of the Management System is essential!

Alertness Coma

High-impact fright, accident, and other big difference from the average heartbeat is triggered by the network to lose contact with the ball gluon, a boil, and a half - a meter away from the heart of floating in the coma. Rough example, but the human mind without the living dead, helpless, just a body that just works, but it will not record anything from the outside world. The consciousness of the human body has become so dominant over the millennia.
Bring back to life, also can be laser, only now coming from the heart, directed toward the network, and continue for eight minutes a day, until the consciousness of the patient does not. Plasma is the most magnetize materials, adhere to the network, and gradually pull it back towards the heart, and again it is attracted to a better bunch VENTRICULAR gluon ball.


In this case, there is a connection to the network, however, the electrons in the network, far receded. Healing is the same as the waking coma than those described.
Bring back to life, also can be laser, it was coming from the heart, directed toward the network, and continue for eight minutes a day. The network stagnant knocking electrons in the plasma, collide with each other and toward the heart of the network in part to start there - back flow.
Those doctors who are serious and want to try these methods, precise instructions on how to turn Postal System of the Universe!

The Information Network

Length of the data network level of creativity, the amount of information flow of shows. The creativity shown in the cross-section width as the electron patterns in the network, the square from all directions, may be linked, not the parts of the gluon parts, systems of thought develop. In such a combinative thinking patterns of the electrons with each other for integration into the criteria must be met. The greater the number of electrons in the respective samples can fit together, the more creative.

Every man is a network of thousands of billions of gluon spherule occupies, and prepare the three-dimensional movie. Each round, each sphere radiates in all directions through the pictures of us and our environment. The gluon is the most light-sensitive material as a result of magnetic, magnetic material is attracting most of the plasma. When a gluon radiates through to the other, it condenses the plasma gluons. The plasma is reflected the resulting image. The ground glasses are also used, this process takes place. When the silver chloride is involved in the mirror, the glass content to attract a huge gluon plasma, the plasma is reflected back. The reflection is nothing other than the plasma-magnetic attraction any less material.

Since the air is filled with free weights and weight, so the emitted photons, ie, the plasma condenses onto them, and three-dimensional frames are created. Jumps at every moment of the picture, and as happens very fast, just like the two-dimensional films, depicts the process of events, and shapes. The venue is only a change in the frame jumps.

The three-dimensional films at low energy is created and can not see the boson people from a much higher level than they will operate.
The magnetism is created when the surface of the weight gained photons, gluons that have arisen. Gluons of the photons hit with great power, and thus have gained the added energy, which allows you to attract all the material around them.
Thus, the highest energy level in the gluon matter, the most magnetic energy is the lowest level is represented by the plasma. How a magnetic material is determined by what value represents energy levels.
The high resonant effect of an explosion, the particles have different energy levels, the globular cluster extreme sites occupying higher energy particles are taken up as the internal parts of the occupants.

Network Management System of the Universe can be observed also, the atmosphere is also woven into higher regions. Much wider network of cross-sectional area, a minimum of 5 cm - diameter has a capacity of almost infinite combination of hyper.
When a child is about. ten years, to develop patterns of thinking, that is, during the mechanical engraving, the electron samples took their ball on the surface of the gluon, gluon spheres to take place. The relay takes place in the atmosphere, repeated twelve times, so that, for example. one person in a 3 meter diameter horizontal circle in the middle is the heart and the right node in the gluon VENTRICULAR button, the circle along the direction of the winds, and the heart takes place at the height of the flow of information

Immediately after that you can become the children's network, and connects with the network of the Postal System, which begins with all of management systems and information flow model, all twelve gluon ball to the diversion. The gluon spheres 0.7 cm diameter spherical gluon have all the same size. The ball does not rotate, but the information coming from all directions. Have seen, small centers were originally written down, which channels are connected, in fact, they Postal System of the Universe, super-intelligent members. Grow to encompass the entire atmosphere, leaving only the main channel of the world unite the many small transparent tunnel, while continuously increasing, crosses the solar system and space tunnel and continuing to liaise with the networks of other solar systems.

The Universe Postal System all members, ie gluon sphere at the same time has a twenty solar system all the information with, and separate - separate self, capable of intelligent action to perform printing, improvements to do, talk, stand-alone ideas conceived are immediately shared with each other. Together we decide intelligent, for good boxes, all the evil they refuse, have become so completely one with the universe was the highest intelligence, Postal System of the Universe.
Just seeing all members of the system than we do, the size, proportional to the size of the spheres, but in no way inferior in quality.

In twenty days all the information of the system comes with pictures of each contact, not only knows all things simultaneously, but also sees everything that happens in this zone. The other solar systems in relation to the distance after receiving the information.
The square tunnel concentrated amounts of electronic information flow model, so a huge collisions take place, resulting in tens of thousands of times more faster speed of light. At this speed, reach the Earth Information System network each edge contact, and a network of five thousand times the speed of light is slowing down, thinking patterns of the gluon spherule electron patterns thousand times the speed of light hitting it, then it sticks to the strands of magnet sample.

In this case, and immediately recoiling system enables the network was thinking in place at integration into detention. The Management System for all members of the network of wide and long, and multiple feedback relationship with each other and the enormous speed of information flow makes it possible to simultaneously see and know everything. The samples correspond to the information explosion in high-torn quark resonant pattern. The samples correspond to the network, the information was part of the mass of photons, ie photons, surface pattern of individual quarks with gluons themselves bearing the weight of photons has not been part of a unique pattern has also been added, these made ​​up the data network. Control System for the more revealing the secrets of the universe, the more sample inserts together. All the solar system all fit together a network of network information models, and when all secrets are deciphered their networks, gained so much weight is photon-gluon hemisphere as is the great explosion of resonant split quarks.

When all the information in this way fall into place, the weight of the magnetic fibrils and massless quarks unique pattern of parts from which the network is constructed, pattern pulled right place, and the whole photon - gluon balls are the same. Automatic a puzzle I could compare. Finally, the initial explosion before the photon-gluon globular cluster is created.
The photon - gluon ball according to a specific cleavage pattern of the entire universe is controlled by the formation of materials making contacts, and termination processes.
Postal System of the Universe, the Universe has the information for more than three-quarters of the deciphered.
What all this information is in place, then people no longer on this earth, but in another solar system, another artificially created will live on Earth.
The massive destruction of Earth resonance occurs, which can spread to other neighboring planet, almost simultaneously fall apart atoms and free weights and weight matter. This final process generates a huge shock wave, which runs around the entire Universe, and solar systems ahead onwards. The degradation of solar systems generated shock waves are carried farther apart the galaxies as well. This is the mysterious dark energy that science, wrongly causing energy expansion of the Universe thinks.

The resonance of the people and the Control System network is carried away, if you do not protect themselves against it. The resonance for the duration of the entire height of a man on earth to another 3x3 m grid network with fullerene coated steel will stretch. This prevents the network away from the resonant effect of explosion generated repulsive force resistance.
The progeny of a huge population is not left at its disposal network, only to persons eligible for curing, which is nearby, so the owner could not go through the universe made ​​up of photons from the lower part of operating power level.

The "ghost writing" not left to rest, because I felt that I really I corresponded with who left it, so I asked very nicely tell the truth. I often joked with, so many times in need of correction to the image of our universe. More imaginative world also roamed around until I found out the secrets hang of it, but my dear friend, one who deserves the world's brightest jewel of the term science, ships amused himself, of course I can. The bleak, cold, bleak world through the other, the angels visited the country, and even left the ground that there was a world waiting for visitors. Many times I thought that being in a light talk, because it was funny just to please himself, which is him and me, well you entertained. Little details stuck out from the big adventure, which is a small closed

Little details stuck out from the big adventure, which is a small room was closed. The only reason I'm writing them down, to know good reason to ask again, how it works, "email" in the "other world".
The photon acquaintances, so walking was written by their words with their messages that did not go out of my mind the thought of the day or that was no joke, they have occurred.
The system nodded, so I stick the whole truth before you.
When someone wants to correspond, pendulums try to get through the System to open the channel, which is seeking and friends of the departed, a normal case you closed.
The Management Information System accelerates the rate of flow patterns, the local velocity patterns, and thus is compatible with both systems.
The shape of the same samples as in humans, since transferring from here.
When prompted, the conceptual information can flow freely into the consciousness of people of the photon, in which case the connection is telepathic.

On the way back is a little different, because we can not thought to read, the body makes the information flow, so the photon one sense takes over the earthly sense of control over, that the thought patterns of free-flowing in our in our network, and move their hands, so that letters and sentences are formed.