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Solar activity - radio,TV, internet waves, - three-dimensional computer


Solar Activity and increased solar activity

The Sun is also produced when the atoms and the magnetic yarn through those arriving from the Earth, a permanent power supply according to their level exactly to the place where they are united in diversity with other atoms of the same.

Our solar system is hidden at the center of a small black hole. It can be said that the reserve operation mode, since it will only grow larger if the material is processed in the vicinity. In the solar system's redundant material engulfed clusters, small planets, meteors, comets, when they lost their original pulses, and as a result of resonance photons have fallen apart.

The photon energy levels are also based order, and after the excitation photons in a way you are spinning themselves, forming a black hole gluons to photons of the magnetic photons do not attract the gluon part owing. So more and more photons are introduced, along with an increasing number of gluon, and the content of the magnetism rises, the spun, and the increasing attraction will be. The increase in energy levels results in a greater amount of photon Eye contact.

The black hole of double photons in condensed form, enter a quantum state, and into the sun. The formation of atoms in the same way as, during the formation of the planets.
The solar activity is variable, because it does not always get an equally raw material, if only a small number of re-processed, then the hydrogen atoms of helium fusion takes place.
The recent intense solar eruption occurring in the tenth planet caused by the alleged destruction of Xenia.
The quantum of Xenia were the sun, and because a huge amount was, the sharp increase in energy levels increase. The fusion protons up to eight singles could take place.

In such cases, the fusion, in addition to photon radiation to occur, which happens much power that radiates into the next solar system, and only the second solar system at the point of living shines with a double thickness of beam forming, double brightness.

When the electrons in such a sit waiting area, and to stand on their orbit around the nucleus, where the second photon is emitted in the solar system lost some of their energy levels and become plasma.

The waiting area is always a constant expansion of the Earth's atmosphere closer to the eight protons belonging to swinging, but also for the earth this place is not dangerous. The high photon energy levels feel like they are from the Sun to the Earth's orbit, but not dangerous for the Earth zone.

Thus, the increased solar activity in some larger asteroids generated from the decay quanta Sun taking place due to the recycling process.
The tenth planet in the solar system was not as up to eight have a one-Sun The Xenia was a runaway planet from another solar system, which has made because of the galaxy, which belonged to a collision with another galaxy, and out flew a large pulse, the usual course. The Earth has flown close to the pulse, which is one of the magnetic line of force pulling itself. After losing the pulse of all the unbalanced power line and fell into photons and resonated. These photons are recycled, and now adds the components of the Earth.

Pluto does not belong to our solar system, was also a result of galaxy collisions in the Earth's magnetic scope, which attracted a strong line-in, and path set. Pluto is about a similar fate as the Xenia.

Radio waves, TV-Internet-wave theory basics - Three-Dimensional Computer

Correlation between the energy levels of radiation, wavelength, and in attraction between the destination

In the Sun that take place during the fusion energy released in excess of photons into account, will be broadcast. Out of the radiation energy, increased energy is always lost in the plasma is shifting very quickly, always one step ahead of plasma in the line item, the energy dissipation - taking over the entire spread with lightning speed around the sun enveloping space filled with plasma.

The hydrogen-helium fusion generated during the production of microwave radiation. They destroy the organic compounds, the constituent quarks gluons removed from beside one another, and the water molecules, electrons can move them towards course. Since the lowest energy levels have occurred in the attraction of a degree higher energy levels are organic substances, water, and gluons to happen.

The three-, four-proton fusion mergers resulting in excess energy generated from a broad spectrum of infrared radiation. One degree higher energy levels are attracted to the non-metallic elements.
The ultraviolet rays of the five mergers protons results. The energy levels corresponding to the destination, attracting glass.

The ultra-violet radiation by magnetic attraction to the terminus of metallic elements. The six protons tax fusion radiation photons start their journey, these rays.

X-rays of the seven protons and eight products containing nuclei formation. The next higher, higher energy level and also most of the Earth centered on the inside of condensed magnetic attraction of iron ore in the target location. The wavelength of X-rays, the largest decrease in numbers of protons are characterized by lower amplitude in the radiation. The emission energy level decreases, the wavelength decreases.

The pulsar photons to powerful gamma rays radiations, the energy level is thirteen times higher than the energy level of X-rays, in their way of substances through the most minute quark part of their break. The quarks and gluons can split of photons of very high energy level on a huge attraction for all types of material held.

The background radiation in the week, eight proton number of nuclei formation is formed when two rays of the days of the solar system become one, their intensity and energy levels are also doubled. The radiation energy level of the double spread around the world, and the destructive effect on the organisms, and are attracted to anything. Three times has a higher energy level than the X-rays. The increased activity during the day, you should not stay outdoors. The background radiation level, no connection with the "big bang" so it is not possible for this to form conclusions

Radio, TV - and cell phone waves

Knowledge as a reminder in the title, just why it is important to note that the two photons in the solar system's boundary, or the week number eight protons mergers resulting in a photon solar system and radiate plasma will be skipped. These radiations from background radiation, as measured and used.

The boundary between the two neighboring solar system of solar radiation to become one with the background radiation received from the mobile TV signals and attracts you. The radiation of a photon in a high energy level to a plasma strike points of each other, and re-take structure, weight and massless matter, photons are produced. The photons inside an empty egg-shaped formations, gluons carry half surface, half surface gravity and mass them in a form without substance. The electron signal patterns are not part of gluon gluon parts of the photons are attracted to it, and vice versa. The electron density patterns in the woven network created photons in all directions, which broadcasts signals back to attract the TV devices.

The TV cameras with silicon one degree higher energy level to that seen in the electron signs of mental models, therefore, they are attracted to the silicon.
The samples themselves attract electrons miniature copies of the image samples, as the plasma, ie a photon is radiated into the most attractive can be the most low level of energy.

So the thought and its associated files included with the silicon. The silicon grip and the signal transmission by, hence the TV signals and images of the background radiation, that is, the two solar system formed at the border again is for a photon gluon. The signs continue to get here, and soon to take place continuously in all parts of the photon gluon. Because the signs and the thumbnails are attracted gluons great force, strike them, not the gluon particles are separated. The energy level is a big increasing that the gluon gluon quarks balls are closed. The photon does not contain parts of gluons, the gluon is closed spheres of influence magnetic quarks, forming channels, and each gluon ball attraction stay connected and branching throughout, constantly expanding, combined with networking. But as one of the silicon side of reason is fixed, one of the dimensions covered in the signal flow is inhibited only in two dimensions is able to transmit signals, so the three-dimensional network and the gluon two-dimensional surfaces of the spheres takes place. Three-dimensional design technique is thus practically impossible, because there is no magnetic field, where the silicon atoms, or magnetic iron ore could levitate. The three-dimensional techniques on how to implement the section located below you can read.

The magnified picture on the TV screen used in the optical engine. The TV, Radio, Internet, mobile networks seem to thermosphere, ion layer of the developing sector, 750 m above sea level. Mobile signs are the most low-frequency energy levels in the most minor one, two proton fusion from regenerated photons, most of the smaller wavelength. The three-, four-proton fusion end is formed as a result of the TV signal photons destination. The medium energy level appropriate medium wave length avoiding moderate frequency is required. The five-proton fusion in establishing progression photons with high energy levels of radiation from the plasma makes it possible conflicts of which is that photons are called in again, which you created for the Internet network with wavelength. It seems one step lower energy level, or frequency as for the standing wave photons.

The sound technology

As our knowledge of the universe are in sharp contrast provided by the Postal System, the most believable and most more scientific principles, and therefore formation of the human voice must first become acquainted. Vibrations of the air does not trigger the formation of sounds!

When you think about ourselves, the electron samples do not reach the network. Right atrium of the heart ventricular bundle over the inner part of the heart muscle, is located in a spherical cavity. The size of a spherical cavity cm - cm and a diameter of three - and ranging in diameter. It is human memory. At birth in the heart cavity is not spherical, the child begins to develop by the age of ten. The electrons are constantly hitting smashes the heart muscle cells, and as time progresses, more and dig a bigger hole. The cavity wall of the inner surface of the cell is surrounded by gluon cell nuclei, which themselves attract the electron samples. The cavity of the electrons are free to combine, and the depth of thinking characteristic of an electron model relationships, creative storage ideas to infinite possibilities. The electron surfaces of samples, many carry a Fit option, but in the same way the electrons attracted samples contain the same thoughts. The corresponding sample groups, one on top of another strike, but these impacts are based on the magnetism. The spherical cavity to onset of the child is able to imprint only mechanical, not an abstract conceptual thinking.

When you say your thoughts out loud, in establishing the electron flow patterns in the network. The greater the emotion connected with the thoughts of the electrons collide with each other and the harder the higher vibrations are created. These vibrations of the vocal cords vibrate and cartilage, and the sound spread to the tongue through the gap, and teeth that are a vibration. The higher the number the more powerful vibrations make the sound.
So the tongue and teeth in the number of changes to vibration of the tool.

Before anyone starts to talk, to initiate the brain's speech center of the mouth and tongue movements, vibrations and help speech. That how we express, in a - a thought, no matter of the thought patterns everywhere, nation, race, country, regardless of alien planets inhabitants of the whole Universe is the same.

Development of Internet networks can be reached in the same way, only the first thoughts into digital signals, completely unnecessarily. Patterns are carved out from the outset of the quarks are encoded in the thoughts, the nature ingeniously managed to overcome the language to be constrained by the limits of communication throughout the universe.

The Internet seems to patterns of electrons in silicon, five and six protons adjacent to mergers resulting in photons with the radiation from the solar system, then, a conflict arising from the plasma background radiation of photons becomes available. The electron patterns, such as codes of thought, the images can also attract them, the points of the plasma in this case you can create thumbnail images.

Therefore, you can skype to video, DV - and you listen to CDs and watch. The carrier frequency of the sound patterns of the electron, and what strength the electrons collide with each other. The samples to slamming electrons, quarks in the gluon energy levels will increase as a strong attraction to each other due to bending of the outer surface starts and progressive closure resulting gluon balls. From gluons to the torn-free part, no matter the weight and mass of the gluon spheres of influence of attraction, pipework gradually closes, and the lightning speed of a signal sequence for shifting to the ball all the gluon, the network expansion in all directions to tighten.

The computers in the silicon of the processor would be the relay, which is the same energy level as the transducer, so the electrons in the silicon samples in contact, directly into the magnetic disk. The magnetic iron ore is two degrees higher energy level than in silicon, one degree higher than the gluon, so it is suitable only for samples to attract electrons. The optical system and gain an adequate picture and sound.

The digital signals, signals thought to be converted before the system is, it is limited by the computing operations are carried out, but completely useless.

The radio waves

Leaving behind our solar system, solar system, a second border solar system in our solar system and the other solar system sun radiation from the plasma with a high level of energy, photons are created. The seven, eight proton photon number of tax mergers come this far, when a larger asteroid recycling going on in our sun. So during high sun activity. But not only the radiation of our sun with another called photons, but also in the zone for all the days of other solar systems, so the continuous formation of photons.

In the case of the radio signals gluon spheres of thought patterns without images come from, it only sounds we hear. The electron oscillation patterns depend on the volume numbers used. Higher volume means a higher stroke rate. The higher energy photons are created at the plasma, so the radio waves have a wavelength greater than TV waves, most of the higher frequency signals are sent, the high energy photon gluon surplus parts.
The background radiation in reality it would be better if you would call a weak magnetic field.

The radiation in the Earth is surrounded by 360 degree, each gets half evenly everywhere. To 360 degree wavelengths from all the countries split up among themselves, within the country and on TV, radio channels, Internet service providers, mobile networks share

The three-dimensional computing

A 5 cm x 5 cm aluminum box will be a 0.3 cm diameter sphere gluon, and another aluminum box placed in a vacuum, which in the vacuum automatically sucks. Then, a silicon atom of round one side. The two gluon spherule has a higher energy level than the signal functions as an electron patterns, and one silicon atom. A 5 cm x 5 cm aluminum box will be a 0.3 cm diameter sphere gluon, and another aluminum box placed in a vacuum, which in the vacuum automatically sucks. Then, a silicon atom of round one side. The two gluon spherule has a higher energy level than the signal functions as an electron patterns, and one silicon atom. The aluminum is an energy level is lower than the electrons, and therefore are attracted to packakging through the wall. It attracted to the silicon atom, which is floating around, because the aluminum atoms have the same power level, but only the floating ability of an atom, because the quarks of gluons combined attraction of the Earth's iron core is not enough towards the attraction. If you come into the holder, airtight seal, because the processor is ready.

The 0.3 cm diameter spheres gluon, the atmosphere around. Knee height can be found.
The electron patterns, that is, the signals from the silicon atom, the energy level is especially high in one sphere are working gluon which the electron strikes the sample immediately forcing networking.

In our computer's hard disk is not used, only with a fullerene-coated floppy disk. Pursue your data after recording fixer salt is used. Twenty-four hours of drying time has passed, silver nitrate covered with down, twenty-four hours later after a period of three dimensions, the computer receives the signals. The keyboard and mouse mechanics of fullerene can be involved, and any additional equipment.

The monitor is a 10 x 10 meter glass box, which is routed through the bottom of the signs. Bottom of the box with the square of 5 mm - hole and rolled in fine wire mesh is covered with down, like sieves. The mesh with a silicone adhesive to the glass wall 1 cm cross-section attached to the side of the fabric and must be lubricated with fullerene, which signal directed.

The three-dimensional life-size holograms, totally, to be realistic. The electron samples, however, that re-shape pattern that was to come together, fit that. This will only happen in an invisible surface. Therefore, our giant glass box to be filled with photons, which shall be, again, very new techniques.

The procedure is as follows: The top box of the lens cover is not fixed, based on free-pages. Measured from the bottom of the box on one side and 111 m long 10 m wide, on the other side 110 meters long and 10 m wide polyurethane track runs up into the air. The glass box fixed to the polyurethane adhesive on both sides of railway track. On one side of the meter in the top 11, folded back inward, so that it lies flat completely together the two layers. The polyurethane sheets have 3mm cross-section.

Photons in the initial stage of filling the top flap of the bottom of the geometrical center of a hundred thousand volt electrical discharge is created. Immediately 100 km / s velocity and 100 m above sea level is ten plus centimeters pushes the glass plate. The pulse height is exactly that you run out and the glass lid fits smoothly onto the polyurethane carrier.