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Quantum loop, teleporting? - Supernova, Hypernova - magnetic attraction


Quantum loop, teleporting?

U.S. scientists believe they managed to teleport an atom.
The previous sections have largely been pointed out that the quark pieces of the pattern according to find pertinent parts, because there the magnetic pull fibers from which the resonant large explosions were located in front and then the explosion is torn. Gluon particles were also down, the edges of photons, quarks patterns.
Scientists teleport by way of a photograph of pieces of atoms, quarks, such information is transmitted, the transmitted information to the plasma carries a great power and speed to the gluon piece of affinity, a pattern identical to the pattern of plasma group. The pattern of individual photons at the edge of the gluon pieces were broken off, the resonant boom. Each photon, and any photons, gluons which is carried on the surface of a piece of billions of equally split.

The small plasma points in a plasma group of the light image corresponding pattern attracted him to the gluons, which is the same pattern holds, and the great strength of your affection due to weight gain occurs, ie the gluon and the plasma group becomes one electron is generated. Thus, the plasma pattern of the original photon is a carrier of information, and the gluon itself will attract the same amount of magnet wire which has the same interface that carries the same information.
All the electrons of the atom is thus double the speed of light is created, because the information covered in this speed, so it appears at once to another atom, but this is not the same atoms, but a completely new, just as the other atoms.
The teleport is practically impossible fiction, but Sci - fi - was possible.

Supernova, Hypernova

When a star dies, the first pulse of each end, and the resonance due to atoms fall and collapse. The components lose weight, and weight of materials that are massless. Powerful force is released, which is the remains of photons ejected from the star, from the supernova, and from hypernova. These conditions provide the powerful collisions produce photons, which are of great strength is very fast chain reaction-like bidirectional radiations, leave the collapsed star. This is called a gamma emitting powerful.
If such a beam reach with a translucent glass, the glass will increase energy levels, because it contains a lot of gluons. The magnetic gluons attract the threads of plasma, it remains much lower surface of the mirror back, so we will see the brown bottle.

More information about the magnetic attraction

The strongest effect on the magnetic pole made ​​of magnetic iron ore has. Iron is an energy level contains less energy, so attracted to him. If the energy level of iron is stronger rubbing increment, raise the level of the magnet, the iron ceases to attraction, but the energy level of a material less energy attracts. If we increase the magnetic energy levels of heavy rubbing, attracts also our hair because the hair has a higher energy level than the magnet. The friction energy of the electrons increases, there will be about the candidates, provide the increased energy photons, which radiate out, so no permanent magnetism.

Why is it that when a rugged piece of paper excoriate a comb, the comb our hair heaven daring, because the comb in the same way electrons behave in materials.
The synthetic sweaters when removing sure many people found that small discharges almost shake the skin. In this case, the sweater to warm and undressing while the skin friction increases with the energy levels of electrons in our belongings, which will also take over the photons and then radiate out. Meanwhile, you can feel as if invisible threads pulled back to the body of man-made our clothes. The body of unallocated fibers onto magnets are attracted to magnets in the upper fibers of the uncommitted.


The electron energy levels of eight tracks in operation, the materials can be classified in eight energy levels.
First the magnet, the second of metals, non-metallic elements in the third, fourth, and the glass of the mirror, the fifth of liquids, gases in the sixth, seventh of the noble gases, the plasma level of the eighth.

The electron tracks with a defined length of the magnet length fibers have a bold energy intake, and put next higher energy level, which lead to the next lower level ones to become attractive, which is actually the result of chemical reactions occurring. The science is called a double bond
The Sun of the electrons emitted photon pairs with their leave, gigantic power level, so the electrons in magnetic threads of infinite length protrude.

The movement of living beings, animals and man magnet unallocated fibers also may be infinite, because the motion is constantly increasing energy, the higher the speed goes, the more you stretch, regardless of their foot or vehicle to do so.
The organization of living beings on the grounds of magnetic experiments described show, so confident result, if the energy level of a magnetic pole, some rough abrasive device, for example. wire brush, sandpaper or scouring, abrasive metallic mesh thoroughly treated.

The pilot plant used for the application of this method is not required during the shaking. The culture medium must be placed together with the magnet, and only the strength of free plant extract.