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For sudanese woman a supplication


When I read the news that a For sudanese woman my partner, how despicable and cruel death penalty in the Christian faith, all afternoon trickled the tears from my eyes.
Grasped my body and the pain in my soul, that He might feel.
When my daughter was born and was first held in my arms, it was the happiest day of my life. I can not imagine what kind of evil, should such an incredibly despicable judgment.
Even grace exercised not to get pregnant with a hundred lashes, and then hang! It's amazing to enter the twenty-first century!

Whose sins? Why should Christianity reimbursed Sudan, who stood for this?
The missionary all very well done, very quickly because you started the machine boggling.
Who dries the soul to such a great degree of backwardness exploited without external interventions, but they directed testabol mowing each other down.
On these pages you can read what caused the insertion of Christianity, other religions.

The webpages to read the whole truth that God was not the creation of the universe, three-dimensional, self -programmed, self-excited, self-improving computer system. The responsibility of scientists from then on every single loss of life in the name of religions, because each person associated with enlightenment, regardless of what kind of lives in underdeveloped countries. Should inform everyone that they can not keep anyone from stupid, because innocent die a cruel death, for something that does not make sense.

In the case of the sudanese women human rights defenders are not going to achieve anything, so the European and American governments on cooperation would be necessary, because if you turn a blind eye so inhumanly disgraceful case, may issue a certificate for themselves the great immorality.
Created by the universe beings are entitled to equal protection, not only of the expected profit to be another community to move all people, sentient beings, and we are people, not to let an innocent die from suffering a vulnerable young mother who just start in life, and Christianity will die in death agony, a world of false image, which could be programmed into it because of ignorance.

What was needed in Sudan to Christianity? Why should African nations tease each other about their faith completely alien? At least for once, to correct the mistake you made with our ancestors
If seven billion people stand watching the torture death of an innocent mother, then I would have to say that everyone deserves the disaster.
Everyone who knows anything done individually or in groups, so he should do, let us show that we are compassionate people!