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Evidence of attempts to justify the creation of the Universe


The possibility of proving the completeness of the material weight

If a vacuum sealed chamber is placed on your material, from the most dense magnetic iron ore in the least amount of weight put a 2 kg, and their density in descending order of weight in the pound - l increase. Thus, 2.5 kg of iron ore - t, manganese ore, 3.0 kg, 4 kg of lead ore was of 4.5 kg of copper ore, zinc ore 5.0 kg, 5.5 kg of bauxite we do and non-metallic elements in the same kind of principles that can be added. We will discover that the bottom is the most dense so the smallest weight of the foodstuff lodestone ore occupies the lowest place, and top of each other are also in order of frequency, because the worst will be at the top, so weight-based order.

The inner walls of the chamber with fullerene to be involved, and materials in a rotating steel plate coated with fullerén center of it, similar to the microwave oven. The ores are pulverized, mixed, evenly paving be closed.
The chamber is a x1méter be sure the pressure is 1 x 10-6 - <3 x10-17 Torr
100 μ Pa - <3f Pa.
The temperature - K 2.71 degrees is essential to complete the process takes place in darkness, that is, to imitate the conditions of space.
Arrangement requires a minimum of 24 hours, during this open, not looking at.
The formation of planets in the material density of clouds is also the order and, therefore, these experiments also modeled the formation of the planet.
The planet Jupiter is a gas not only according to the density of attraction still lasts 20 years from now there will be a dense cloud of gas, up a narrow atmosphere.

Life is magnetic on the grounds of the organization is another way of demonstrating

Chickenpox, tetanus and other acute bacterial strains resistant to one in ten times ten-inch space copied completely dark conditions placed on a vacuum chamber. We connect an air-electron tunneling, and the needle head in a single atom of a quark is introduced into the chamber. The bacterial nucleus gluon immediately draws to himself, and an entirely new species of bacteria occurs. Immediately perceive the difference, a change in the
bacterial shape.

The high resonant explosion modeling

Prior knowledge of the supplement: The gluon globular cluster was due to an accident in the creation, because the inner surface of a single photon from the total mass, ie gluon. This chance, it is covered with a gluon with the photon itself able to attract from all directions the photons gluon-free side. The next line is, with the attraction exerted on pages gluon from gluon with no pages, as long as you do not resonated.

Real-1cm in diameter, that is at least 1200 air-inflated rubber latex factory-made balls need to win.
If you manage to obtain, prepare at least 5 liters of sugar were used. Five liters of water, 5 kg of sugar is done, heat to boiling, stirring constant. When it boils, immediately remove from the heat and wait until room temperature.

The first small rubber ball dipped into it totally, and the rest carefully, so that exactly half of the reach of the sugar glaze, and a very precise start to stick together, that is not sugary sweet part is always the contact section. Approximately 1,000 units will occur at the resonant pop, 1200 on safety grounds.

The formation of the primary ground of life and the justification

A ninety ninety cm x cm aluminum box covered completely sterile and sterile soil with all the necessary elements inserted, which is composed of organisms and spheres gluon inject it, so bacteria can live at.
1 x 1 m glass cage so you can receive one by one gluon balls, close to thirty billion lens-equipped cameras sweep the air, the air is about 1m3. one is located. If you manage to capture the aluminum cans over plastic wand deactivated from the glass wall, because there attracted to, and applied into the box containing sterile soil.
Will be immediately attracted to the ground.

5kg land spreading 6cm thick and mixed with sterile elements of the gluon spheres to attract him to this. Close the casket, hermetically, and then wait a week.
If we did everything exactly the onset of the bacteria. Multi-gluon ball admitting multiple bacteria can be obtained. These bacteria are not as natural, have no independent movement, as it is not connected to the power grid. Exchangeable material in contact with the environment, living system considered, however, unable to move.

Plants are not connected to the net energy as lower energy level, and therefore living systems, but not engage in traveling motion.
If the same time, the water of life to the study of the development are setting up a similar experiment, it can be seen that the bacteria is made up of entirely one day later.
This method is similar to the previous one, but plastic instead of wooden sticks to use the gluon balls stick removal, and sterile distilled water to a 90 x 90 cm sealable glass aquarium 6cm's filled to the level of.

The atmosphere is the formation of potential evidence

1.7 m x 1.7 m, 3 cm thick windshield glass vacuum chamber is necessary, global filter conditions, entry of sun here is very important.
We create the miniature earth, ore, have a circumference of four feet, plus 5 cm - it is to be expected in the central part of running for the tube, because the whole land in miniature for this record. The mass of the Earth must be exactly proportional to mass, 56 kg - t press. The location of the reduced ore ground must be the same as the original, and must include all the essential ingredients. The different varieties of ore we form small balls and two-component silicone adhesive fixed to each other. The surface of 1 cm thick covered with rich black earth, which was completely smooth straightening. The whole smear a thin layer of glue at the moment. The geoid form the north and south, 2 - 2mm with papulose provided. In the midst of five-inch diameter steel pipe running on lubricated fullerene with the axis of this small land adapters included. The shafts should be covered with fullerene, which is made ​​of solid steel bars. The lubrication ensures the uniformity of rotation. If you are ready for the small land, the entire frame is assembled, as usual to keep the desktop globes. The base is heavy iron, however, be such that it is not tilting. So we put it into the vacuum chamber.
The shooting inside battery provide a 1V per minute for four weeks was able to provide models of the earth.

A structure must be prepared, which liberates 1V voltage discharges can produce vomiting. This will ensure that 1052 turns to take, that is 57 hours. The peripheral speed of the peripheral speed of the earth will be exactly proportional.
The Axial 66.5.
The chamber can be opened to the windshield glass factory in dressings, should be planned in advance, because a perfect vacuum should be provided. The rotation is important because so many uncommitted yarn must be generated in a small magnet above the surface of the earth, like the real atmosphere of the Earth at the time of formation. The magnets themselves fibers will be released in the atmospheric atoms.
If everything has been modeled accurately, we find that after five days there is no vacuum, but rather, atmosphere surrounded himself with earth models.
It is recommended that pressure gauges, and gas chromatography. installed, because if not we open for four weeks, the water is also evidence of the incurrence of a wallet, because such a small planet in the entire wetted.

The process described

The experiment enters through the glass wall of a small fraction of the photons. The majority of photons reflected by the glass, does not include unallocated magnetic fibers, ie, the plasma are attracted to a place where many of the uncommitted magnetic thread or multi-return mirror.
The glass wall is photons pass through because of the large force of the plasma are attracted to the glass, the gluon content of many, and to each other in structure due to collisions, so the photons generated plasma. A point is always only one photon, which is increased during formation of the energy, gluons and photons to higher energy level hauled into the bottle, ever deeper, and then the other side of the energy transferred to a glass - an electron, emitting the go. As a result, the electrons leave their careers around the nucleus, and since the process is very fast chain reaction like going on a lot of electrons torn off the surface layer of low density component representing material sorts atoms.

The attraction of the electrons is very strong due to strike each other, according to a pattern and stick together, protons are formed. The photons in the plasma chamber of the glass surface of the earth model accumulates due to collisions with each other, re-take structure, photons are produced. The protons in the chrysalis, this strike, there is a photon creates the possibility of the creation of atoms.
The less energy-rich electrons in the higher-energy proton quarks capturing, and the rotation with direction from the same circular orbit, and the oxygen atom arises because of two protons and two uncommitted magnetic thread, virtually the Earth's surface, housed in materials is the easiest of the oxygen atoms able to attend.

The photons that the atom structure is not involved, no gluon parts with surrounding contact, the electrons gluon parts, and vice versa, magnetic yarns forming that the rotation due to the surface by hanging, another is a link for. The oxygen atom is linked to proton gluon larger proportion of their parts. Approximately one-quarter rise of oxygen in the thermosphere. There are many free electrons can reach that high temperature energy recovery, and great force of attraction is a result of another strike. The temperature of the thermosphere, is very high, because those photons that are not related to the magnetic surface of the fiber and are broadcast, and they constantly arise, and get up to the continuous radiation. The plasma generated as a result of collisions, are also re-structure takes up weight and weight without material becomes a framework for the formation of the atoms. The electrons that make up the protons, to strike into. The thermosphere is created in the total inorganic gas atoms. The primary gases of nitrogen, sulfur, chlorine, inert gases, etc.. and the molecular condition, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc.. The molecular structures of the formation of fibrils magnet attracting uncommitted capacity allows. For example, sulfur dioxide, sulfur in the two magnetic thread is uncommitted, the oxygen is both an attraction to each other due to sulfur dioxide molecule is created. The water here is generated, the two oxygen two hydrogen uncommitted magnetic thread of yarn with two uncommitted magnet creates a connection. As a rule, there are uncommitted thread is a magnetic atom, electrons can attract as much contact.
The thermosphere gases protons unstable than in the Sun resulting from hydrogen protons and helium. The hydrogen and helium gas pressure is increased to the point of explosion, because the protons are stable, fusion occurred, and only one of them.
The gas atoms in the electron orbits of the electrons is not defined, their location is variable and can be a large-scale expansion.
The thermosphere generated gases, did not explode as more proton forms the nucleus, and many gluon the combining of very attracted to the Earth's iron core of the explosion in the opposite direction in coverage, a defeat of enormous energy investments and would be virtually impossible. On the other hand, the protons, electrons themselves uncommitted magnetic pull yarns, stable structure designed to withstand the increased pressure

The hydrogen gas explosion was enormous, because the threads of photons uncommitted magnetic attraction itself, and the pressure of the electrons energy level increases, which is referred to the magnetic photons in fibers. The photons very quickly take over the chain reaction of increased energy, and therefore radiate out, creating a huge detonation. The great mass of protons fall into the air, high pressure is generated. The very high energy level of electrons in the atmospheric photons is transferred to radiation increases with the strength of the explosion. The atmosphere of the electrons can noticeably increase energy levels, higher photon radiation occurs, protons also fall into the lower atmospheric levels, in increasing the air pressure level. All this takes place almost in an instant.

The very high energy electrons have a huge mass of conflict with each other, leading from rotation is reversed. The left-right direction in spin up positrons are formed. After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so many people suffering from malignant disease.

The physical properties of various gases in the different energy levels caused by the generation.
The gas energy level quickly drops and therefore lower sink from the thermosphere, and the small land surface to reach, where attraction contacting the magnetic thread in the proton gluon part of the photons do not gluon parts, consequently, it does not escape the air. In the case of the Earth's magnetic field lines and connecting to a double degree of security.
The water will begin to bottom, but the atmosphere is colder zones of future freezes, and progress during the warmer layers heat up again and take in a liquid state.

The salt in sea water in the thermosphere is formed. The sodium, which is also a proton and an uncommitted magnetic fiber, is easy to set up the electrons, and it also attracted to the magnet wire containing an unallocated chlorine, sodium chloride to form. The drop-down water and sodium chloride in the cold sections crystallize, salt and ice crystals are formed, encounter each other stick together and continue their journey together ', the atmosphere and the seas. Thus, the water generated at the same time with the salt, so salt and the sea water.
Since the photons radiate out of the thermosphere, the resulting atoms and molecules can get down to the surface without any obstacles.

The real Earth's atmospheric gases, and the formation of molecules made easier, and happens because without glass, the photons reach the surface of the earth at once, where a much stronger start the process of formation of an atmosphere. Each one The many photons - into electrons surrounding a contact, while the modeling of a higher energy level of photons pass to the nearest electrons.
In this experiment, will not contain hydrogen and helium atmosphere, if only the top eight-inch zone for five minutes with a laser beam is not illuminated point by point.
So convey extra energy, and that's enough for fusion to happen, and in our experiment, the improved atmosphere, helium and hydrogen can be obtained.

Modelling of The Sun

Factory-made grog spilled from 3.6 m diameter hollow sphere, which is 6 cm in cross section, which is a 20cm-diameter circular hole is located. The circular hole in the ball inside to the west. Mounting brackets for desktop globes than employees meet at least 6cm-inch cross-section solid metal frame structure to be constructed, heavy iron plate, to avoid tipping off. The Axial 78 . The tremendous heat generated inside of the sphere into 1cm thick coat with fullerene and 3cm - with two-component silicone adhesive layer, also 3cm thick Teflon canoes melted, then cover with 3cm thick with graphene. The outer surface of a sphere is also the same order of layers provider.

The photons to exposure to a 20 cm diameter, 2 m long tube made out of magnetic iron ore, both of which, the piston will fill the role. The piston and its associated electrical wiring is to cover all the above with a layer of insulation, but at the magnetic tube, it is essential that the fullerene layer is omitted. The magnetism of magnetic iron ore in a lower energy level of the fullerene energy level, it ensures that the photons from the tube to be attracted to artificial sun inside.

The pipe operation piston, must be solved exactly in the hole to fit into the power of becoming. One hundred thousand per minute with V voltage discharge by moving the piston twenty-four hours. When you push the plunger tube back into photons of high energy are attracted to the magnet tube, a series of collisions due to the shell photons penetrate into each other, and deuterium are formed and the work sun arrive, when the tube advance.

The hundreds of thousands of radiation was a half minutes to complete, the piston of the sun when such an imitation of the inlet opening is located, then the sudden loss of energy-momentum for a half a meter further back on the plunger, which make it possible advancement of the whole process is taking place.

This half-meter section is sufficient that new photons are attracted to a tube and a half minutes remaining in the pipe is full.

If you have passed the 24-hour charging time, the hole immediately, cover with some structure to it, from the pre-molded chamotte lid fits exactly into the hole that has been pre-enrolled with the insulating layers. The heat and air in order to ensure the free edges to pour molten Teflon, silicone, and also cover it with graphene. Since we have to fill in the initial phase, the temperature continues to rise, the sun reaches the end of the surface temperature of 5800 K is very carefully at any moment to act.

The man can imitate the sun's rotation is necessary, therefore, if the charge has been completed and closed down the hole to start the rotation axis.

Little sun on the inside, the west central section that is also one hundred thousand volt electrical discharges we create twenty-one days. These pulses will be provided 26 days to one million per turn. The Sun to day twenty-one full revolution around its imaginary axis, one million revolutions per 26 days, the scale of the solar sun and angular velocity differences in the exact ratio in their expression. The electrical connections shall be provided with a protective layer also.

The whole structure is a flat area with the launch of an abandoned, uninhabited place at least one hundred meters. At least a year to operate, ie the artificial sun will shine, like a visual then as real. A year has passed with it, will glow red, as red giants, only scaled down. Will not make a supernova, because it requires both sides of the hole should be cut to the enormous energy of photons to be able to push it.

It is not recommended to try out, because the same gamma rays are generated as in a real supernova, and thousands of miles away can cause devastating effects.
The shaft to be rotated for one year.

The process described

In the magnetic piston a lot of photos at once, which discharges into each other and collide at a boil. A photon enters encapsulate each other, deuterium is created and you get the artificial sun. The interior of the sun in an increasing number of deuterium is also a powerful collision pass through. The buffers fuse with each other, against each of them spinning and take over the merging of increased energy levels, so you radiate. These rays increase your energy levels throughout the system, it is the primary fusion of hydrogen atoms generated in a further involved in merger and helium atoms are formed.

In the small size of man-sun does not allow for further increases energy levels, so only hydrogen and helium should be generated. In the enormous size of solar protons into eight for edification, it generated a lot of different atoms.

The small size of man-sun does not allow for further increases energy levels, so only hydrogen and helium should be generated. In the enormous size of solar protons into eight for edification, it generated a lot of different atoms.
The real sun of a black hole between clumps of photons, or quanta arrive, so the quanta immediately and instantly fuse hydrogen atoms are formed.
In the internal components of quanta, ie, two-photon fusion occurs, the outer one who radiates a photon, it is also a significant difference between the real and experimental sun.
In the black hole sun came up the other side, however, was created by fusion of deuterium.

The structure of the insertion of artificial sun charger Vulnerability

From the low sun flow of high temperature due to the closing of the gap filling fifty feet away should be addressed. A tripod is planned by a heavy iron base with at least one meter deep concrete to be lowered into the ground, and exactly opposite the gap closure.

The final cover, the other layer of Teflon after the solid state are fixed, two-component silicone adhesive, so that each side of at least 10 cm beyond reach.

Factory made 50 meters with telescopic rod is needed, each of which 4,166 m, is made ​​up of twelve parts, and 3 cm in diameter to reduce the first member than 2m.

The telescopic tube 1 cm cross-section shall be made of steel, both inside and out with fullerene to be tested. The pipe members together with fullerene coated steel spring is fixed to 30 threaded, 1cm - and cross-section. The spring-rings and diameter of 3cm. All tubes are two sides of 2cm from the edge of the hole to be drilled and placed them in the springs, and welded together to capture.

The support structure with strong fullerene-coated screws must be installed. It should be set to the last telescopic member that the artificial sun of this closed end of the first place and top this with a two-component silicone glue the lid is fixed. The Teflon cover exactly the part of the small gap in the sun targets.

The discharge of the lid has a small sun with an energy push, for the gap dominated by a strong, but the refractory material does not suffer damage.

From The sun of high temperatures teflon instantly melt it, then all the heat and air defense.

The final structure of the back-scattering of the electrons are launched in which the artificial solar energy to increase energy levels. The higher-energy electrons, the extra energy in the atmosphere, housed in photons to be taken, who broadcast from liberated energy more electrons are taken up, which again photons be given to this rapid chain reaction soon through spreading with fullerene-coated tubes, and accurately enough to return to be reset.

So the artificial solar thermal energy of electrons with increased energy of the electron rest energy reverses direction, it will flow back in the tube.
By the time the original position is worth all the increased energy of the electrons to wear, is set to the original level, so again the usual orbit around the nucleus on their return.

The axis of rotation around the start of cooling

On startup, the temperature is already close to 5800 K, so at least from the 50 - m distance to be solved. With all the insulating layer and with fullerene coated with 28 cm diameter and 50 m long steel tube of the artificial day western, central part of inner directed, 100 atm pressure, filled up with liquid nitrogen and then shoot off a steel capsule filled with fullerene dose. The insulated steel capsule, fits into the tube, and cross-3cm. On arrival at the moment, through the pipe to start hundreds of thousands of volts. Twenty-six days, at the same time repeat.