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Continued III.




2012. 07. 30.
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LHC Dear colleagues!


I am forced to send mail again because my previous letter that I sent a year ago, did not respond, and I know that outright denial, but I'm giving him everything that takes place there.
theoryoftheuniverse.freeblog. hu scientific document content unambiguous public attitude invites you to live an intelligent society, minus some wavelengths.
Because of irresponsible behavior threaten the people of Earth, is now clearly take a stand on the scientific content of the blog.
I am not a researcher, but I am sure that there are proven in scientific statements. If I can measure it, I am fully confident that you can.
How many people have even died from cancer, and other new types of therapies using easily curable diseases in the patients with schizophrenia, how long throws out even the society itself? How long has left a large percentage of people suffer in poverty, just because science is placed above self?

Perhaps the Earth and humanity is left to die because you had been infringed, that the world does not work as you thought?
A day talking to your friends via intelligent, I admire your daily weight and mass without mesh material formed mind, believe it or not healed positrons from brain tumor, and many other things because I dare to fight for the truth get anywhere with anyone.
A serious mistake if the ostrich policy will continue, to look into themselves and they are deeply ashamed.
Sincerely, Synux



2012. 05. 31.
címzett: cern.reception

Dear LHC's staff!

Deeply shocked that a large-famous particle accelerator complex as the LHC, which is the question looking for answers, why does it exist in the universe and what the initial particle, which made this huge sound system with components his own creation. Followers expressed cleanest you know, after scientific truth by insidious way aloof from the possibility to extend and to help people to understand the possibilities. Not helping hands for the cause of saving the Earth and humanity, and you know very well, if the current technologies do not change soon, which is beginning to change the time has come, the earth and people will soon be approaching the end. The Postal System of the Universe in my letter LHC watched the arrival of colleagues have read the document content, reaction, attitude in the matter. Shocked the noblest goal of contributing to the fight which did not, instead, hostile behavior.

They understood and recognized scientific statements described in this blog, and instead would have helped the cause of humanity's most powerful, to rescue from destruction associated with ascension, and the elimination of human stupidity, and prevented the suppression of the truth of the latest science.
Preserved remains of the old false scientific claims, knowing that false scientific facts as things were still broadcast. Still with the Higgs boson mislead the people, and know well that does not exist. From selfish interests, envy, the cover of layers of blunders, cowardice, withheld important information for the whole of humanity, they cut off the possibility of real knowledge.

Not substantiated by scientific research findings, pendulums do not have contact through the Postal System, and not refuted by the documentary evidence is not scientific truth.
They found the photons, the degree of electricity in the air space of cache, but suppressed from the world, so they wanted to save their well-paid employment, self-centered interests, leaving the existence of spaces to drift toward destruction, and with themselves and their descendants can be destroyed.
Among other things, you also helped delay times of crisis prevailing in the world, it remains only a very expensive use of energy in circulation does not get to know the people described in the blog cheap methods of winning power, and therefore even more distress to the have-nots. Millions have fled the devastation of hunger, the modern methods of healing millions of people would have made a better place, and over time they would not have a minus in front of each wavelength.

Huge mistake, even if many did just cowardice, science can not be a coward, in the old days of round courage scientists to this level in this scientific age.
Postal System of the Universe does not bellow at you this is irresponsible, unscrupulous behavior, so all twenty-four hours after contact of the pendulum through the System. Those who do not pick up and continue to hostile behavior, the gamma radiation will start for this person. You know what will be the effect.
Who is twenty-four hour period does not follow the instructions of the system also goes by the gamma ray of this world
Seriously thought to be the most powerful intelligence society passively scans the Earth and the destruction of all phases of existence, and destruction of innocent people?
Duty to consider the protection of the Earth, because the destruction of the naught minus some wavelengths can become.


2012. 06. 12.
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2012. 06. 18.
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disaster prevention


2013. 04. 24.
címzett: cern.reception

Dear LHC Scientific Research!


The meddlesome in touch with your as friend again. I hate to do because I despise, your people like you. Overcomes the negative emotions felt towards you, to warn you, as a person in charge of two disasters coming, one of which is a threat to all of humanity, and the other in Washington state. I do not go into details, read, and even if you do not run out of, all of humanity, and there is even a meager empathy, do all to the enormous problem does not happen!
If you can hide and not come in time, I will see to it that the world will know who is responsible, and this message is intelligent friends.
The danger occurs, they will be affected and you will intervene as a last resort, I recorded this right.



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2013. 05. 20.
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CERN colleagues for!

Because you still do not show a willingness main cause of humanity and sincere attitude, common results are obtained and intelligent friends and I are trying to write their own account. Disaster recovery situation leaves you cold, my blog and want them deleted.
Intelligent friends decided as follows: The period of grace you with this drawing is void, and after reading the letter, immediately get what they deserve. If that's not enough, minus some wavelengths will meet with them again, where we will talk about with them in person! Not tolerate further resistance, since you have no right to determine the life of other people, and had a duty to protect dogs, all of human existence!



2013. 05. 20.
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2013. 05. 18.
címzett: cern.reception

I have no LHC Dear colleagues!

Intelligent friends were known to me that you are on my blog in the universe are the origins of theft. My results will be presented to the public as his own.
Moral point of view, you zero, and thus also with rolled up a three-wavelength catastrophe draws people live their peers.
The melting of polar ice have only four months to curb available, then irreversible melting process occurs, which are final completion occurs in three years.

all plenty link, it is expected to read the link I could not go on the blog for the blog provider's server problem.
The ice starts melting as a result of the destruction of the five billion people, epidemics, nutritional deficiency caused by the human population is cut in half in ten years.

The other two people in a positive space wavelength transferred into plants and animals re-photon body mass gain of the cover of their nutritional needs. The balance is upset, because plenty of people will be moved at a time, and fewer plants and animals, and therefore, because of the irresponsibility of people here they can starve if letting themselves.
As a true technocrat society, modern technical equipment will intervene as a last resort, do not let themselves be destroyed. Intelligent people, so they waited for the last chance for the locals to act themselves.

Are recounted their messages if you do not voluntarily admit the truth about where he got the information and scientific principles to the entire blog does not show it as it is actually acquired, the consequences put upon themselves.
Receive a shocking warning that they will know right away that we honor and what to do. But if it can not go all the way and exemplary, there are much resistance there is. This not only refers to the LHC.
Very angry, because that's human folly, now published in science and politics have experienced, they are also horrified and had to face a lot of rascality through if they wanted to or not. An intelligent society as one minus 0.5 and does not cause much trouble for them to protect themselves, but it will be painful to you!



2013. 05. 20.

It is very important scientific discoveries

Beérkező levelek


2011. 11. 02.
címzett: cern.reception

Dear LHC Scientific Research!

This letter, I am forced to send as a great discovery came across that has been shared with NASA and the Washington Institute for Scientific Research! NASA has requested from you so that the accelerator does not increase the tension. The documents that are sent to the Americans, including why it is very dangerous, and why it has generated electricity in the air. I described everything in detail, and much of the Universe, and operation of the generation of relevant information.

Unfortunately, Washington and NASA scientists shame how much basic mistakes in their research, they want to hide everything. You can so succinctly notified, would have exploded if it is the, contents of the file would show you not feared. The LHC researchers were not sent away, so I believe it will be better for me if the world's leading scientific research supported by the evidence.

The pendulum has led a lengthy thought process, communication is carried out, which opened as a result of hidden secrets of the universe. The pendulum of a necklace, a ring is more difficult must it, and yes a circle with a horizontal movement indicates an incorrect statement. The documents, which are summarized in a blog, it turns out, who moved the pendulum, which is higher knowledge of the intelligence. It is also clear that the human mind better-venticular node of the heart's attracted gluon ball.

The gluon spherical surface formed magnetically adhere to the information and electronic samples. The memory serves as a gluon inside a sphere, are stored in the lives of all samples collected electrons. The information network on human height in the atmosphere above the visible to the naked eye is translucent formation, weight and weight-free networks made ​​up of material that is best seen on cloudy days.

The encoding-decoding process, and the thought process of creation and has been amply explained in the blog.
The energy absorption and transfer of knowledge of the laws of nature present in unlimited energy extraction possibilities and methods of construction will also find technical information. The negative energy of manipulative techniques are also included in the letter.
The atomic thought-controlled computer and television transmission channel silicium atom with the creation of technical design can be easily solved.

The computer makes it possible to atoms in the Universe can be found all about it.
The silica atoms television through contact with the superior intelligence, but because the information electron sample is very low power levels are in operation, only the energy levels of positive space people electron models are able to hit the negative spatial information electron samples, so talking only to people can be initiated.
The document contains the cancer, cardiovascular comorbidities, and the future of medicine, the exact methods for schizophrenia.

The Universe is a three-dimensional computer generated programmed into your system. The program is a subatomic particle energy levels of various nude.

Most importantly, is that gravity does not exist solely on the magnetic sky run the entire universe of all the process of how it was created and what is magnetism, shown in detail in the blogs.
Everything is not listed because they find a detailed description of everything, but unfortunately I do not know English well, and I can not be translated into English, but a scientific translator to do this, because every word has significance.

The blog contained an average of two hundred pages, at the very end of the beginning, and if the universe is the creation bold headline click, you can read in the process, only the bottom of the page to move on.
Request Management System of the Universe, via a pendulum for the first time that they should contact and silícium atoms to form a television and can talk through everything.

Saving the Earth and humanity is the goal the elimination of poverty, it is very worrying prospect for the future, if you continue to build on the old outdated techniques. The Universe is the most noble goals of the Management System of fighting, and I resent the Americans for their for their own selfish interests, because the only way out of shame hide to save the world.
On behalf of the Management System of the Universe I ask you to do all they can to carry out exploring the truth, because if I am obliged to turn to human rights court.


I wanted to inform President Obama that the Washington Research Institute and the NASA-profile matter how you hide from the Americans, but unfortunately it is a simple mortal like me can not call the American president. All deleted unread letter. Request Management System of the Universe to you to inform Obama, about how the two institutions are guilty of fraud. Besides, the blog also translated into English accompanies him.

If by chance, would not receive your letter, I ask for your state's top political leadership of the American President to transmit the information to ensure the success of the case because it is very important moments.
The development can not be stopped, there are many other countries can not get the latest scientific facts, but I will him to know.

The blogs show that what happened to the planet Mars. President Obama can not tell us this before, so it is urgent to notify President Obama.

Sincerely, Synux


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