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The Hungarian Nation /Magyar Nemzet/ newspaper today said the storms

We can not escape the c. articles that storms, typical of the equatorial cyclones, causing corners to shift. On these pages you can read:

Translation of the article:

We can not escape the storms:

Increasingly moving away from the equator in tropical cyclones, storm expected more because of it.

James Kossin, the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and colleagues carried out their research on the phenomenon presented in the scientific journal Nature.

In the Northern Hemisphere cyclones on average 53 kilometers migrated towards the North Pole, while the southern hemisphere 62 kilometers outh direction. The change in the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Indian Ocean is particularly significant, while the Atlantic Ocean is almost imperceptible. The northern part of the Indian Ocean, in addition to some cyclone was retiring towards the equator. Globally, however, the shift towards the poles of the characteristic.

There are several areas which so far escaped the tropical storms, the future can expect these effects. However, residents of a relatively large area along the equator sit escape of such natural disasters. However, the lack of storms in some areas can result in water shortages.

It is not known what causes the shift of the storm zone. Many researchers assumes that the phenomenon is related to the effects of climate change, such as greenhouse gases, ozone depletion and air pollution.

The storm formation is highly influenced by some specific winds, pressure equalization which provide a variety of heights from air layers. The pressure difference increases the chances of developing tropical storms.

A number of test sequence evaluation was demonstrated that these winds the past few decades has intensified the equator region. The limits of the tropical climate zone, however, weakened, so it increased the risk of contracting tropical storms.

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The south and north pole region to start from the high-pressure cold air to the lower pressure warmer atmosphere and more easily mixed with the lower pressure, the greater the difference between the energy levels.
As a result of increased solar activity, the additional irradiation of ice in Antarctica is melting, and the pressure drop caused by the atmosphere is gradually getting warmer. The usual pressure of less cold air will start flowing out of the cyclone formation is not the same place. The pressure is now sufficient to towards the south pole 62 km from the equator cause cyclone formation. In the northern corner of the same processes are pushed to the corners 53 km away.

The Pacific - Indian Ocean and the difference between the average characteristics of air masses of raised energy levels gradually unravel, so there a big change can be detected.
Over the Atlantic Ocean was not a big change, because of the great changes taking place over the mainland, just think of the European and North American storms, cold or burglary.
Due to the increased solar activity fell for the whole climate balance, carbon dioxide emissions, and greenhouse gases are only minimally affected by global warming.
An honest Hungarian scientist at NASA who worked, it has been demonstrated that it is not the cause of global warming, greenhouse gases, but NASA did not release it officially find out. The article on this can be read at the following link:

Translation of the article:

MagyarLeaks: No errors found in the MTA climate Miskolczi's theory


Ferenc Miskolczi, a former NASA atmospheric physicist claims that no carbon dioxide is causing global warming. The Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute of the 2011th in January launched the project in camera Ferenc Miskolczi critical examination of research results. This study is now complete and will result in a report to our report found no substantial error Miskolczi's calculations, however, the reporting according to their "support international efforts to limit global carbon emissions." Miskolczi, this is bullshit. Contributing Select a report prepared by the Nicholas Zágoni, Ferenc Miskolczi and comments on the report. Bonus Track: Video Interview with Ferenc Miskolczi.


The physicist Ferenc Miskolczi education adventurous way from the U.S. space reference only . He started his career in 1971 at the National Weather Service began the Institute of Atmospheric Physics , and has achieved excellent results in the field of infrared radiation transmission. The Modena European Theoretical Physics Research Center employee worked at the end of the 80s, the model known as Hart's Code , one of the best in the world matters: it is in a few radiation transfer model in which the newly orbit satellites, radiation monitoring equipment will be tested . From there the road led straight to NASA , where between 2001 and 2006, the Langley Research Center worked in senior colleague .

Since the currently accepted theory to refute the greenhouse effect results from NASA would not let me communicate , Miskolczi resigned the U.S. space agency. Since then, further supported by calculations , and Hungary also published swept under the carpet climate theory . Censored Science: Ferenc Miskolczi's theory was silent air

     Ferenc Miskolczi recent scholarly article manuscript, and its criticisms, endorsement by the leak, after communication of both positive and negative, despite criticism rejected the journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health section. This procedure is contrary to some of the scientific peer review under the rules of the game, while others may have been regular, repeated often enough in any case with Miskolczi to be able to talk to the author muted. Read full story.


Censored Science: Ferenc Miskolczi's theory was silent air

Ferenc Miskolczi recent scholarly article manuscript, and its criticisms, endorsement by the leak, after communication of both positive and negative, despite criticism rejected the journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health section. This procedure is contrary to some of the scientific peer review under the rules of the game, while others may have been regular, repeated often enough in any case with Miskolczi to be able to talk to the author muted. Read full story.

From global warming now everyone has heard of, and also be able to believe that the release of greenhouse gases caused by human activity, climate changes of the past decades. Greenhouse gases, primarily to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of global efforts taking place, billions of dollars have moved on to the target and new industries were created, because if we do not stem the tide in the atmosphere harmful processes, the end of the century in arid adapted to the temperate zone, are much more frequent become a devastating natural disasters and even feet are also an increase in sea level, multi-million metropolises and scrub entire countries off the map of the world is currently known.
Ferenc Miskolczi, however, during his research at NASA, based on empirical data, concluded that the scientific consensus significantly overestimates the role of greenhouse gases warming the planet. Miskolczi's theory would imply that involves the misguided mainstream climate research, what in the world are spending billions of dollars a year. Multiples of climate research by astronomical amounts moved in the new industries that are specific to legitimize the reduction of carbon emissions and the carbon quota.

The GGKI 2011th January silence, a critical examination of Ferenc Miskolczi in camera launched a project research results. The study was carried out by physicist Nicholas Zágoni in about a year, who made ​​it accounts report (PDF) wrote that "the material has been compiled Ferenc Miskolczi independently; I tried the maximum separation distance, objectivity, revealing a critical approach pursued. "

Zágoni in March, said research and reporting of the Hungarian Oranges that "no objections have not found appreciable compared with the results of the calculation and the basic conclusions are based. Miskolczi proved the central contention of my research; also very serious weaknesses and errors were detected in the paradigm held valid today. [...] The conclusion casually mention the current global warming is not greenhouse warming. "

However, Executive Summary of the Zágoni report at the same time he confesses in addition to the current , criticized by Miskolczi paradigm : "We believe the scientific results of Ferenc Miskolczi support international efforts to global limit carbon emissions, but climate change is caused by the magnitude , nature and local relationships the appearance of a fundamental rethink is required. [...] His method (which is probably "precision radiation - transfer" can be called ) strong science policy support at reasonable, especially given that you can use the first would be possible in the climate change caused by carbon dioxide emissions, the real nature , extent and spatial distribution of understanding . Miskolczi 's work immediate serious professional success would have expected if the results do not contradict the (otherwise reasonable ) support for international efforts to reduce emissions of arguments . "

Miskolczi the complete lack of professionalism speaks

You're not happy about the scientists tested the theory on MTA report . Ferenc Miskolczi Zágoni the report made ​​observations (PDF ) states that the document can be found countless statement does not agree with and it is not considered an objective assessment of the work .

" I am sorry I have taken note that Nicholas Zágoni in relation to the research results , they used proposing to regulate carbon dioxide emissions [ ... ] research results on climate change, the only clear conclusion that the people in the scientific public opinion, sociologists and politicians interested in the interconnection of the carbon dioxide greenhouse effect and global warming cause-effect level for the refutation . This means that the potential of increased carbon dioxide emissions and the associated (if any) increase in atmospheric absorption unscientific explanation of global warming. If the above statement is true, then obvious international and domestic Efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions total nonsense .

If global warming is proven to exist and the extent of proven detrimental to humanity, it is also evident from the available research in this direction anyway need for reallocation of scarce financial and technical resources to explore the root causes of warming. [...] The dissemination of global warming and to clarify the relationship between atmospheric CO2 of paramount importance, as scientifically unfounded views, state media by none other than the people institutionalized misleading. In my opinion, pull billions of taxpayers' pockets under the control of carbon dioxide greenhouse effect and global warming and the IPCC and other, mostly well-paid, government offices sitting (mostly lay ) so-called financial experts greenhouse sing sin . The report 's conclusion Zágoni kind as to read, the need for global regulation of carbon dioxide. The results of the more than thirty years of work this conclusion only and may complete lack of objectivity and professionalism. "

The recent disclosure of documents do not want to, I do not have the ability to take a stand which took place around the Miskolczi theory and scientific and political debates, only performs the task: in front of the public library and discussion a belief at the information of the public opinion.

Zágoni >>> Nicholas: a critical examination of the research results of Ferenc Miskolczi - report report GGKI (PDF)

Ferenc Miskolczi >>>: Nicholas GGKI Comments Zágoni "Ferenc Miskolczi critical examination of research results" in its report with a review (PDF)