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Angelic protection, magnetic fields in being surrounded by


Angelic protection, magnetic fields in being surrounded by

The first time I held the pendulum, all you know about that with a wheel and with horizontal oscillation signal, yes and no. About to radiestesia only later that I read in that the pendulum controlled by signals from earth radiation. Gave a very striking finding, because ignorance than reason, the first moment the pendulum moving merrily higher intelligence to communicate, then this man who did not know anything.

Well, but how can I ask a dumb earth radiation, yes and no answer signals forcing our highly intelligent consciousness? It made me think that a mindless, earth radiation balance, led by asking that sort of face images compiled separately for women and men separately showing.

The minus some wavelengths existing intelligent staff sadly accepted the situation, and it forced a game from which it was hoped that the final outcome might be a real recognition leads to enlightenment entails, so the man-made rules that went into looking for signs to unstable roof by solving puzzles.

The connection is by no means want to lose their only hope was that if you patiently wait, maybe one of them realizes that in fact, the pendulum is a communication tool because they are still suffering, that the world misunderstands or deny their existence. Human emotions, love it hot in their lives more fully what it was, they too will gain great joy when the earth terminal would not trade it permanently, but would continue the friendship level, the emotion-soaked region of concentrations.

Since the pendulum moving very intelligent friend of mine, who even then I did not know who he really could not lustily down shouting that Panni, I understand now that people do not die, only your own from Mass saying goodbye to it.
I like to walk on safe ground, I came up with to help of great difficulty, there is also another kind of certainty which way anyone can try, and would never think that the pendulum moves to mind of its own.

The higher the intelligence, my girlfriend, we have agreed that in ten minutes with legs locked together, with my side lying with arms and hands are still standing. With to end of ten minutes, my body suddenly started swinging to the right and left, as if I were an indicator of a clock or a metronome, which first hit to right, then left and this is repeated continuously until you are bored.

When you are bored, you can change the direction from front to back, my body went back to front, as if I were a living pendulum. The whole game is exhausted, half-asleep in my bed and it fell into a deep sleep occurred.

If you ever were doubts about the shuttle was in our means of communication, and the existence of a higher intelligence, they certainly would have instantly dispelled. But I never doubted, but because the truth of a statement, several need to be demonstrated, and especially if this statement is very specific, so the show can be very extreme to be.

Dear "skeptical friends" here is your chance to try out swinging, as all members of the Control System via a pendulum They are willing to fulfill this desire seekers.
But in this unearthly event participation can only be complete if we know that we, meanwhile, is going on behind the scenes.

While we patiently standing, most of the communication partners gain higher intelligence, the same people who, like us, only a very light texture and subtle pleasures of the flesh will continue to exist, magnetic fabrics yarn put us around. Ten little clues. Is clearly visible to the naked eye, black, approx. a mm and a small ball.
A minimum area of ​​electrical discharge activation of the hanks that enable them to become attracted to each other to yarn, and network enabled sit tight silhouettes of our bodies follow.

When you start rocking from to photons, ie, the weight and mass of material without their hands begin to pull themselves toward the magnet yarns, to pages detained. Adhering to the gluons, respectively. it attracted the photon-material on their hands, and pull to fabric of the human body, following the direction of to effect of tilted magnetic attraction.

The fabric of energy level is higher than your body, it attracts, and intelligent as their friends in the arm bent inwards, so the body leans increasingly towards them. When stretched their arms, swinging gently back to its original position from our friends in the rate of arm movement. The movement ends with a powerful magnet to shake off yarns about themselves, shaking the same result, gluons, photons with energy levels occur, and terminates the connection based on magnetic attraction.

Very pleasant experience, do not miss, and not only that, they can get immunity.
The attendants will remain a permanent magnet yarn balls, which are activated in case of emergency.
Since so many people wish to hell, therefore, they are good will, good if the following lines, take note that, while the others consider that they want - whether permanent protection benefit.

The magnetic hanks immediately activated if, for example. they wanted to shoot down because of magnetic fields as soon surround you and me, the song rides the gale ball high gluon content and high energy levels, approaching me, and immediately detect hanks to the magnetic yarn stretched mesh. The magnetic gluon yarn mesh side faces of the electrons in the projectile gluon part, so repulsive effect occurs and the ball bounces off.

The lightning electrical discharge of high-energy electrons, gluon pages, very high speed there attracted also bounce off because the net gluon sides to repel, and the body contour following, the magnetic fabric of gluon side going through to earth, the higher energy levels of electrons currents.

If the power to run my hands, my hands would go not only to the net magnetic thread, my body and my hands through the web reveals cover could lead to another load
If you want to blow it, it can not succeed because of the high-energy electrons gluon by their side, jump off the protective magnetic field of cross-gluon pages.
If you are physically trying to hurt, in the event that the Universe Postal System to me assigned to a member who, it turns out, a very dear old friend, immediate electrical discharges produced, so that the environment in my one-photon energy level is increased, which raised the energy is passed , the magnetic fabric of yarns. The fabric of an electron takes, and longer chain reactions like spread from photon to electron, and an energy of an electric discharge occurs, as power requirements of the process started, but it is an electric shock suffered by the malicious proxy a person or persons.

Fires when the great heat of the magnet due to sleeping thread turning into gluon and photon parts are outside the sites, such as the Earth protective magnetic shield exercise. The photons transmitted back to the flames, photons, and therefore neither the heat nor flame could not hurt the person receiving protection. Less heat is to make sure, can burn yourself when cooking, as only a powerful photon radiation are forced out of the magnet thread hanks.

If heights fall off, or a falling airplane sit, and would be in danger of my life, the Earth's magnetic attraction, magnetic thread my network gluon parts repulsive of its effects as it would reduce that ceiling at ripening only one more ride would feel like bungee jumping .

If you fall into captivity, four days later, the magnetic network is stretched so that the narrowest part of the cell, which is assumed to be a door it will be embossing punctures through which, wheel easily soluble.
When they buried alive, in yarns magnetic network in the casket, and the ground cover is to be drilled, run a big hole to climb out easily, but would wait patiently for five days. The air required for the oxygen molecules are attracted to magnets into strands would give the moment of salvation.

All of these processes is taking place because of the magnetic gluon network sites opposite direction is known to roll over to the other side, so that the inside will be. The confined space of the human body to be in heat, so increase the energy levels of magnetic hanks yarn that more and more elongated, and the power of photons are more strongly attracted to the detention of the electrons in gluon parts of the environment, and are attracted to them.

The cell material is continued along their way ever deeper, until the atmosphere can not be achieved, and the repulsive effect of photons in the atmosphere due to magnetic equilibrium are not, and does not curl up.

With the magnet yarn balls for individuals do not have to worry about sudden cardiac arrest, either. If the heart stops, the magnetic hanks elongated thread, because parts of the gluon energy loss of gluon parts of the heart are attracted to. The heart of the gluons of energy loss can be the catalyst, such as when the heart has a lower energy level decreased gluons attraction to exert more energy at the magnetic gluons yarn onto the network, in this case do not repel each other.

The network gluons increasingly, in the heart of the whole surface, by definition, uniformly themselves to attract, with the increase of the heart muscle that moment suction effect on the blood, which is soon to flow from the right atrium from thence into the left ventricle, so it starts in the heart like, resuscitation would have received only, but more gentle

The heart of the heart muscle has started construction of gluons participating in the same energy level are with gluons of the magnet yarn network, therefore repel each other, attraction of the relationship is terminated, the network will be down, and then wound.

Water is the liquid phase depends on the magnetic interaction

The oxygen atoms of water molecules forming outer tracks of electrons circulating in contact with each other in stable orbits about energy levels of magnetic fiber. The opposite sides of the electrons of hydrogen atoms are moving away from, turn away from each other, but always the same sites, as opposed to one another. Therefore, I also could say that the hydrogen atoms to circle the oxygen atoms above, and therefore the water molecules in constant motion they contain atoms, because it is the oxygen set is constant, but the hydro-continuous on each other to "Bike of" becoming soft in the molecular structure creating a liquid state. All liquid is similar to the water, and always the electrons of hydrogen atoms moving away from each other and the magnetic attraction of the molecule is stable in relation to atom movement due to this unique molecular structure.

The time constant of

The Universe of the planetary axis of rotation of their very different speeds is carried out.

The higher speed induces the formation of multiple magnetic threads, which increases in proportion to the magnetic ability to attract, so the clock indicator is more attractive, slow movement of the index, an indicator of greater magnetism must be overcome.

Besides a weaker magnetic attraction, ie, an axial rotation of the planet performing slower, less magnetic the magnet yarn is generated to overcome the weak magnetism indicator, therefore accelerating the hour hand of weather. Why is it that a supposedly advanced light-speed spacecraft would take the time seems to slow as the clock would show less than the elapsed time on Earth.

If you imagine, were taken from the top global look at the universe, it could experience that the planets revolve speeds back up, and carried out their day in orbit. However, once we understand that the planets and their movements, regardless of the whole Universe is equally time goes by.
The indicators in this clock of deceptive movement, is a perfectly sealed, spherical shape hidden atomic clock can be avoided. The current atomic clock, which is the zero degree meridian at Greenwich than is applied to it is confusing. The atomic clock placed in the middle magnetic iron atoms gravity is not moving.

The magnetic iron ores of the magnetic threads turned to the axis of the atomic clock, dragging them in sync the Earth to the imaginary axis of rotation. Since the spherical shape of the Earth's rotation is followed by rotation of the magnetic iron atoms Only a spherical cavity placed in my ability to go exactly the way you control the Earth's angular momentum dictates. Now, in a round slice of the finding.

The internal structure of the location to ensure spherical cavity twenty cm cross red marble to be constructed so that the two hemispheres must be butter, and the upper part has two parties - a half cm and five inches long, two half-hook form should be developed which, when assembled, we a whole, form part of the perfect hook shape.

Then the bonding takes place in two-component silicone adhesive. The red marble is the most dense weakly magnetic material. After the bonding together of two bisected cm cross-section, exactly adapted to the red marble ball bonamid spherical surface is bonded with silicone adhesive, airtight, in the direction of the intersection of the half-line of the opposite side of marble fall. The line of intersection is bonamid PVC is melted with the filtrates. Then the whole thing in two mm thick smear with melted PVC

The suspension of a ten-meter-high scaffolding made ​​from marl happen, a cm thick and twenty inches long with hair clipping. The hanger hook is made ​​of red marble.

The time to posts in function - hour, minute, second, secundum milli, micro secundum - surface on both sides of the ball should be marked for ease of checking for accuracy. The positions marked with hair, the hair-pointer with silicone reinforced with fibers made ​​of spherical shape by the trainer before the solidification of the adhesive.

If the atomic clock is correctly prepared, and do not get any more false picture of the passage of time, we can think more realistically, be rejected and the false allegations contained in the theory of relativity.
The time travel and stay in the SCFI world.