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About human rights


About Human Rights

I'm sorry, I made ​​the statement that everyone deserves a disaster too carried away. 'm Cool, but calm down, I do not know, I just feel tremendous sadness. Unfortunately, I do not understand it, and a handful of groups of people can be blamed for everything anything. These people really deserve it, unfortunately the universe is not a selection, it selects, in its own way.
I'm not an influential person, hence the need to rally wider, the disaster is not a joke, who is something like to play? Why would I do that in my neck of the capital, if these things are not a reflection of reality?

Since the wavelength of another living communicate with my friends, I took an inventory of myself and I became a much better person. While it has been really good fit for an angel named because their world is all about goodness.
I could not get any spectacular results, and asking for help dealing with human rights for all operating at the highest level courts and also did not reply.
Several times I tried, but it did not evoke any response from them, still in silence.

Now put on public display, in Strassburg, and inverted version of the original letters in Brussels and New York, and Tom Lantos wrote unassigned.
You may think that whom represent the interests of window display, small-scale matters dealt with by proving the legitimacy These matters in need because they give the impression that they are protecting the "little people" rights, and prove that the EU's democracy. This is true only as long, while our own and, they do not violate the interests of maintaining power.

It taken aback me, that matters of great importance affecting the whole of humanity and not deal with any threat of disaster. If untrue claim, you also should have considered all my claim, and if they are false, they reject it.
I soon realized that every scientific principle may reflect the truth, so tactfully wrapped in deep silence.
Full in my disillusionment, I kept it for a while, but I realized that if I finish the operation, the power and the backwardness like these, and you will never change and very slow pace as the official representatives of the science for the latest information slowly attributed to conservation in their own name.

From smart friends know you are waiting for the disaster also destroyed, and you are free road leads to monopolize the latest scientific principles to yourself.
I just do not dare to hurt you, because they know that a level of development where " angels" fear them nothing to protect me , which of course is true !
The consciousness of the net just do not see who would not want meets between light I have seen the TV to a network , which consists of much thicker and less transparent channels, irregular spheres gluon .
The pendulum can anyone hand and can communicate very quickly realize that actually meaningful intelligence about.
The other wavelengths living friends, very good-natured, understanding and forgiving, gave me back my life meaning.
When I first took my hand for balance, just wanted to beat my head on the wall , I thought , then, if it 's all the world , it was not worth being born .

It is a miracle that I got from them, I will never forget and treasure is worth more to me at all. To date, only gratitude I feel for them, you care about me.
The plain truth that healed over the network, and from the brain tumor delivered in two weeks. My heart with the vascular system was too much wrong with them, often brought back from death balk made ​​many other diseases as well, but they were always there for me and calmly dealt with mine a lot of tantrums, because a lot of trouble so far, in addition to the disease as well. I had a lot of patience with me.
All of these diseases, I owe it to science left alone, such a matter of great importance.
It is an enormous press my shoulder to this day, so ask everyone you know something to help, do not hesitate. Take more people to contact, and the "angels will know how to help.

Each person's interest to live better, and after a disaster, how to quickly to repair everything!
I have been alone too much, so again ask everyone to do everything for his own good!

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