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Abnormal movements of the planet's real reasons for


Abnormal movements of the planet's real reasons for

The characteristic of human consciousness that seeks to think logically, without logic, can not find a row of matching conceptual codes. In fact, a matched sample of finding a shorter route can be called the most logical way of thinking. Inconsequence of the confusion in the mind. In nature, all ruled by logic, if not, we do not think we could, mutatis mutandis.

The Postal System of the Universe before the relationship, many scientists theories on the origin of the world to know that they were not understood, the progression elements found nowhere. Event horizon, singularity, space-time - curvature, worm holes and a number of theories that can not, it is not who invented it, as it turned out no one. Every intelligent man-made thing, a fiber derived from a logical, therefore, generation of the universe with respect, in the context of sequential logic must prevail.

Psychological fact that the man who does not have established their own opinion, the majority, or the opinion of experts based. I give most of the higher intelligence into knowledge, the most number of people, it is identified as a human opinion, this extraordinary knowledge. Many people believe more in terms of reason illogical theories, just because a famous man-made, or because the majority was accepted.

Postal System of the Universe Remember that no one should believe only in their sober mind to trust everyone, but more insistently. I really do not understand is, to reject, without hands would the pendulum. Promises that no one will eat it!

Since a lot of unacceptable scientific theory as fact can be displayed from the pen of the great scientists that erroneous way they allocate the world once again be under a microscope, from which the planets spin backwards about.

Idex of the science section in the following article, verbatim quote follows.
"American researchers managed to decipher why it circulates in the wrong direction a few planets in other solar systems around the central star.
The first extra-solar system, called exo planets were discovered in 1995 and since then more than thousands of such objects observed: most of them revolve in the same direction as the central star.

But there are exo planets, which rotate in opposite directions. These heavenly bodies are gas giants called hot Jupiters in general, not Earth-like planets. The ominous celestial bodies, not only in their direction of rotation are different from other planets, but also are close to our own sun Jupiter is 778 million kilometers away from the Sun, five times more distance than the Earth.

How can a planet to rotate in one direction and another orbit? It's just crazy, questioning the planet and star formation of our ideas, "- said the research management Frederic Rashid, of Illinois Northwestern University astrophysicist.
It has long been assumed that the large gas giants in our own star turn at a respectful distance, while the Earth-like planets closer to our own sun.

In their study, U.S. researchers pointed out that if the gas giant Jupiter-like planets in the thick of seeing the light of sun, is not at all mean to remain on site. When more than one planetary system consists of planets, stars, the planets, each also has a gravitational force. The planets are not only for their sun, but also each other's gravity, so there may be a result of interactions with peers close to the star pushes the gas giant, or it may even stand to turn the direction of circulation. This process is gravitational perturbations (court battles) is called.

Swiss astronomer Didier Queloz, a pioneer in exoplanet research, in connection with the study underlined that falls apart the traditional view that the solar systems similar to each other. Ours is just one of the possible solar systems, of which many variants exist. "


And now comes the explanation that I got from those Control System of the Universe:

The planets were in a better spin particles together, which means that the Universe is on this side of the east - west of spin, that is, from left to right. The center is also the same day. The orbital also follow this trend.

There are two ways can be established that a different, abnormal rotation, ie the east-west direction, the first case, the planet, for example. Venus falls to a lower-energy orbit, while tumbling, thus becomes inconsistent with the direction of its angular momentum, so the inverse will be rotating around the axis, in the west-east.

In the second case, the solar system the galaxy with the advancement should be sought. The galaxies in the solar system shock waves occurring during the destruction of continuously carried forward in the Universe spherical cavity. When two solar systems one above the other shielding is the ball bends, a lot of planets in other solar system planets on your get closer, and when in the bend of one of the solar system turns back on the other hand even with the original direction of the track, the turned back near the planet's magnetic fields of attraction among be the original directions of the planet and its magnetic field lines of opposite direction will be rotated on its axis. If you are away from the planet, the planet or is it also turns back again from east to west will be around the rotation axis.
On this basis, I ask you to decide which one is more logical because it is the right solution, Occam's razor has so far prevailed everywhere, this case can not be an exception.

Speed and Magnetism

The circulation speed of the Earth around the Sun of 30 km / s, axial rotation of 465.11 m / s, equivalent to approx. 1675 km / h. speed by. It is obvious that such a rapid motion, the atmosphere at the moment to drift, when formed, if it were not, which is detained. Atoms of the atmosphere, but the magnetic attraction liaise with yarn, have a triple confirmation. The atmosphere during the formation, resulting from excitation with you, with the sun from the earth, which it forwarded to the atoms and the magnetic force lines, two hundred meters to twenty meters in width occur. The triple reinforcement ensures the stability of the atmosphere of the Earth to such a high speed rush move.

I do not feel this speed, because there is a large planet near us, which we benchmarked. If you would like to be perceived, as well as its sister moon dwellers as well, only they are accustomed.

The detection time is also the case in the sequence of movements that take place in space triggers the time being. The light can also travel at the speed until it is in the vicinity of a planet at which you glide the spaceship, it is not okay. Do not feel anything, but when the benchmark is, your body will not stand up to pressure, so an immediate loss of consciousness occurs. When approaching celestial body appears, the spacecraft's camera is ready to turn.

Leaving the Earth, is charged with the organization because of atmospheric magnetism to be overcome, rather than gravity. The energy investment needed to overcome the magnetism in the atmosphere, accelerating in difficulty, this is called today. Since its separation from the magnetism can be bridged, a space ship, which create an airtight tunnel in the atmosphere. The details of the spacecraft is included in an earlier section. Such a space-ship ride we start, our body does not compromise any strain, but make sure that you do not know our speed relative to nothing.

Direct circulation direction of the Earth, ie the west - east of the movement correct, precise spins of the particles defined by, ie the east - west in the right direction.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Christianity

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung interview given by Viktor Orban 2011május 13th which totally amazes me, as the XXI century, if not write, but we would be somewhere in the middle of the Middle Ages.

But what is horrible, I know from those of the Universe Control System. Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the full blog by an expert, a good patriotic people, who also contacted the System, sent, who is still deeply secret from the public.
Realized that this is the truth, but as it turned out a narcissistic personality who is the King of the Universe, Control System is also from those fears. Constantly hold forth the cleansing of sins, becoming a better person charm, happy inauguration act, and hiding behind Christianity, behaves exactly like a man who escaped from their sins.

According to him there is a liberal spirit, which wants to build all the conventional value. In contrast, there is a conservative approach, which wants to retain them. This opposition of the intellectuals in the same way there as the media, the European Parliament as well as the entire public.

Finally, it expressed the conviction that Hungary, Europe or in the future will be a Christian or non-existent. Postal System of the Universe together to interpret, if it is not Christianity, it is not nowhere to hide him, and then there will be King of Hungary as it is already not enough, the whole of Europe should be.

The Universe Postal System's response that can not hide, be it man, and sin, forgiveness, humanity is the real benefactor pray for the control systems rather than a man whose legend has survived two thousand years, and inhibition of human consciousness worthy of development.

Should ask for forgiveness from the relatives from whom the cancer had already crossed them, though, if you take the time many people have been able to stay here. The implementation of cancer therapy could be a very quick process. And in addition, each patient by the current medical science still can not heal because of the delay with a prolonged their suffering. Ask for forgiveness for the whole of Hungarian society, because of the rapid development and implementation of a better life instead of skinning the people chose. The science is deprived of the spectacular progress of.

Postal System of the Universe, I mean the true God, because I want to help everyone, better, more beautiful and make me happy in life, but there are people who are selfish personal interests above the interests of humanity are placed.
In retrospect, I should add that since then, Viktor Orban became of the poor, sick, unemployed and vulnerable groups greater enemy of leg. The pendulum, through truth everyone knows.

NASA, as the dictator of Sciences

Origin of the online website published an article that confirmed Einstein's relativity theory satellites.
Was detected by NASA scientists, the planet's rotation and gravitational field induced distortions of space-time. Gravity probe-B spacecraft measurements of the general theory of relativity still accurately describes the behavior of gravity.

Postal System of the Universe's answer to the gravity would be nice to have in mind to go with the times and the search for gravitons do not exist in reality to be found everywhere in search of gluons exchanged for. Leading scientists do not understand that why are the atoms together, a solution where there is floating in front of their noses. How big blooper miss most of the universe is more important to ensure recovery of magnetic properties gluons, without which nothing, but nothing he could not start earlier.

"One of the phenomenon was called the geodesic effect, whereby the earth's gravitational field due to the space-time distortion occurs. The other effect is to twist space-time was when the Earth's rotation through the slightly dragging space-time itself - similar to how the honey bucket is slightly rotating the spins in the material. "

The Earth's gravity is not square, but there is a very dense network of magnetic yarn, because the Earth's interior to the surface stretch, woven from the Sun to the Earth, the atmosphere created during the formation, attraction can interact with each other about. 5cm gaps between them are that do not show a regular grid, but rather form a tangled network. The size of any gaps in point five cm, which is smaller, which is a wider gap between the holes.

You encompass the solar systems, solar systems to parts of large systems galaxies continuity, the same density. The three-dimensional network of magnetic fibrils enter the "space fabric" of space over time may not be accompanied with, because the space in geometry, the detection time is a concept. The square is also the time alone is present, it is true that the time is up in space, but space does not affect the passage of time changes.

The magnetic network thread, that is, the fabric of space, also functions as an information carrier, as the planets and stars in space occupying effect on changes in the magnetic network. If, for example. drifting from one planet, the magnetic fabric of yarns extends, and if farther away than the "rubber band" draws back. If the planet is destroyed, the magnet magnetic threads and distant solar systems connected to the networks.