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... And then will the disaster come?

The world has not yet seen this, so it has been eight years since the real science that scientists are doing science is the only pursuit of their own self-serving interests, while letting the world go astray. Not only they, but all those who have been called upon to defend the life of mankind. After a year or so the catastrophe occurs, and these rags await the development of their hands with their knees, and they sit on their laughs trembling so that the truth can not be known. People who know about this case most of them would also rather forget about it because it violates their interests. Only then do not mind if you hit the last hour and you have nothing to do, there is no choice but to wait for death, which will not be a pleasant feeling. After the catastrophe, three billion people remain on Earth, escaping those who can provide heat to themselves and live in higher-altitude areas. Since the north and south hemisphere falls at a temperature of less than twenty degrees at a time and needs to be heated with full steam for six weeks, this energy can not be sustained by the centralized power system capacity. Post-disaster situations will have to be restored to the survivors, and I would rather die for death than under such circumstances, to continue my life and to work and to work, just to not starve. There will no longer be a boss and a subordinate who does not work normally, in the same workplace, they are lazy. There will be no parasitism, under these circumstances only "wolf laws" will work. Silly, the one who thinks he's going to be there, where he left off. Think very well about how to decide and take the consequences of their decisions. There is still a chance to reverse the process if within two months the polar regions are cleared, as described in the previous section. For more information, contact the people at 0.1 wavelength with the simplest method of contacting. In the previous section I also described this. Everyone thinks of what he can help and do not wait for the other, because now single-minded people all think that someone else will solve it. It is characteristic of the mental state of mankind, that everyone is expecting everything from others, and the individual gets out of responsibility, even though everyone is equally involved in the catastrophe. The elite rulers of the world are rather dying, since these things are discovered. And do you know what you're afraid of the most? That they will have to work the same way as you do, and they can not suck the blood of others and they will not be privileged. They protect this dirty system, rather die the whole world, only the privileges granted by the system remain. I warn you when the catastrophe happens, only to blame oneself. They can not be so cowardly and compelling that they even reject the help of intelligent people on the other wavelength. So much money is dispersed unnecessarily, but the means of contact are no longer fulfilled, the disaster comes more. Do not I know how to cry or to chew?